2016-09-26 Engineers in UK warn smeters could damage entire grid

1)    Power to the People on Pender, as Pender goes solar.  How is backup power being provided?  Does anyone know?



2)    In Puerto Rico, a fire in an electrical station caused major blackouts that lasted for 2 days or longer. Chaos resulted, with refrigeration, travel, health services disrupted. Imagine what it would be like if/when the grid goes down (as cybersecurity experts predict) for weeks or months.


3)    Re. personal privacy:  Engineers at major utilities believe smeters can be used for more detailed info about appliances in homes.

“With the rise of smart meters that have the potential to include apps, we’ve started exploring methods for real-time energy disaggregation that could be deployed instantly into millions of smart meters around the country,” said Kyle Bradbury, managing director of the Energy Data Analytics Lab at Duke, who co-leads the project with Leslie Collins, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke…

Bradbury wondered if these meters could be pushed to provide even more. If the software that teases out your coffeemaker from your refrigerator and television could be made small and efficient enough, it could be programmed directly onto these meters already being installed on millions of homes. And unlike today’s commercial products, these newer, smarter meters could provide the information to both consumers and utility companies.”  (And to whom else??)


4)    A recent (very complex) study found that non-thermal radiation can have a serious effect on brain functions. This could explain many of the neurological problems others have associated with EMR.

“Non-thermal microwave radiation-induced brain tissue dehydration as a potential factor for brain functional impairment”

“More than three decades have passed since the discovery that non -thermal microwaves (NT MW) with less intensity than thermal threshold are characterized by the biological effects on living objects…

As Ca2+ has multisided poisoning effect on neurons, we suggest that NT MW radiation serves as a potential factor leading to the brain functional impairment, especially when brain metabolic activity is depressed (e.g. during aging).”


5)    Engineers in the UK are warning that the entire electrical infrastructure could be seriously damaged by lack of security for $$meters.


Analysis from engineering experts suggests significant damage could be caused to the UK’s  power infrastructure unless more steps are taken to improve security around smart metering.

The FT reports that the Royal Academy of Engineering and private technology companies have raised concerns about the meters’ security, according to a report from the Commons science and technology committee.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”
~ Anabel Hernández


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