2016-12-28 Judge in Illinois agrees smeters can capture details of behaviour

1) Here is an up-to-date 154-page pdf compendium of various MDs’, MD groups’, and PhDs’ correspondence and postings regarding Wi-Fi radiation in schools et al.
 2) A pilot microgrid using Tesla battery powerpacks. Such systems have been recommended by people such as Dr. Timothy Schoechle who believes local microgrids will not only be more efficient but will be more secure. Once completed and self-sufficient, such an energy provider would be less vulnerable to attack.
““This is a learning laboratory for Tideland. We’re exploring the potential for a microgrid. The Tesla batteries could potentially help us get over that start-up load. It will be interesting to learn what benefits can be derived from the various microgrid components over time.””
 3) An appeal of a court’s dismissal filed in Illinois by Naperville Smart Meter Awareness based on invasion of privacy. The judge agreed the smeters do collect private data but read his reasoning. It is a farce.
“Specifically, NSMA seeks review of the trial court’s dismissal of its claim that the City of Naperville’s use of smart meters constitutes a violation of NSMA members’ Fourth Amendment rights because the City’s smart meters collect electrical usage data from members’ homes at intervals of every fifteen minutes, which data can then be de-aggregated to offer an invasive view into their personal lives and activities inside their homes. The application of the Fourth Amendment to this emergent technology and the implications of this example of government-administered ‘big data’ raises relatively complex technical issues and novel legal issues.”
In the Naperville case, even though residents provided letters of protest and notices of “no consent” to the City of Naperville, and the NSMA group filed a Federal lawsuit over the issue of forced installation of smart meters, the Judge somehow presumed that “no” really meant “yes,” even though residents had no choice on an electricity supplier other than to go “off-grid.”
Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”
~ Edmund Burke
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