2016-09-17 Is the fiber optic offering really a bait and switch?

1)    ITRON is celebrating the fact that Measurements Canada has granted a 10 year certification period. Big deal. Analogs were certified for 12 years. Why hasn’t ITRON submitted the smeters to CSA for certification that they are safe? What are they hiding?  BTW, I submitted a comment which was removed.


2)    CUPE is suing the government of Ontario over the sale of Hydro One. Another public property being driven into debt so that it can be sold to private corporate buddies, at probably pennies on the dollar. Just wait and see how long it takes for the BC Liberals to follow suit.

“It seems remarkable to me that a provincial government would act in a way that is so broadly unpopular,” said CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn at a morning news conference at Queen’s Park. …

The Liberals say the money raised from the privatization of Hydro One is needed to fund public transit and infrastructure projects and to pay down debt.”


3)    Telus has been putting microcells across the province, without permission and without concern for concerns of residents living within a few meters of them. At the same time, Telus is “offering” fiber optic cable which is attractive to many with slow internet service. But Telus could be planning for the same bait and switch being done by Verizon and others in the USA. They are promising the speed of wired fiber optics which actually will form the backbone of a wireless infrastructure that could eventually lead to replacement of landlines and other wired options.


[Telus MacroCell / MicroCell – http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=7467]

David Small, Verizon Communications, Inc. EVP responded:

Yes, we will. And so, as it relates to FiOS, we’ve announced a few of the suburb areas, for lack of a better word, for cities, sub cities that we are going to be building into. But beyond that, if you think about the use case for small cells and the coordination elements of the radio access network that need to occur between its corresponding home macro and the small cell, that suggests that, as a general rule, you need home runs from that small cell directly back to that coordinating macro-level cell site. And that’s exactly what we are doing.”

Thus, the networks will not be using the fiber optic deployments for FIOS. Instead, Verizon will do a bait-and-switch and run wireless services. And there is no proof that what they want to do—replace wireless for the equivalent of FiOS, will work. 5G is years away, if ever. Worse, Verizon will NOT be building out most cities and towns with wireline broadband, especially in areas it hasn’t upgraded for the last decade.”


Fiber optics are coming to Vernon, being put on homes and businesses even if you aren’t a Telus customer.  I hope people will ask lots of questions of Telus and their Council about this and the microcells. Make sure you don’t end up with wireless modems for the internet and TV without your knowing it.




4)    Tom Wheeler, head of the FCC in the USA and former head of the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) (formerly the Wireless Association), addressed the CTIA celebrating that more people have cell phones than toothbrushes.  He is eliminating regulations, opening the marketplace for 5G, thereby exposing the public to ever more RF radiation. Blake Levitt, a well-respected medical journalist, says it’s up to us to push back, to demand that science be respected and measures taken to protect the public before it’s too late (if it isn’t already).

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 15:  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler speaks during an open meeting to receive public comment on proposed open Internet notice of proposed rulemaking and spectrum auctions May 15, 2014 at the FCC headquarters in Washington, DC. The FCC has voted in favor of a proposal to reform net neutrality and could allow Internet service providers to charge for faster and higher-quality service.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

  “ How can anyone imagine that Tom Wheeler even vaguely resembles a “regulator.” He behaves more like a technophoric Dr. Strangelove in his industry promotion. How is this acceptable to members of Congress? There is no one else heading a major agency who acts like this…

    See all the threads he’s pulled together below re: FCC’s activities, especially regarding infrastructure. They’re not bothering to overturn Sect. 704 of the Telecom Act with what few protections local control still has, which Wheeler hated when he was at CTIA and was instrumental in writing the original language in the U.S. House that preempted all local zoning. Overturning Section 704 would be too time-consuming/bothersome/unpredictable in the legislature. Instead, Wheeler is end-running around it, systematically chipping away at the things that local/state entities use to determine siting decisions —  environmental impacts, historic significance, scenic ridgeline protection, overlapping coverage, etc. Wheeler has teed up this whole shebang in his tenure at FCC. There needs to be serious push-back on this from all sectors because these are highly biologically active exposures about to get exponentially worse with little, if any, ability to control. 5G does not replace 4G — it is in addition to it, infrastructure intensive with millions more antennas utilizing huge new swaths of spectrum. These exposures may be unsustainable…



5)    Utility companies, many of which are monopolies like BC Hydro and FortisBC, cannot compete with renewable energy such as solar and wind power. As they become less consumer-friendly, forcing people to accept dangerous technology like $$meters and rates keep increasing to pay for their irresponsible decisions, more people are going off grid. Unable to compete, they increase rates, assess huge fees to those with solar panels for example, causing people to get off the grid entirely by investing in batteries.  The death spiral is happening – and the utilities are fighting for their lives.

“This is what happens when disruptive technology becomes popular: The monopolies fight back. And increasingly, those who are actually being disrupted are the people who have chosen to go solar,…”




From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September 16, 2016
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Subject: Regional District of Nanaimo’s Proposed Development of Deep Bay in Electoral Area “H” is ill-advised and should be stopped!

Dear Addressees,

Despite my multiple attempts to alert and inform the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) about today’s corruption, with respect to the known but hidden hazards of EMFs (explained below), I have received nothing but silence, save for one email from Director Julian Fell. Mr. Fell addressed his email to me and to RDN Board Chair, Bill Veenhoff, Director of Electoral Area “H”, which includes Deep Bay. In my reply to Directors Fell and Veenhoff, I invited them both to our home in Deep Bay so that I could show them overwhelming proof to support my seemingly outrageous allegations. It would also have allowed me an opportunity to show them my power point presentation on this subject, which I have developed over these past eight years! Alternatively, I offered, once again, to make a formal presentation, in Nanaimo, to the entire RDN Board of Directors. Again, I heard nothing from RDN, especially from Director Veenhoff, who represents Deep Bay!

Mr. Veenhoff’s stubborn silence on this matter is most disturbing, for it indicates that he is determined to ignore me in order to quietly push through a major development of our tiny community of Deep Bay, one that could easily transform our sleepy little rural village into a much larger community overnight! His silence tells me that Director Veenhoff is unwilling to heed warnings about the corruption and the hidden dangers of EMFs. In my earlier emails, I cautioned RDN to suspend ANY development of ANY community within their jurisdiction, until they had an opportunity to benefit from the counsel of an internationally-respected expert on EMFs. Today the public are not being told the truth about what constitutes ‘safe’ buffer zones that are needed to protect the public from high voltage power lines, substations etc. or from cell phone towers. It is tragic but true, no informed person today would trust BC’s PHO, Health Canada or the WHO with respect to the known hazards of EMFs!

Hopefully, the following will cause RDN (Director Veenhoff in particular) to take this matter more seriously. The evidence is overwhelming – if only one would look! As someone considered to be knowledgeable on this matter, I am simply trying to protect my family and my community from those ignorant people in authority who refuse to listen. RDN must not play Russian Roulette with the residents of Deep Bay, as someone has done with the now unsuspecting and defenseless community of Nile Creek Landing.

Jerry Flynn



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”
~ Eve Ensler


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