2016-12-04 Time to hold Bennett and Clark accountable and demand change to Clean Energy Act.

1)    There is now enough evidence of all kinds to refute the justification that Bill Bennett and the Liberals gave for the Clean Energy Act’s forcing everyone in BC to have a smeter. I suggest we confront Bill Bennett on the many things we’ve learned that shows that all the reasons, all the promises, etc. are meaningless. For example:


a) “Energy rates will be reduced. This has not happened anywhere. Look at Ontario for example.
b) “It’s good for the environment. How? Where has this proven to be true?
c) “There will be efficiencies. Not with lifespans of smeters being far shorter than given in the business case – closer to 5 years than the promised 20.
d) “Measurements Canada has stricter guidelines that analogs don’t meet. Not true according to MC itself. They don’t care what meter is used so long as it’s accurate.
e) “Analogs are not available. Not true. Look to California.
f) “Smart meters are safe in every regard. Not true – health is endangered by RF, safety by fires, security by hacking and cyberattacks.
g) “Costs will be reduced. Not when the meters are being replaced/upgraded virtually constantly. Not when security measures could cost billions and were never included in the initial business plan.

There are many more that I’m sure you can think of. Let’s hammer Bennett and Clark for allowing this to happen and not admitting they’ve made a mistake. Perhaps they were sold a bill of goods by ITRON. Let’s stop it now and cut our losses. Get these recalled, demand our money back, have the safe, cheap, dependable analogs back by changing the Clean Energy Act.

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Christy Clark at:


2)    A recently published study explains the possible relationship between lack of good, recuperative sleep and cancerous brain tumors.

Gliomas are malignant tumors of glial cells. Malignant brain tumors are now the most common cause of cancer death in adults aged 15-39 years. The U.S. National Toxicology Program research found increased gliomas, malignant schwanomas (heart tumors) and pre-cancerous lesions in rats exposed for only two years to wireless radiation.ii The international Interphone study found Increased gliomas in humans who used cellphones as little as ½ hour per day for 10 years.iii

The importance of sleep and how the lack of sleep prevents the brain and these critical glial cells from doing their vital nightly detox function may explain why glial cells are developing malignant tumors, and why overall rates of neurological disease and death are rising, particularly in the U.S., and occurring at younger and younger ages.iv


3)    A report by researchers in the Netherlands helps identify actions those suffering from EHS can take to protect and help themselves.



4)    A call for an area in Canada that is Wi-Fi-free –   a back-to-the-good-old-days of electromagnetic-free parks.

We already have building blocks of a model for how to do this: national parks wedded to dark sky preserves. We just need to take it a step further and create electromagnetic radiation-free zones where there’s no WiFi, your iPhone can’t get a signal, and even a satellite phone is an expensive paperweight.

Canada should set aside huge tracts of the country where electronics don’t work. We could call them Faraday Preserves, after the scientist Michael Faraday who in 1936 invented mesh enclosures that could block radio waves. They could be places where technological development is flash-frozen at the cusp of the industrial revolution, before the electricity-driven compression of space and time.”


5)    A member sent in an email about her dog acting oddly in the middle of the night, around 4 am. Her email is below. If you have a pet who has begun to act or react early in the morning like this, please let me know.

Many telecom companies, such as cell phone companies and radio stations, and I expect utility companies, choose the time between 3-4 am to download or upload data from their transmitters because this is the time when the fewest people are communicating wirelessly. It is very common for people to wake up at this time, often with a night sweat or palpitations, and find it difficult to get back to sleep. I bet this is what this dog is experiencing, some reaction to the telecoms transmitting to and from their transmitters.



From: X
Sent: December 3, 2016
To: Sharon Noble

Subject: Canine behavior changes.

Hello Sharon:

I thought I’d send this to you as there may be people that are experiencing the same….

We have a middle aged large dog who has never slept on our beds (he has his own dog bed in another room). For the last two weeks, he has come to our bedroom at around 4am, drooling, stressed and whining. He promptly jumps onto our bed and settles only after stroking and reassuring. At the end of last week, we had a carpenter here to do some work and he told me that over the last two weeks his dog has been behaving differently….at around 4am! I asked him to define differently and he proceeded to tell me that his dog was never allowed in the bed, but was jumping into their bed around 4am – seemingly stressed. These folks live near Shawnigan Lake, and his first thought, as ours was, was that there had been some subtle seismic activity that the dog was picking up on. It may be total coincidence, but I am wondering if there are any prep radar/emf exercises taking place at 4am before the US military starts its Growler exercise?? Or, that the SM grid is doing peak emission spikes, or that the HARP project is doing something in the wee hours of the morning?? I would be interested if you had heard of anyone else noticing a behavior change in their dogs at this time of day.


[- http://www.drschoen.com/2012/07/16/preventive-health-electromagnetic-radiation-awareness-for-all-beings-and-especially-our-our-kindred-bees/

https://www.facts-are-facts.com/article/antenna-towers-make-it-a-dogs-life  (incl. cordless phones)]


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
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