2016-09-28 New Jersey Ed. Assoc. warning parents and teachers re. Wi-Fi

1)    From a member, a cartoon from Norway that sounds just like Health Canada.

Here is a great comic strip that is being published on the cell phone industry. 

The Daily Dose – Den Daglige Dosen


2)    Privacy lost: This from a member, and all of this without his permission. The younger generation is growing up with every aspect of their lives open for examination. Soon there will be no one who knows what privacy is.

“The other day XXXXX gets a message on his cell phone asking if he wanted to share his data with Apple.  He had no idea he had data to give to Apple but realized he unbeknownst to himself had some sort of app on his phone that had recorded every step he has taken for the last 6 months.  It showed every single step he had taken and he noticed that when he works at one of the job sites that has stairs it shows every flight he went up, whereas when he works at another job site that is flat the profile showed that as well so it was obvious which day he was working at which site.  He had no idea this was being tracked!”


3) telus

Someone who has, along with neighbours, fought having a cell tower installed in their area, and has been asking Telus about the microcells, asking for details about what they do, what their power is etc. discussed microcells with a Telus installer.  When she asked if they were going to be put in her area, he said no, that Telus knows there are a lot of “protesters” living there and doesn’t want problems. This shows that people can resist having their homes invaded. I believe another form of protest is telling Telus that if they try to put a microcell in front of your home that you will cancel your Telus services. Let them know that they will pay a price.


4)    The New Jersey Education Association is informing teachers, parents, etc. about how to treat and use new devices, and the precautionary measures to take, e.g. hard wire computers.  This should be shared with principals, teachers, parents and school boards who are responsible for giving children a safe education.

“Desktops, laptops, tablets, eBook readers, printers, projectors, smart boards, smart TVs, cellphones, cordless phones and wireless networks (WiFi) have become ubiquitous in schools. At their best, they are powerful tools for education. At their worst, they threaten the physical and mental health of teachers, paraeducators, secretaries, librarians and other school staff members and students who spend numerous hours using the devices.

Physical health risks from electronic devices include pain and tingling from repetitive strain injuries to the hands and wrists; pain in the neck, shoulders and back; dry, burning, itchy eyes, blurred vision and headaches; altered sleep patterns and next-day fatigue from exposure to blue screen light; distracted driving; and various health problems from exposure to radiation.”


5)    A review of available studies of effects of exposure to RF frequencies in the 900-1800MHz range concludes there is serious evidence that sperm are highly vulnerable and suffer damage. The specific mechanism (why) is yet to be found.

“… the unique vulnerability of the highly specialised sperm cell, and the future health burden that  may be created if conception proceeds with defective, DNA-damaged spermatozoa.  While this subject remains a topic of active debate, this review has considered the   growing body of  evidence suggesting a possible role for RF-EMR induced damage of the male germ line. In a majority of studies, this damage has been characterized by  loss of sperm motility and viability as well as the induction of ROS generation and  DNA damage.”


6)    Dafna Tachover spoke before a Committee about the effects of wireless radiation on her and many others who are sensitive. The FCC in the USA is actively supporting the rollout of wireless devices and 5G, without any regulations or oversight. The FCC is comparable to Industry Canada in Canada, and works for industry with less and less concern for public safely.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please practice safe tech – use wires.


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation