2016-12-21 Brain changes in children addicted to iPads, etc.

1)    Suzanne Somers is not my idea of a guru, but she is speaking out and could get attention from many with regards to smeters and EMR.


2)    Mothers are battling addiction in children who have used computers, iPads, etc. from very early ages. The addiction can be compared to drug addiction and is just as hard to break. Schools are the pushers as are the officials like Kendall.

“Over 200 peer-reviewed studies correlate excessive screen usage with a whole host of clinical disorders, including addiction. Recent brain-imaging research confirms that glowing screens affect the brain’s frontal cortex — which controls executive functioning, including impulse control — in exactly the same way that drugs like cocaine and heroin do. Thanks to research from the US military, we also know that screens and video games can literally affect the brain like digital morphine.”


Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction

In areas in California near Silicon Valley, parents are concerned about kids being forced to use iPads. 

District officials and many teachers tout the iPads as innovative learning tools. Students, it seems, are thrilled to have them. But many parents in the affluent district — including some software engineers, Apple employees and a brain researcher — question the benefit of the devices, and hundreds have signed a petition to limit their use.

Cupertino Union School District spokesman Jeff Bowman insists placing iPads in every middle-schooler’s hands has improved students’ quality of work, language ability, behavior and organizational skills, though the district has no quantifiable evidence of better learning.


3)    Some in the USA are asking why some of the more major and well documented smeter fires are being kept under wrap. I suspect, like in BC, there is corporate influence of various sorts not wanting us to know about the risks. This one was from more than 2 years ago, and there has been very little follow-up.

This smart meter-related fire is still under investigation.  The company involved with insuring the Bensalem apartment buildings reportedly requested an independent evaluation of all smart meters installed for the burned building.  Current smart meters were removed/ replaced for such an evaluation.  It is hoped that another update can be provided at future date as to the results of the independent evaluation and any actions taken as a result of the Bensalem apartment building fire.

Also, as a matter of public record, there was a Pennsylvania Legislative House Policy meeting held on April 14, 2014 on the subject of “Security in Installation of Smart Meters.”  Presentation materials for that meeting indicate: “The meter itself is the cause of the Bensalem fire, not arcing and not the wires, per the Bensalem Fire Marshal.”

Testimony presented at the above mentioned meeting indicates that the “fire was definitely started by the Landis Smart Meter.  The smart meter was located in the utility shed.  Not sure where it started in the meter, but it definitely started inside the meter.”

Original Story:  http://smartgridawareness.org/2014/02/14/meter-blamed-for-pennsylvania-fire/

4)    Other appliance problems – I will have a separate section for these below Letters.

5)    From a member re. accommodation by BC Ferries for those who are sensitive. The ferries use radar and other telecom devices but also they now have Wi-Fi throughout so customers don’t have to look at the scenery or read their books. He is asking for everyone assert their right to stay in their cars because this provides an area of reduced exposure.


“Noticed in the paper today that BCFerries is planning to ban passengers from closed car decks.  We should all write letters to the board protesting they are going in the opposite direction of accommodating those with EHS. (we might be able to make that a successful human rights challenge)

In the past, the crew often advised me to go to the car deck to escape the upper deck radiation (not as good as they told me me but they did consider it a place of refuge)  If one is not in an over height vehicle it is possible they will be parked on the upper (open) car decks) but when going through the ticket booth, one will have to demand to be accommodated by being allowed to use the upper deck – if you have an overweight vehicle, one will not have the option.  If one demands accommodation, they will also need to make certain no cars that arrive in the ticket lineup after them get on the sailing unless they do too.

Everyone, as a matter of standard practice, should request accommodation to be allowed to use their vehicle as a refuge from radiation while on board the ferry – if enough demand it, they may finally wake up and realise it is a matter to deal with.”


Appliance problems from a member:

Can’t say for sure if the meter switch caused a similar problem for a friend of mine but the timing is about right.


My friend had a high end washer and dryer (ones that thought they were smarter than her and knew what settings she needed).

Shortly after the meter switch out, the washer started to give problems.  As the unit was under warranty, she tried to get Sears to fix the problem but they would not as the fix was a new $1500 circuit board – while the warranty fight was going on, the dryer started to act up and it too required a new circuit board at $1500 for the part.

Spoke with another friend about the problem.  His solution – one that he uses for government computer installations under his control – put a $5000 filter into the system.  My feeling is every installation should have such a filter after the smeter but the cost would be prohibitive.

I have the feeling that the old meters, while not designed as a filter, acted partially as a filter and reduced some of the spikes and dirty electricity inherent in the grid.  This feature is lacking in the digital meters.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.”
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