2016-12-25 New Israeli invention that reduces magnetic fields

1)    Natural News has a good article about microwave ovens and the health effects reported as a result of exposure to wireless emissions using 2.4Ghz, the frequency used by microwave ovens. This is also the frequency used by many wireless devices, e.g. Wi-Fi modems used in schools and other public places, the ZigBee chip in smeters, DECT (cordless) phones.

According to Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, people exposed to radiation for just three minutes at 2.4-GHz can experience severe reactions in heart rate changes and altered heart rate variations, indicating an alarm response to stress, also called electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or rapid aging syndrome. This has been studied for decades. The response includes heart palpitations, clumping of red blood cells and fluctuations of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of a “fight-or-flight” response.

Dr. Havas also revealed that microwave ovens can lead to blood sugar spikes connected with diabetes. This usually happens when people stand within three feet of the oven while it’s running, like when anxious eaters park themselves directly in front of the microwave oven while waiting for those last few seconds to finish “nuking” their food or beverage.”


2)    A friend in Israel sent a YouTube in Hebrew about a new type of cable that reduces the amount of EMF that is carried on wiring. This would make homes and schools much safer for all. The translation of it is below in Letters.

3)    An intervener into the smeter application before the Arizona Public Utilities Commission has shared his submission. He argues well that the financial numbers don’t add up, just as they don’t anywhere. The costs are understated, not including anything for the short lifespans or the ongoing upgrades of the meters themselves or the infrastructure, and nothing, not even a mention, of security costs.

Using the numbers APS supplied in its Response to Woodward at 2.27, it can be deduced that for just meters — without any of the many millions of dollars of ancillary “smart” grid equipment such as IT Infrastructure, Software/System integration, Field Area Network and Project Services, Data Storage, Cybersecurity, plus the $120 million APS is going to blow on its new Customer Information System this year and next to “better take advantage of AMI data” (Lockwood direct testimony at P. 9) — the cost is $132.22 per meter, installed. At that price, “smart’ metering all of APS’s 1.25 million customers would amount to $165,275,000. So, if $3.8 million is saved by “smart” meters every year, then APS will break even on their “smart” meters in just 43 and 1/2 years! But the meters only last 5 to 7 years so the break-even point will never, ever come.”


4)    Is there anyone in our Coalition who is an accountant or is otherwise capable of going through the financial reports for the $$mart grid program?  I suspect, like Norman Farrell who wrote the Tyee article last week about all the trouble he had getting financial reports for the various hydro projects, getting this info will be one battle, but making sense of the numbers is another. Just looking at this article from BC Hydro’s website, I can see many statements that are untrue, such as the deadline being met – the initial deadline was Dec. 2012 if memory serves me right. But I am more interested in the cost savings they assert and the true costs of the program.  As I’ve mentioned several times before, the reports I’ve seen have not been complete and have not included any contingency funds for the costs that were never included in the initial budget, such as legal fees to fight claims for fires and to pay the claims for damages caused during the installation or for the fires themselves.


5)    Hacking is easy and those who use Wi-Fi or cell phones are very vulnerable. I suspect that the $$smeters are equally easy targets.  And utility companies are doing little to upgrade security to protect our data.  I suspect that anyone who asks FortisBC or BC Hydro how our data is protected, we will get the same response we’ve gotten from the beginning – the data is encrypted, as if Hydro’s encryption is better than banks’, the governments’,  the military, etc.


6)    In Ontario, Hydro One has connected only a small percentage (179 homes) that had been disconnected because people couldn’t pay bills. It looks as if they disconnected them at the pole rather than by turning off the meter. I don’t understand this because, according to past reports, everyone has a smeter and smeters allow for remote disconnection. Why the pole disconnect and why so long to reconnect people?  The rates continue to go up with no end in sight.




Green Cables – an Israeli invention

Green Cables [http://www.green-elmf-cables.com/] is a new company that offers a solution for magnetic fields emitted from cables. This is a result of joint research for years, of the Technion Institute together with the national power company. Three entrepreneurs from Haifa bought the development from two professors from the Technion. They produce a cable from the same materials but they split it up in a different way, that reduces 90% of the magnetic field that is in regular cables. It fits anything, for example, instead of a lengthener cable in the house. Instead of a child that is near a lengthener cable, it is possible to use a green lengthener cable.

In a measurement of a hair drier done by the TV, there was 95% reduction of magnetic field vs. the regular green cable.

Udi Admati:  “We give final solution to the problem. We treat the problem, we don’t cover it with a band aid, we cancel the magnetic field which is a final solution to the problem.”

Shalom Green:  “There is a vision here, for a better world, we think that beyond the business side, and the business aspect interests us very much of course, we’re here for the business, but there is news here for society and we feel very comfortable with that”.

The cable is split up to 7 parts and this creates full symmetry and reduction of the magnetic fields significantly.

Countries that already use the green cables are India, Brazil and France.

The demand is growing in Israel too, and projects were done in kindergartens and schools.

– What is the difference in the cost of the plates?  10%-15% difference.

Udi Admati: I am in negotiations with technology companies in other countries. This is a breakthrough, there is nothing like that in the world, which is a very important  thing.

From the national TV broadcast:


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