2016-12-27 Another tragedy — 3 year old with liver cancer.

1)    “Yes, a percentage of the population–a growing percentage–are being made physically sick by exposure to wireless radiation waves. Invisible but deadly. For some–the torture is readily apparent to them. For others, it will accumulate over time and manifest as cancer or some neurological or immune issue. Those affected are being tortured and ignored. This must stop.”


2)    Another sad report, Michael Buble’s 3 year old son has liver cancer. Again, we will never know if he had been exposed to cell phones in utero or wireless baby monitors, etc. as a baby, or if they were if this was the cause, but there is no denying that this is not normal and, sadly, it is not unique. As scientists have said, it will take bodies piling up before the RF exposure will be admitted to be dangerous and the telecoms will be forced to stop making dangerous products.


And of course Carrie Fisher suffered a cardiac arrest on a flight last week, and has died. How many others have suffered similar tragedies, and how can we get the airlines to realize that the Wi-Fi they allow on planes likely is a major factor?

3)    BC Hydro is downgrading savings from meter program, saying only about $1.1 billion in savings over 20 years vs. $800,000 spent for a profit of $15,000 a year – what an investment!  And that is based on their current financial report which is included in this article.



or https://www.scribd.com/document/335162423/BC-Hdyro-Smart-Meters-FNL-RPT#from_embed

I hope an Accountant in our group will read it and tell us if the numbers make sense, if they include costs for shorter lifespan of meters and increased security measures.  We also must ask the basis for their numbers for reduction in power theft. Why did BC Hydro spend $1 billion of our money for no gain? In fact, in the end, it will be just as it has been everywhere – no gain at all.

“BC Hydro’s final project report estimates the savings to be $1.1 billion over 20 years, down from the initial estimate of $1.6 billion. The main difference is the projected cost of new electricity, said Greg Reimer, BC Hydro’s vice president for transmission and distribution.

The initial estimate was made in 2008, based on a price of $131 per megawatt-hour for new electricity generation. The price estimate has fallen since then due to lower than expected demand as mining and other resource industries have slowed, and development of lower-cost energy production such as wind power, Reimer said.

The final report, filed with the B.C. Utilities Commission last week, confirms that the project to install 1.93 million meters with two-way wireless communication came in about $150 million under the project budget of $930 million.”

BC Hydro downgrades smart meter savings by Tom Fletcher – BC Local News – December 27, 2016:

According to security experts, it is very difficult to discover power theft with the “smart” grid and it is easier to steal power with it. So the major question to BC Hydro is – how do they determine the amount of savings due to reduction in power theft?

Energy-Theft Detection Issues for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid
6 Conclusions

Energy-theft detection is a classic and difficult problem in power grid. With the development of advanced metering infrastructure in smart grid, more complicated situation in energy theft has emerged and many new technologies are adopted to try to solve this problem. In this paper, we have investigated the system model and security requirements of AMI in smart grid and present an attack tree based threat model for AMI. We further categorize the energy-theft detection schemes in AMI and introduce the main idea of each individual scheme. Finally, we discuss the challenging issues in energytheft detection and provide some research directions. In the future, the smart grid requires more accurate and efficient energy-theft detection designed specifically for advanced metering infrastructure, making energy-theft detection a very fruitful and challenging research area.


4)    A “smart” home’s appliances and electronics are being “called as witnesses” in a murder case. Privacy in your home is no longer a right.




From a member:

In a conversation with my neighbour yesterday, I discovered another person with a dog behaving strangely. She told me her dog has been trying to chew his way out of the mudroom into the house, barking, drooling and completely stressed. I asked her when this was taking place and she replied between 2 and 5am and that it had been happening over the last few weeks. She was extremely relieved to hear that her dog wasn’t going crazy and that her gut feeling that he was stressed or in pain was correct. She thinks it started when they had a forced meter switch out and now have a radio off. She has also noticed that they have weak cell reception at their place that started around the same time as their forced switch out (they had no cell reception previously at their home) So, something has changed and I plan on trying to find out and will check her meter with my EMF reader. It also happens to be on the mud room wall……I think that dogs are our canaries.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   
~ Albert Camus

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