2016-11-08 BC Hydro thugs intimidate homeowner and allow no choice re. transmitter-off meter

1)    Santa Fe Municipal Council considers turning Wi-Fi off to accommodate sensitive people attending a meeting to discuss access of public property by telecom companies.



2)    Increases in thyroid cancer seem to mirror introduction of iPhone and 3G technology.


”In recent years there has been a break of the trend with a much more pronounced yearly increase in thyroid cancer incidence. A particularly alarming increase is seen among women aged 20-39 years (see the chart below of the number of cases per 100 000 inhabitants). In 2008, Apple introduced iPhone in Sweden that quickly became very popular.”


3)    BC Hydro thugs intimidated, threatened, and refused to allow the transmitter off, as guaranteed by the Meter Choice program. What is going on??  I have advised that they lodge an official complaint with BCUC and Greg Reimer.


From a member in Merville, BC
Sent: November 8, 2016 1:28 PM
To: Sharon Noble

Hello Sharon.

I just want to let you know what happened to us this morning.  Two Hydro “workmen” arrived at our door, completely unannounced–no letter to say that they would be coming on such a date,  They told us that they were there to install a smart meter.  When I objected, they said that if we did not allow them to install, they would shut off our power immediately.  They were quite threatening,– it was “you accept right now, or else” and it will cost you $700 to reinstall, if you don’t.  We contacted Hydro on the number they gave us, and were told that the meter that had been installed, – by Hydro – in 2014 was a mistake, and only used to avoid conflict, and the only one the workers had in their truck at the time.  They became more threatening, and in effect forced us to take the meter.  They said we could get someone to move it to a pole, if we wished, at our expense of course, as this one is right outside our window.

I am so upset by this, and by the strong-arm tactics of Hydro.  I thought we lived in a country where we had choices, – but not so.

We were not even notified that they would be coming, and we were not allowed a radio-off one, even though I requested it.

4)    Brain stimulation by US military “improves” performance and now brain stimulation kits are available on the internet for anyone to buy.

“Neil Levy, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, said that compared with prescription drugs, electrical brain stimulation could actually be a safer way to boost the performance of those in the armed forces. “I have more serious worries about the extent to which participants can give informed consent, and whether they can opt out once it is approved for use,” he said. “Even for those jobs where attention is absolutely critical, you want to be very careful about making it compulsory, or there being a strong social pressure to use it, before we are really sure about its long-term safety.”

But while the devices may be safe in the hands of experts, the technology is freely available, because the sale of brain stimulation kits is unregulated. They can be bought on the internet or assembled from simple components, which raises a greater concern, according to Levy. Young people whose brains are still developing may be tempted to experiment with the devices, and try higher currents than those used in laboratories, he says. “If you use high currents you can damage the brain,” he says.”




From: Sharon Noble
Sent: November 7, 2016
To: Dr. Tom Kosatsky <tom.kosatsky@bccdc.ca>

Subject: Discrepancy in your report.

Dear Dr. Kosatsky,

I was reviewing the report the BCCDC did in January, 2012 and found it is based on incorrect information.


As Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, I receive phone calls and emails from many people who are suffering greatly from the RF emitted by smart meters. I ask that you consider the information that I am sending you and review the available science that supports concerns that we the informed public have.

In Table 1, page 4 of your report, the peak power density of a single meter at 30 cm reported is 3.204 uW/cm2.  This is not supported by the FCC certification document for the ITRON which is attached, which says: (see the document at https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Itron-ACS-Report-Number-11-0093.W06.pdf )

Summation of Power Densities – Simultaneous Transmissions

This device contains multiple transmitters which can operate simultaneously and therefore the maximum RF exposure is determined by the summation of power densities. The 900 MHz LAN and 2.4GHz Zigbee radio can operate simultaneously there it is appropriate to include both of those power density values in the summation of power densities.The maximum power density is calculated by a summation of power densities for each simultaneous transmission combination as follows:

900MHz LAN: 0.227 (mW/cm^2)  = 227 microwatts per centimeter squared.  SC 6 limits allow 274 or 83% allowable limits

2.4GHz Zigbee: 0.031 (mW/cm^2)  = 31 microwatts per centimeter squared.  SC 6 limits allow 535.

TOTAL: 0.258 (mW/cm^2)   = 258 microwatts per centimeter squaredI believe the lower frequency limit is used in situations like this. This is 94% of SC 6 allowable limits.


BC Hydro and BCCDC have misinformed the public about the safety of these meters. Based on available science, I believe you realize that Safety Code 6 is not considered a good guideline, being one of the worst in the world even after having been reduced as a result of the most recent review. Recent studies, such as the National Toxicology Program, a 10 year $25 million study that confirms that prolonged exposure to even very low levels of microwave radiation can cause very serious health problems.


In addition, the test was designed to emit signals once every 5 minutes. This is far from what the meters actually do, according to ITRON’s own information. Please look at these specification sheets that are on BC Hydro’s website.


1)    https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/accounts-billing/customer-care/smart-metering/itron-cellular-duty-cycle-white-paper.pdf

“Daily Data Reads: A read from a single phase residential cellular meter typically accounts for about 5kB or 40,960 bits per day in data transmission. Considering the worst case throughput for a connection to meter (highest daily usage), a 5kB read requires 71 time slots of transmission at 0.5 msec each. This results in 35.5 msec of actual transmission time necessary to transfer the read. BC Hydro currently plans for up to 3 reads per day (a typical maximum) which results in ~106 msec of transmission time per day for the daily reads.

The measured transmit time for each of the three data reads was 38 msec. This is consistent with what was expected considering that there is overhead data in each read.

Actual measured network maintenance transmit time excluding the three intentional daily data reads totaled nearly 2.5 seconds per day. The 2.5 seconds of transmit time is split up throughout the 24 hours of a day. Some hours may only see a single network status check of 5-12 msec, while other hours see as much as 200 msec of transmit activity.

From a duty cycle viewpoint, the OpenWay CENTRON Cellular 4G LTE typically transmits about 2.65 seconds out of 86,400 seconds in a day. This calculates to a transmit duty cycle of about 0.003%.”

2)    But even worse are the majority of meters, the 1.8 million already on homes. The other ITRON sheet says that the average transmission time is 2.99 MINUTES a day!! That is 180 seconds. If each signal is .5 millisecond long that means there are 360,000 signals a day or 4 a second. Some unlucky homeowners, depending where on the mesh grid they are,  have meters that emit signals for 115 min. a day!!!  Unbelievable.  Notice how they try to make this sound so benign.  These statistics are the highest I’ve seen. 


The analysis of this representative meter population operating in the field at BC hydro showed that the average duty cycle for the meters was 2.99 minutes. That figure translates into a duty cycle of 0.21 percent. This also means that, on average, OpenWay meters are not transmitting or emitting RF signals for 99.79 percent of a typical 24-hour period. That means that the vast majority of the meters are not transmitting for 23 hours and 56 minutes in a typical day…

As previously mentioned, the mesh network topology relies on meters in certain areas of the network to act as pathways for data from other meters during the journey back to the router and the utility. For this reason, duty cycles will vary to some degree among meters depending on their position in the network and how many other meters’ data they may be transmitting back to the network router.


Dr. Kosatsky, as Medical Director of the BCCDC, you have the responsibility and authority to ensure that the citizens of British Columbia are protected from environmental pollutants. The evidence is clear, through close to 24,000 peer-reviewed studies, that non-ionizing radiation is not benign.

You, as a doctor, have access to all the most recent scientific evidence, which includes hundreds of studies done within the last 5 years that show the mechanisms and the devastating results of the increasing levels of electrosmog to which we are being exposed, even in our own homes and even against our will. Should you ask, I would be happy to provide these to you.

It is obvious that you were given misleading information upon which you based your report. I would ask that you consider publishing a corrected version.

I look forward to a meaningful response.  Thank you for your attention and time.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”  
~ Albert Camus

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