2016-12-26 10 year old dies of cardiac arrest on plane

1)    A 10 year old girl suffered cardiac arrest on an Air Canada flight and died. It is unlikely that any coroner’s report will implicate the Wi-Fi onboard the airplane but scientists have warned that exposure to Wi-Fi can cause heart problems. An airplane is all metal, a Faraday cage like a microwave oven. Wi-Fi will bounce around, like light off a mirror, and the effects are increased. This is the second report of cardiac arrests on airplanes over the last few days but others could be happening and go unreported.


Heart problems have occurred in children in schools after Wi-Fi was installed. One school in Simcoe, Ontario had several children experience serious heart problems that seemed to be directly related to Wi-Fi.  Now there are defibrillators in schools. I don’t recall ever hearing of children having heart attacks until very recently. How can the regulators, like Perry Kendall, not see the association?




2)    A study sent in by a member showing the effect that exposure to a cell phone has on the blood, which could be contributory to blood clots forming, for example.

“It is probable that the blood changes we observed would affect blood circulation. RBC aggregation has been widely studied and its importance is well-established in the microcirculation. RBCs that are stuck together in rouleaux or other aggregates increase the blood viscosity, and this affects the passage of RBC through the microvessels throughout the body.13 RBC shape and deformability are also relevant to blood flow. The typical round disk shape of normal RBCs is considered optimum for blood flow. The shape of the echinocytes might impair blood flow and oxygen release from echinocytes is known to be impaired.14 It would be important to explore whether symptoms such as fatigue and poor concentration, characteristic of EHS, may possibly result from the blood changes that we observed in this study.”


(Here is an explanation of the WAPF diet referenced in the article:


3)    Duke Energy in South Carolina is facing some resistance to its plan to install smeters and offers the same misinformation, deceptive statements that BC Hydro and FortisBC have given their customers.


“Americans have had to give up too much privacy already saying it is for our safety,” she said. “Having some electric company spying on what we are doing inside our own home is the final frontier for me and where I take a stand to say ‘no further.’ No one needs to know when I get up and put on the coffee pot or how many loads of laundry I do.”


4)    There seems to be no action being taken in the USA (or Canada probably) to either protect the grid from being attacked or preparing for the attack that many think is inevitable.

“This is the nation’s electrical grid. 55,000 substations pushing power to 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines, lighting up 125 million homes across the country. Cyber security experts call it a target waiting to be hit.”


5)    Governments become more vulnerable to attack via the Internet of Things. Smeters are part of the IoT, are basically unsecured probably due to costs and lack of due diligence. But it is likely, according to security experts, that utilities will be forced to beef up security with new systems. No money is in BC Hydro’s budget for these new, expensive, ongoing security measures. Please tell your MLAs, and especially John Horgan and Adrian Dix, about these costs. The NDP needs to get in touch with this program for the next election.

However, as smart cities start investing in smart meters and other devices that could fall prey to attacks engineered by botnets taking advantage of unsecured IoT devices and other IP-connected electronics and systems, there is arguably a much broader threat vector for government agencies….

According to Sullivan, more analytical technology in place might help municipalities better understand the risk now that the IoT genie is out of the bottle. “Companies should move immediately to get control of this situation both to protect themselves and because, in the wake of these new high-profile events, it’s likely to be mandated by new law,” he said. “What is required now is the deployment of systems that don’t try to control the IoT devices but rather watch and learn how they behave so that we can identify malicious activity and isolate them when necessary.””




December 21, 2016

School District #57 (Prince George)
Board of School Trustees
Tim Bennett, Chair
Trish Bella, Vice Chair
Tony Cable, Trustee
Bob Harris, Trustee
Brenda Hooker, Trustee
Sharel Warrington, Trustee
Bruce Wiebe, Trustee

Greetings and salutations,

I am writing at this time to formally request that this august elected body review the scientific evidence and professional opinions contained in a 154-page pdf compendium of various MDs’, MD groups’, and PhDs’ correspondence and postings regarding Wi-Fi radiation and cell phones in schools.


My concerns have developed from a health perspective regarding BC Hydro’s “Smart Meter Program” and the consequent Radio Frequency fog which envelops us all. Further readings in the matter raises the alarm that our public schools have become unacceptable dangerously unhealthy facilities for students and staff.

The expressions of concern by those more educated in these matters gives me pause to implore you to evoke the precautionary principle by developing appropriate policy to end the ubiquitous use of Wi-Fi and cell phones in and around School District #57 facilities before September 1, 2017.

I appreciate the delicate situation in which you find yourselves. On the one hand, the enormous pressures wielded by the economics of billions of dollars of industry, and the social construct of convenience; and on the other hand the ultimate responsibility of the duty of care, coupled with the realities of budget constraints.

In closing, I hope to encourage you to embrace the principles of critical thinking, and to acknowledge that conventional knowledge needs to be questioned if wisdom is to prevail.

(signed hard copy to follow)
John Grogan  (name given with permission)

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power

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