2016-09-19 Effects of RF radiation on nervous and neuropsychiatric system

1)    Is there anyone in the Chemainus area, or who travels through it, who has an RF meter? There is someone who would like to take readings before a microcell is installed and then after to see how much RF radiation levels increase.  Please let me know and I will put you in touch. Email  dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “Chemainus testing” on the subject line.

2)    Implanting chips into people for convenience, tracking, etc in the Wall Street Journal!! And these are the same sort of chips that have been linked to cancers in pets [http://www.chipmenot.org/casehistories.htm].  animal-adverse-microchip-reactions

Implanted tags have a demonstrated potential for use in travel. Andreas Sjöström, the head of digital solutions at Sogeti, a technology consulting unit of Capgemini Group, used an implanted tag loaded with information identifying him as a Scandinavian Airlines customer to board an SAS flight from Stockholm to Paris for the first time in December, and has since used the tag several times for SAS flights. The tag contains the same information some SAS passengers normally have on a sticker used for the same purpose, and is read by the same scanner the airline uses for those stickers.”



3)    Below is a letter from Frank Clegg asking for people to add their names to the petitions for which I’ve given the links. I have circulated these before and I cannot find a way to determine if a person has signed already so, if in doubt, sign. Please circulate widely to friends and relatives before you sign.


e-404 (Cellphone towers):

e-406 (Smart meters):

4)    There are many studies showing the effects of RF radiation on the nervous system ranging from forgetfulness, inability to sleep, to personality changes including depression. Some of these have been known since the 1970s yet our exposure continues to increase.

“Microwave EMFs activate voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (VGCCs) concentrated in the brain.

Animal studies show such low level MWV EMFs have diverse high impacts in the brain.

VGCC activity causes widespread neuropsychiatric effects in humans (genetic studies).

26 studies have EMFs assoc. with neuropsychiatric effects; 5 criteria show causality.

MWV EMFs cause at least 13 neuropsychiatric effects including depression in humans.”




Good Afternoon,

Along with the on-going Moms Who Care campaign (www.MomsWhoCare.ca), there are two active e-petitions that have been submitted by C4ST riding reps to the Liberal government via their new E-Petition platform. They are focused on cell towers and smart meters. Once they reach 500 signatories they will be read into the House of Commons upon closing supporting the Moms Who Care campaign as well as discussion between Members of Parliament and the government.

Please take two minutes and add your name to the petitions below.  

A petition is used to draw attention to an issue of public interest or concern and to request that the House of Commons, the Government of Canada, a Minister of the Crown, or a Member of the House of Commons take some action.

You, the supporters, the signatories, and the sponsor will be notified by e-mail when the response is tabled in the House. A copy will also be found on the e petition website along with the original petition.

The Standing Orders (the rules governing the House of Commons) require the government to respond within 45 calendar days to every petition presented in the House of Commons.

Please take two minutes and add your name to the petitions below.

e-404 (Cellphone towers):

e-406 (Smart meters):


Frank Clegg



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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