2016-12-13 A major paper with evidence previously hidden that proves RF is dangerous

1)    Dr. Olle Johansson sent a translated version of an announcement that, for the first time in France, an “intelligent” water meter was removed by Court Order from the home of a woman diagnosed with EHS.  Diagnostic tests are now available and I hope to have the info for GPs very soon. Once there are tests that show effects, medical evidence confirming a reaction to RF, sensitive people should be able to take this action in Canada, too.



Electrosensitive, her electric meter removed by court decision

Summary: Victim of electrosensitivity, acknowledged as a handicap since 2015, she obtains in court the withdrawal of her meter of water “intelligent” which had aggravated its symptoms. The insulation of her apartment had been partly financed by the CDAPH.
By the AFP for Handicap.fr, the 10-12-2016

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In mid-November 2016, the Grenoble District Court ordered the removal of the radiofrequency water meter from the home of an electrosensitive woman Isère, it was learned on December 9 near his lawyer Jean-Pierre Joseph And the Next-Up Association. In this judgment presented as “a first” by Mr. Joseph and of which AFP has obtained a copy, the court claims that “the water meter installed in the apartment of Mrs. C. and that installed in the boiler room and To replace them by counters with an annual statement “. These so-called “intelligent” water meters make it possible to know the consumption of each subscriber remotely and directly, thus enabling the relay to be abandoned by agents.

Refugee in the cellar

“My client was diagnosed with hyper-sensitive electro and her symptoms worsened after the installation in 2012 of this meter in her apartment,” AFP told her counsel. “She used to take refuge in the cellar but a similar counter was installed in the boiler room of the building, forcing her to sleep in her car in the countryside,” he continued. The court stated in its decision that Linky electric meters and Gazpar gas, which are based on the same principle as the water meter in question, should not be installed in the complainant’s dwelling. It also excludes meters using PLC technology (on-line carrier currents) on the grounds that they emit electromagnetic and electric fields.

CDAPH finances the insulation of its apartment

“It should be emphasized that the removal of water meters emitting electromagnetic waves will solve only very partially the health problems of Mrs. C. … most of the high-frequency pollutions are partly due to the various connections Wifi of the apartments of the building “, emphasizes the judge. Me Joseph explained that to protect herself from Wifi waves, her client requested that her apartment be insulated, part of which was taken care of by the Commission on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH) of Isère.

Recognized as a handicap

The coordinator of the environmental association Next-Up, Serge Sargentini, welcomed in this judicial decision “a major step forward for public health”. “The court retained not the risk but the damage to health and also explicitly extended its decision to all meters with radiofrequency transmitters, Linky connected counting system included,” he added in a statement. communicated. In 2015, the Disability Dispute Tribunal of Toulouse had recognized the existence of a serious handicap due to the hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic waves of an Ariégeoise, who thus obtained the right to an Allowance for disabled adults (AAH ) (Related articles below).

2)    Just provided by Katharina Gustavs who translated this paper. Russian studies proved that RF radiation causes serious harm, but this has been stifled by government. This must be shared with our health officials, Perry Kendall, Dr. Tom Kosatsky of the BC Centre for Disease Control (tom.kosatsky@bccdc.ca), Minister of Health Terry Lake, all MPs and MLAs, Federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott, Prime Minister Trudeau and the media. They are burying their heads in the sand which will result in harm to the public for generations to come. Email addresses are available on www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “CONTACT” .  [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/]

The review findings by Hecht—which disappeared into the government archives as soon as they had been submitted and which we are now making available to the public in this brochure in its most comprehensive form to date—are based on the assessment of 878 Russian studies between 1960 and 1997. To pretend as if there were no connection between microwave technologies from the past and those from today is like burying one’s head in the sand…

‘Hecht reminds those in political power on the wording of their official oath, which binds them to dedicate their efforts to the well-being of the people and the constitution of the democratic state of law. He could also have reminded them that restricting scientific truth was part of the totalitarian atrocities having occurred in two German dictatorships not that long ago. In the policy areas of technology, economy, and health, a financially healthy industry has succeeded in gaining government support for securing a future of distorting the truth in supposedly democratic times. We can only hope that ordinary citizens will wake up and realize the extent of the deception of the current telecommunications policy and how this deception was produced by industry and government lobbyists…

The review results prove that radiation is a cause of multimorbid clinical findings and nonspecific regulatory disorders. That these findings were not welcome by commercial interests is probably responsible for the fact that the 120-page research report immediately disappeared into the archives of the selfsame agency that had commissioned the report in the first place.”



3)    Below is an email I received from a member who is having his meter moved away from his home to protect his family from RF and the fire hazard. He has provided the costs he is incurring.



From:  X
Sent: December 10, 2016
To: Jessica.mcdonald@bchydro.com
Subject: Legacy meters

Dear Ms McDonald:

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Although BC Hydro does not like to admit the  truth about smart meter fires, the evidence is here. We live in a remote area with no fire department or service, in a heavily forested area.  Our meter is not protected from the weather, although it has been no problem for the glass analogue meter.

Also, though I have been told there are no more ‘analog’ meters, we now know there are legacy digital meters available—not as good as analogs, but a far better choice than the smart meters. Since my area requires manual reading, it would benefit BC Hydro to either test my analog and leave it on, or replace it with a legacy meter, thereby continuing to collect the fee imposed upon me from the start of this gig.  As our son is undergoing chemo and has a severely depleted immune system, I am hoping that you will not confiscate my analog meter, or if you must, that you will replace it with a legacy digital meter. I ask this of you with the sincere hope that your compassion will at least give me a few months respite from the less durable, insecure, dangerous health hazard of a smart meter, while our son attempts to recover in a wireless, relatively EMF-free zone.  Our son’s 6th chemo session ends in February, at which time we want to bring him away from the urban setting into a clean, EMF-free house, away from neighbours’ smart meters.

The ‘signal-off’ smart meters do not always prove to be that, another concern and a reason why I request a legacy digital meter.  I have paid the legacy fees under protest, but with the understanding that this extra cost was to be allowed to keep my analog. Measurements Canada only requires testing, not automatic replacement.  I have offered to pay for an analog replacement; California has them. There are legacy meters available.  It would greatly ease my mind if you could even just allow us a few months of safe, non-EMF emitting meters, until our son is recovered.




“Jessica” at customer relations has promised that the installer will be contacted and asked to give me 12 hours notice that he is coming, so I can prevent a live exchange of meters. That is one small concession that will ease my mind. She also assured me that my power would not be cut off without notice. Who knows? Maybe I could regain some trust in BC Hydro if there is some dialogue.

I have sent e-mails and a registered letter to you, so I do hope you will consider my heartfelt request and put my mind at ease on this matter.




Hello Sharon:

When I saw your Smart Meter Update of August 31, 2016, about Addy Power moving a meter to a pole in Parksville, and realizing that BC Hydro is systematically running out of analog meters, I was ready to find out more about moving my meter.  On showing your email to an Electrician, referred to me by a friend, he said he would take it on.  He wanted $2000 to cover expenses, once the pole was delivered, and at the time I was working out of town, so I sent it to him.  Now he has a bill for almost $7000 and BC Hydro isn’t hooked up to it yet and I had to install the pole.  I was wondering what other experiences you’ve had with meter moves and if you had any invoices you could share with me as I have no itemized comparisons except total costs on that Parksville job, that seemed reasonable.  Please find enclosed, above, (see below) my surprise bill, which is to be larger once it has been hooked up, plus BC Hydro costs!

Material list for  xxxxxxxxx  pole and meter move.

200a meter base with beaker – $842.79
Bwa rw-90 250al – $143.88
30 foot class 5 pole and delivery – $668.85
Home Depot receipt for screws brushes and paint etc. 2” lb and bushings – $141.64
Xlpe wire, reducers – $201.49
Trailer stock misc parts fittings – $110.78
raintight connectors, hub, 1/2” .500”-.625” – $76.37
lock nuts cover – $7.94
2″ emt ground plate mtr stock assembly – $272.04
2” emt entrance cap, rigid nipple, 2” raintight conns, raintight coupling – $128.28
Bcu6 6str .184 b1 – $34.77
ground wire, connecter, pvc con, weatherheads, splice kit – $92.53
Survey Furgeson on site, pre site meeting – $693.00
½” adapter gry, mat,1½” cap,Teflon tape – $111.35
Electrical permit – $450.00
App hours 9@$35 – $315.00
J.M. hours planning,logistics,site visit 15@$65 – $975.00
J.M. hours on site work 11@$65 – $715.00
J.M. hours 8@$65 – $520.00
App hours 4@$35 – $140.00
Total = $6640.71
5% GST – $332.03
Total with GST = $6972.74
-$2000.00 retainer. Paid by cheque to Amplified Electric
Balance owing – $4972.74


What has not been billed for are the connector lugs for the overhead service, the conductors running down the existing mast, and the covering plate required by the Safety Authority to cover the hole on the existing meter base on the house, any hours required to complete the job. Any unforeseen small materials required to finish the job.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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