2016-12-05 How to make your own smeter cover

1)    Louis Slesin, of Microwave News, takes on a new book that industry will love to quote. We should be familiar with this to refute industry supporters when they quote from it.


“An epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City has written a new book that, according to the publisher, offers a “much-needed antidote to what has been called ‘an epidemic of false claims’.” One of these is that cell phones might cause brain cancer.

What purports to be common sense advice about how to evaluate health risks is anything but. It’s nothing more than industry pseudoscience.

The public deserves better –so does Albert Einstein.”


2)    A 5-part series about the dangers of Wi-Fi is now available via YouTube.  These would be perfect for local TV stations to pick up and run, or to show at public presentations.


3)    A group in Australia is putting together an amazing database of studies and reports. So it has more than 1800 studies re. EMF and includes several major reports.


You might be interested in an emf database that I am working on with a retired radiation health physicist in Australia. We have set up an Association of likeminded professionals and scientists called ORSAA (Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association) our website is www.orsaa.org. Our Database can be accessed from here http://www.orsaa.org/orsaa-database.html. We have been working on this database for a year with close to 2 man years of effort already spent. We have over 1800 papers. There are some incomplete human provocation studies (around 180) that we recently added and only have the paper titles at the moment. Over the next months we will complete the paper finding and experimental details.

The majority of the studies have been reviewed (full paper – not abstract with the exception of papers in foreign languages). Effects are categorised and indicated when there are statistically significant findings (P <0.05). We have used Filemaker pro (an apple product) as our database. At the moment the web version which is accessible to the public does not yet have an export function to excel to create reports. I can use the Filemake pro software to generate excel reports covering any combination of fields in our database.

You may share these details to others in the emf group.

We will be making a formal announcement to the wider scientific community shortly – we still need to polish it a bit more and recheck some of our data. We have already advised the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) of the database to highlight deficiencies in their TR 164 report which evaluated the available science from 2000 to 2012. When comparing the ARAPNSA reviewed In-Vivo studies we found some fundamental issues with their TR 164 report. I have attached a presentation that I gave at ARPANSA recently.

Kind Regards,
Steve Weller

4)    Here is a YouTube that shows how easy it is to put a cover on a smeter to reduce the RF emissions. Only the emissions going outward will be affected, not those going back toward the home.  The best thing would be if neighbours could all agree to put covers on their smeters to reduce the RF shooting off toward other  homes.


5)    Not RF or smeter, but it shows how industry colludes with scientists to misrepresent data and twist science all for the sake of profit. This is about vaccine information, but the same thing applies to microwave radiation and wireless devices.


“Statistics don’t lie, but statisticians certainly can. In his book, Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC, investigative journalist James Grundvig exposes what really goes on at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In it, he reveals how the agency has engaged in massive fraud, misinformation and manipulation of vaccine information.”




Subject:  analog meter replacement
Date:  Dec 4, 2016
From:  X
 To:  greg.reimer@bchydro.com
Cc:  Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

Dear sirs:

On Friday afternoon, two men (Hydro employees or contractors) arrived on my property to replace my analog meter — without prior notice. It was my understanding that I would be phoned in advance — but that did not happen.  This is very disrespectful treatment of a customer, which I would not expect from a public utility or any other branch of the public service. Your men were surprised that I had not been phoned.

I wanted advance notice for several reasons, but especially so that I could be home to (1) ensure the safety of my premises, (2) question the installers and (3) witness whatever procedure was about to take place. These particular employees/contractors were polite and willing to oblige when I asked for a postponement until next week since I was getting ready to go out to another appointment in town when they arrived, and was unwilling to have any work done on my premises without being present in person. They agreed politely, and at my request left a Hydro card on which was handwritten “Josh, A T Maintenance”. I greatly appreciated their cooperative behaviour.

I have concerns about the safety of so-called ‘smart’ meters in terms of (1) risk of fire, (2) risk of hacking and system vulnerability, and (3) possible health and environmental risks associated with the widespread, rapid and unassessed proliferation of wireless frequency installations in our world.

I would like to request:

  1. Proof that my current meter is no longer functional and that there are no analog meters left in the province.
  1. Proof (in writing) that the meter that your agents have been sent to install has been inspected by an independent electrical engineer, in lieu of CSA certification which I gather these new meters have strangely been exempted from.
  1. For insurance purposes, I would like written confirmation that BC Hydro accepts full responsibility for any damage that should occur to my house or any part of my premises as a result of the installation of a replacement meter or any malfunction by that meter. Logically, I would need to take such confirmation to my insurer to establish that it does indeed satisfy their requirements before any installation takes place.
  1. Confirmation — and, I hope, a physical demonstration — that the new meter’s transmitter function has been fully disabled — i.e., for clarity, that its ability to receive or transmit signals are demonstrably turned off. I believe this is called having a “radio off” meter, and I have been paying the so-called “legacy fee” for many months to ensure that this option would be available to me if continuing with an analog were eventually denied to me.

In my rush on Friday, I made the appointment for your employees/contractors to come back at  1 pm on Monday — i.e. tomorrow — which was a time at which I knew I could arrange to be home. If you cannot satisfy my concerns by that time, I will seek a later appointment in order to await confirmation.

Yours sincerely,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.      
~ Thomas Mann


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