2016-11-22 More smeters fires, these in Illinois

1)    Below in Letters is a petition asking for more publicity about the NTP to raise awareness. I see no reason why we can’t sign. I do not recall seeing anything in the Canadian media about the NTP. Anyone willing to organize a letter writing campaign perhaps to CBC or the Globe and Mail?  Please consider signing and sharing the petition below.

2)    More smeter fires, this time it was GE meters in Illinois, burning and leaving nothing behind except damages. Smeters were finished being installed in this town in 2015. I’ve asked for people to get fire reports.


On Nov. 19/16
“A ComEd electrical meter on a home on the 800 block of Seers Drive in Schaumburg caught fire Saturday afternoon, causing an estimated $20,000 damage to the home’s basement and interior, said Battalion Chief Rick Anderson.”


And there was an earlier one in the same community, this occurring in an apartment complex in January 2016.

“Eighteen families were displaced Sunday after electrical meters caught fire and power was shut off at a Schaumburg condominium building, fire officials said….”


3)    Someone who is going off grid has provided this information:

“Just in case you know anyone else going off grid who might be interested in making a purchase, I have been looking into the Unique 2.2 cu/ft 3 way freezer (110, DC, or propane), planning on using DC thermogenerator on the fireplace in the winter and solar in the summer, the best pricing so far is at Coastal Appliances in Victoria ( $760) http://www.coastappliances.com/products/view/UNIQUE-2-Propane-Freezers.  The thermostat can also be turned down to a fridge temperature; however, I just use cold packs in a plastic cooler for a few fridge items.

[Unique Appliances – http://uniqueoffgrid.com/]

4)    Premier Wynn of Ontario admits it’s her bad decisions that people are having to choose between food and electricity.  One  “mistake”  is Time-of-Use Billing. Another is over production of power and contracts with producers – buy high, sell low.

Effective May 01, 2016:


“Ontario’s electricity producers are generating more power than we consume in the province. But the government is locked into contracts to purchase that power regardless. It sells off the excess to the U.S., at rates below the cost of production. And even though you aren’t consuming that power, you still have to pay for your share of it every month (through a line on your power bill called the “global adjustment”)….

Ontario brought in smart meters to allow for variable pricing of electricity during the day, with the aim of driving down consumption during times of high use by raising the prices substantially during those peak periods. The move has had little effect on peak demand, according to an analysis commissioned by the government’s Independent Electricity System Operator. It means that we’re still consuming plenty of electricity during those peak periods, and paying a lot more for it than before smart meters arrived.


5)    PaleoMagazine warns about the environmental pollutants, including the wireless radiation in the $$mart home and via all of the gadgets.

“Quite simply, the body cannot rest, rejuvenate and heal when under constant assault in a sealed, electrified box. It’s a perfect storm for developing chronic systemic illness, allergies, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.”




Subject: Help get publicity for NTP findings that wireless radiation breaks DNA and causes cancer

Thank you for your help.  Our message is being heard!  Keep up the good work.

Please help raise awareness about the U.S. NTP findings that RF radiation emitted by popular wireless consumer devices has been linked to cancer and DNA breakage.

Please sign and circulate this petition which asks the Obama Administration to publicize U.S. National Toxicology Program results that wireless radiation causes DNA breakage and cancer, using this link:  https://wh.gov/iewmv

Only after we get 150 signatures will it be viewable in the Open Petitions section.  Please help us reach and surpass that goal quickly.

And, circulate these links on social media:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIlOVJd0lA8 Jimmy Gonzalez died at age 42 after he developed cancer where he was in contact with his phone: brain cancer, cancer under his chest pocket where he stored his phone, and cancer in the hand that held it.
  • www.EMFscientist.org Over 220 EMF/RF researchers from around the globe agree – existing RF limits are not protective and urgently need revision to protect people from getting cancer and other biological effects

If you have had cancer that you link to wireless technology or RF or know someone who has, please submit your story to:


Ask that the Cancer Moonshot Task Force help with prevention efforts by publicizing the NTP findings that RF radiation emitted by wireless technology causes DNA breakage and cancer. 

Time is of the essence since the Obama Administration leaves office shortly.  Publicity that they give the findings before they leave office could be a game-changer if they choose to do it.

Prevention is key and knowledge is power.

Please sign and circulate this petition:  Please publicize the U.S. National Toxicology Program results that wireless radiation causes DNA breakage and cancer (https://wh.gov/iewmv)

We need 100,000 signatures in 30 days to get an answer from the President, so ask your friends and family to sign. 

For those wishing to minimize their exposure to RF, please visit the Solutions page at www.electricalpollution.com.

Please distribute this widely.

Thank you,



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
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Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”
~ Bob Marley

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