2017-01-03 Information about “the hum” that many people hear and dread.

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1)    A testimonial re. the “hum” that Katie Singer included in her book “An Electronic Silent Spring” is below in Letters. Based on what an Engineer told this person, it is highly likely that more people will experience this annoying and dangerous “pollutant”. I will see if I can find out how such distortion can be confirmed so that a complaint can be lodged against BC Hydro/FortisBC.

I have a list of a few people who have complained about this hum, but if you are suffering from this and haven’t told me would you please.  Email  dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “hum” on the subject line.

2)    Hydro One computers may have been hacked as part of a larger hacking operation.  This shows, if nothing else, that utility computers are vulnerable, even though the Hydro One grid was not penetrated.


U.S. Homeland Security and the FBI have warned that Ontario’s main electricity distributor may have been the target of malicious Russian cyber-activity.

Russia has denied any wrongdoing.

An IP address at Hydro One was among hundreds of malicious addresses identified in online scanning by the U.S. government as it investigated alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee.”


3)    From a member – it would be funny if it weren’t so crazy—iPads for cats.


4)    And yet more, with warnings that your “$$$mart” fridge might be able to accuse you of a crime or perhaps not following your diet 😉  I wonder if an insurance company in the USA could refuse to pay to treat diabetes, for example, if someone overindulged.



5)    It seems that soon we will not be able to use some of the features in cars without having a $$mart phone.  It sounds as if the auto industry plans on our driving inside a Faraday cage loaded with every possible wireless device.




From:  X
Date: January 3, 2017
To: EC@islandstrust.bc.ca

Subject: Micro cells and the UBCM

Dear Members of the Executive Committee,

It has come to my attention that small cell towers are being placed on hydro/telephone poles throughout the province, with the thought that higher cell towers will no longer be necessary to transmit existing and upcoming 5G transmission for wireless transmission.  I am aware that the Islands Trust has enabled commissions on each island to prepare protocol for the placement of new, standard towers (over 15 metres), subject to Industry Canada approval.  The UBCM fought hard to ensure that municipalities had some control of such infrastructure in their communities by ensuring that all towers over 15 metres should be vetted in this protocol.  This new initiative by the telecommunications companies make this hard won 15 metre concession no longer viable as a control.

Inasmuch as it seems to me that you are our municipal government, I would ask that you endeavour to bring this up at the next UBCM.  Control over our Electro Magnetic environment is an issue for the 21st century that needs to be intelligently addressed.  San Francisco has been successful in passing legislation to ban the unauthorized proliferation of these devices.

I am concerned about the future of the environment and believe that excessive Electro Magnetic Radiation has a harmful effect on all life.  Thank you for considering my request.

Yours Truly,



[- http://www.ubcm.ca/EN/meta/contact.html]


Sandra Chianfoni, www.sandaura.wordpress.com, Massachusetts:

In 1999, I bought a house in a rural town of 900 people. Since the Fall of 2006, my family and I have heard a constant, disturbing noise in every room. Outside, we cannot hear birds or the wind without this buzz. I’ve tried expensive headphones and earplugs, but the noise penetrates them. To sleep, we keep fans on, which helps to mask the noise. Often, I turn on the radio–or the buzz will envelop me. To read on a winter day, I sit with a fan near my head. I cannot find silence. My family and I have not had proper sleep in seven years.

After a year of thinking something was wrong with our house, we hired a power quality engineer. On our wires, he found a constant harmonic distortion of 60 Hz AC power–double the harmonics allowed by the IEEE. We then retained a certified forensic audio engineer, who analyzed recordings taken at my home, four miles away, and during a power outage throughout our town. This engineer determined that the constant noise measures at 217 Hz in the 250 Hz narrow octave band. It’s a “pure tone frequency,” a bioactive, noxious, toxic pollutant. As part of the “smart” grid, utility companies use this frequency to communicate data, even during power outages.


Are these the source of the buzz I hear?

In 1972, the EPA set exposure limits on pure tones to protect workers from their negative health effects. Based on these regulations, which the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) adopted in 1990, I filed complaints with DEP, the state’s public utility regulatory agency, and the Department of Public Health, since the pure tone levels at my house are illegal, since I cannot sleep properly, and since the power surging from the “smart” grid causes high levels of electrical pollution on my electrical system.

The Massachusetts DEP recognizes that extremely low frequencies (ELFs)–such as those transmitted by the pure tone–affect health, but it did not take action with my complaint. The regulatory agency wanted me to tell them the source of the noise. They would not involve the FCC or interview the engineers I’d hired. Instead, they closed my case.

The case needs to re-open for the whole country. Our electrical grid now serves as a continuous antenna. Wherever the global “smart” grid is turned on, it delivers noxious pure tones into private and public spaces. Wind turbines also emit disturbing noise. Routinely now, I hear from people all over the world who have become agitated, unable to sleep, afraid to buy a home (where the pure tone might become audible), and even suicidal because of this buzz. It makes no sense for individuals to fight it. Until regulatory agencies implement protections, we will all be subject to a festering noise.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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