2016-12-03 PG&E in California allows customers to keep analog meters permanently.

1)    Installers continue to try to trick people into getting a smeter. One person was told that the meter was a “digital analog”. Fortunately, she was too aware that there is no such thing and refused it. Another person was told by AT Maintenance in Nanaimo that the installer had a work order to install a legacy digital meter. Fortunately, the homeowner recognized that the meter actually was a smeter.




If you feel you need help to make sure you know what you’re getting, the various meters and their model numbers are on:  http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=3090

2)    An article by Dr. Magda Havas was published in The Green Gazette in the Cariboo-Chilcotin area.  The key to reducing the level of RF electrosmog in our environment is to get the industry-based guidelines and the twisted scientists out of WHO and agencies like Health Canada. This can only be achieved through public awareness and pressure. It’s up to us to spread the word.


“Today, we have industry scientists who claim electromagnetic pollution does not cause cancer or adverse effects on health. These wireless industries are able to hide behind Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, which affords more protection to them than to the public.

Schools that have installed Wi-Fi, the telecommunications industry that installs antennas on hospitals and in residential communities, and provincial and municipal governments that do not have expertise in this area, all hide behind Health Canada’s Safety Code 6. What they don’t realize is that this guideline was designed to protect military personnel from the heating of tissue averaged over a six-minute period. It was not intended to protect the infant in the crib lying next to a wireless baby monitor that emits microwave radiation for 12 hours a day”


3)    Implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators, can be hacked wirelessly, putting lives at risk.  This is separate from the interference from wireless devices that can affect the IMDs.

“Unlike previous studies, which found no security measures, this article discovers the first known attempt to obfuscate the data that is transmitted over the air. Furthermore, we conduct privacy and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks and give evidence of other attacks that can compromise the patient’s safety. All these attacks can be performed without needing to be in close proximity to the patient. We validate that our findings apply to (at least) 10 types of ICDs that are currently on the market.”


4)    Hydro Quebec and Concordia University are working to figure out how to make the electrical grid secure from cyberattacks.  Why has it taken so long to begin this sort of research?



5)    Over the last few years, many cities in California refused to allow smeters and implemented a moratorium. They demanded that the California Public Utilities Commission recognize their right to protect their health and safety. The PUC agreed to allow people to keep their analogs permanently for a minor monthly fee. Now PG&E plans on “offering” smeters to those who have refused them in the past while confirming they can keep analogs.   Proof of yet another lie by BC Hydro – that analogs are no longer available. This letter from PG&E shows they are indeed available.






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Subject: Navy exercises

I suppose to the US Navy their Northern border is the end of the world. Sadly it is the location, just over that thin legal line, of at least a half of BC’s population, namely several million people.

Clearly, another example of “far more firepower than brain power” (comment by US official about the “Gratten Conflit” in the 1800s, with a plains Indigenous nation.)

In terms of protecting population health, there are several hundred miles of much less inhabited coastline between here and Alaska the Navy could have chosen for these exercises. The marine life will be impacted wherever they go, but it might be a nice gesture for the US Navy to show a bit of consideration for humans for a change by trying to exercise away from human communities.

Unless, of course, they are trying to study the effects of their Electro Magnetic Radiation weapons on people. Once again, we are the unwilling guinea pigs.

Ah, Democracy: humanity — so nearly dead, and dying!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”
~ Dr. George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age
Sent from my hard-wired laptop, for the sake of my health and that of my family.


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