2017-01-08 New French law requires employees be informed about RF exposure

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1)    Time-of-use billing has been postponed in BC, probably for political reasons, but elsewhere it is being questioned whether it will really save customers money. Of course in places like California and Ontario, “flex” hours have been changed as a result of peak usage. If people change habits and begin to use power at different times, then the utility can change the rates. Most TOU plans reduce rates to encourage usage over night, but fire fighters are warning that this may not be the best idea for safety reasons.



2)    Another report from the US Department of Energy warning of the inevitability of an attack on the electrical grid.

Moniz says a successful attack on the electrical grid could have “enormous” consequences for the USA economy.

The report calls for utilities to take engage in “deliberate risk management activities” as the electric power sector becomes increasingly interconnected with global communications networks. The report warns that extreme weather events triggered by human-caused climate change also makes the system vulnerable. «


QER Jan. 2017


3)    “Top Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation News Stories in 2016” according to Dr. Joel Moskowitz


4)    Below is an article about new French legislation which requires workers to be informed about exposures from wireless devices, and that pregnant women and younger workers receive special attention. France recently ruled that preschools cannot have Wi-Fi and that in elementary schools Wi-Fi must be turned off when not in use. These are all reasonable measures that are not fully protective, they are acknowledging the dangers of RF and raising awareness while limiting, to some degree, exposure to the most vulnerable.



Date: Jan 8, 2017

Subject: French companies must now protect employees from wireless radiation

French companies will have to protect employees from electromagnetic waves

(Google translation from French)

France Inter with Yann Gallic, January 1, 2017

This is one of the novelties of January 1: companies will now have to take into consideration the issue of electromagnetic waves to which employees are exposed

Measurement of electromagnetic waves using a broad-band isotropic probe. © Sipa / Valinco

These waves are emitted especially by wireless equipment: Wi-Fi, mobile phones or tablets. It took three years for this European directive to be applied in France. A decree, published on August 6 in the Official Journal, on the “protection of workers against the risks arising from electromagnetic fields,” said the exposure thresholds that must not be exceeded.

The employer must assess the risks incurred by its employee

Employees should be informed of the risks and the workplaces where they are likely to be exposed to “electromagnetic field levels exceeding the values” should be reported to them and their access be limited. The results shall be communicated to the occupational physician and the health, safety and working conditions committee or, failing that, to the staff representatives and in the event of crossing the levels, workers may be given a medical examination.

Pregnant women and employees under 18 years of age will also receive special attention. Every effort should be made to ensure that the impact of waves is the lowest.

A first step for all employees “electrosensibles” 

Sophie Pelletier is an engineer and works in a public administration in the center of Paris. For six years she has hardly any working life. Electro diagnosed by doctors, it is now recognized as a disabled worker because his health has continued to deteriorate due to electromagnetic waves: “In the meeting rooms and wifi in the subway and public transportation , Throughout the week I accumulate this exposure which ends up echoing my general state, with great fatigue, and creates me troubles of the heart rhythm, memory and attention that prevent me to return to work When I’m too tired “.

Sophie Pelletier continues the sick leave. She has repeatedly requested that her position and working time be adjusted. But she has always run into the misunderstanding of her employer. “It’s a disease that does not fit in the boxes,” she explains, “it’s complicated for the employer to arrange a number of things to allow me to keep myself properly in the job. ‘I lost two thirds of my salary for several years and it annoys me because I put a damper on my career, or my health, or both at the same time.

According to estimates, in France, there are now nearly 70,000 people with électrosensibilité.


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