2016-12-18 How corporate lies become the truth

1)   BC Hydro and ITRON have lied to us from the very beginning, from the time they said that there were no such things as wired smeters and then later that they cost $35,000 each, to Measurement Canada has changed their requirements making analogs antiquated, to the meters emit only 4-6 signals a day and that no smeter has caused a fire.  This is the same as the telecom industry lying about the real science.


Here is a great article explaining how industry has formed “misinformation” campaigns to continue to line their pockets at our expense. Read in the comments how Canada was one of the first countries to have a ban on smoking in some public places, like planes, via the Non-smokers’ Health Act.  We need to try to find the real politicians who will work on this for the sake of our kids and grandkids.

We’ve seen this pattern repeated on issue after issue. A well-financed group invents lies and convinces a substantial share of the public that those lies are true. The propaganda purveyors recognize that the media’s instinct to cover “both sides” of an issue, people’s tendency to believe claims that conveniently fit their ideology, and, more recently, social media’s propensity to spread falsehoods all create a fundamental weakness in our civil society. They aren’t confused; they don’t misunderstand science or freely accessible truths. They have financial incentives to obscure those realities, and they do not care what they destroy in the process.”


Look at the comments at around 12/18/2016 9:14 AM PST formerpolitician and you will see that one politician stood out with his political integrity.

In late 1987 or early 1988, the Parliament of Canada considered the Non-Smokers Rights Act. One of the legislative committee’s first steps was to call all the CEOs of the large tobacco companies to ask about health effects. All denied any adverse health effects despite many many studies to the contrary.  

Luckily, in early 1988, the first major report on the effects of second hand smoke was published and an all-party consensus developed to ban smoking on planes and trains as well as in the public service office place.

The then chair of the Parliamentary Health Committee was an MD who represented the largest tobacco growing constituency in Canada. I posed the question to him “was he a doctor or a politician”. He voted for the Non Smokers Rights Act and wrote a heartfelt letter to his constituents as to why he felt health trumped economics (expecting to be voted out of office). He won re-election with an increased majority and told me that many constituents had commented that they valued a having a principled representative. His actions took real courage.”

2)    I must admit that I am still learning about fiber optic cable, but from what I’ve learned so far, this would be a great option to push to BC Hydro, BCUC, the politicians, etc. if we must have smeters.


3)   The threat from the US Navy’s assault continues to the well-being and environment of Washington State, BC and the waters around us. Where are our politicians??


We have work to do!

December 16, 2016

As we review and respond to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the addition of 36 more Growlers to their fleet on Whidbey Island, and the decision by the Forest Service to grant a permit to the Navy to install mobile electronic emitters in the Olympic National Forest, the Navy recently revealed that the aquifer under the Navy’s Outlying Field in Coupeville is contaminated with toxic chemicals! Read the latest news about this here and by going to http://citizensofebeysreserve.com/COERNews.html

We are being bombarded by decisions and deadlines during the busiest, most distracted time of the year! STOP believes that this is deliberate and insulting to the citizenry! Therefore, we are asking EVERYONE receiving this communication (more than 2200 subscribers) to take a quick moment right now and request 45-day timeline extensions for both issues.

  1. The Forest Service comment link: To request an extension of 45 more days on their decision to permit the Navy to use Forest Service roads for the mobile electromagnetic radiation emitters, go tohttps://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public/CommentInput?Project=42759
  1. The Navy’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement to add 36 more Growlers to NASWI comment link: http://www.whidbeyeis.com/Comment.aspx.


It is URGENT that we get these deadlines extended, and equally urgent that our voices be heard! The time to act is now!

(If you are ready to submit your comments now, use the same links as above. For assistance with your comments and to help formulate your objections go to:



newly formed Coupeville Community Alliance, https://www.facebook.com/WhidbeyEIS/?fref=ts

4) Primarily due to privacy concerns, a bill has been presented to the Missouri legislature asking for people to be able to opt out and keep their analog smeters.


“The privacy issues aren’t merely theoretical. According to information obtained by the California ACLU, utility companies in the state have disclosed information gathered by smart meters on thousands of customers. San Diego Gas and Electric alone disclosed data on more than 4,000 customers. The vast majority of disclosures were in response to subpoenas by government agencies “often in drug enforcement cases or efforts to find specific individuals,” according to SFGate 

While encrypting smart meter data and warrant requirements for law enforcement address some of the privacy issues, refusing to allow a smart meter on your property is the only sure-fire way to ensure your energy use data won’t fall into the hands of government agents or private marketers, or end up stored in some kind of government database. Passage of HB196 would make opting out an option for Missourians and give them control over their own privacy.”



light-spectra wavelengths-of-light-sources

I evaluate light quality in every inspection. I use the Medical Electronics light transducer from Germany which turns the light flicker into sound. Dr. Havas uses this as well. You can actually hear the frequency of the pulsed light. Many LED light appliances have toxic frequencies. Some do not. Unless you actually test each one individually you do not know.

The other criteria that we use for clean light is that the transformer does not create dirty electricity. Some do and some don’t. If an LED light appliance passes both criteria it is deemed acceptable by SafeZone EMF consulting.

CFL light appliances are of course horrific. Long tube fluorescence are as well. Incandescent bulbs simply express what is running in the lines. If there is significant dirty electricity than it will be expressed in the light and can actually have a flicker effect. Cleaning up the dirty electricity is absolutely necessary.

The spectrum of the LED light is of course extremely important. There are lights that lean to the red spectrum available. Keeping up with all of this in the LED world is a challenge but I go to stores such as Rona and Home Depot as well as others and check all of their bulbs so that I know which ones are acceptable. One of the problems is that even within the same batch from a factory there can be good and bad bulbs. Dr. Havas has found this as well. It is quite distressing as there does not seem to be much quality control.



From: Kathy      (name given with permission)
Sent: December 17, 2016
To: patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; Sharon Noble; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; Oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Complaint

Dear Mr Wruck

When it comes to BC Hydro, I am so fed up with the way we the people of BC, who own that company, are being treated. You must know by now that BC Hydro is lying through it’s rotten teeth about the smart meter program. They say the grid won’t work properly unless we all have smart meters and that is a bald faced lie. All over the USA state governments are stepping in and allowing people to keep their analogue meters at a low monthly fee. These people can keep their meters for ever and will not be hassled to upgrade at a later date. Hydro tells you they can no longer get analogue meters and that is also a bald faced lie. Analogue meters can be purchased from numerous companies in the USA the same as they always have been. If necessary a customer can go on line and purchase an analogue meter for their own home or business.


A consumer can purchase new Westinghouse or General Electric analogue meters here that are brand new. Obviously they are still made.

Rebuilt Analogue meters can be purchased from


” Over the last few years many cities in California refused to allow smeters and implemented a moratorium. They demanded that the Calif. public utilities commission recognize their right to protect their health and safety. The PUC agreed to allow people to keep their analogues permanently for a minor monthly fee.”

If the electricity companies in the USA can purchase analogue meters then so can Canadian companies buy them.

This link is to an official letter regarding what is going on in California.


As  for the safety of the smart meter here is a statement by an Electrical Engineer from the US

“  ” William Bathgate, an electrical engineer in the US, said in a recent email that he would never have an ITRON smeter on his home. He has given testimony before the Michigan Utility Commission warning about the many design flaws he has found in ITRON smeters. He finds the switch mode power supply ( the device that converts a small amount of the electricity coming from the pole from AC to DC to run the meter) a major fire hazard. Other engineers have found the remote disconnect switch poorly designed and this has been found to have caused many fires.  Could this be why Hydro refuses to have an electrical engineer inspect this device and to certify it if he believes it to be safe? Bathgate, and other electrical engineers, have said this meter could not be certified safe, no engineer would risk losing his credentials by saying it’s safe.

I am very familiar with the design elements of a switched mode power supply because I had to include “Common Mode” filters into the products I was responsible for while at Emerson Electric to minimize the Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) coming from the switching integrated circuit back onto the feeding input AC circuit and the output AC circuit. A clean 50 or 60 Hz is needed and the AC input and AC output had to be void of any oscillation introduced by the switching circuit. I would not have been able to sell the same ITRON switched mode circuit design with the products I managed. I would have been fired for allowing such a condition.

If DTE (or any Utility) was to demand of ITRON, their supplier, to provide a “Common Mode” filtering circuit and tested this design for elimination of EMI and of stray capacitance present in the current design, I believe the troubles with people becoming ill from the Opt-Out AMI meter could be significantly mitigated. This should not be ignored or taken lightly. There could be a solution to help the people affected by the high frequency oscillations created by the switched mode power supply.

In short lacking a redesign of the AMI meter switched mode power supply the solution for people affected by the AMI meter program is very simple and costs nothing, allow those affected residents and business to retain an Analog meter which is readily available and meets all ANSI and other applicable standards.”

https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/ecodwell-nov2016.pdf   go to Page 3.

You, as the BCUC, were formed and are paid to do a job which is to make sure utility companies in this province work as fair, law abiding companies that have health and safety as a priority. If I was your boss I would fire the lot of you and hire people who are willing to tell Christy Clarke where she can stuff Directive 4 and start doing the proper job of the BCUC. Remember you are a body separate from government so get with it and get to work.  How many more fires do we have to have? How many more cases of electro hypersensitivity do there have to be? How many more families are having to move to areas where there are no smart meters or stay where they are and pay out thousands of dollars to go off grid by purchasing solar panels and batteries?

All of this has to stop. BC Hydro is only a hydro electric company and not a God. We live in a democratic society and this company is acting like a Communist company that tries to rule everyone to what they want. Democracy is not like that and the sooner you realize this and get to work the happier those of us who pay your salaries will be.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The only thing green about the smeter program is the money being funneled into the corporate pocket.


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