2016-09-14 How-to-hack-cellphone instructions

1)    A manual has been released that has instructions about how to hack into a cellphone. The technology is there and could be used to hack into things like $$meters, too. When the ZigBee chips are activated, much of the activity in our homes and private information about it will be available to the outside world.


“The technology manufacturing company Harris Corporation has fought to keep the public from knowing about how its surveillance devices work—specifically, the controversial cell phone spying tools known as Stingrays—but The Intercept on Monday published about 200 pages of Harris Corp. instruction manuals detailing how to build and use them.


Harris has argued that releasing information about Stingrays could help criminals. But privacy activists and the general public say the devices threaten “civil liberties, communications infrastructure, and potentially national security,” especially as wireless capability extends more and more into our personal lives, The Intercept’s Sam Biddle explains.”


2)    Good things to know if you use a microwave oven.  In addition to damaging food, and reducing nutrients, most microwave ovens leak, emitting radiation at measurable levels for several feet.

“Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist, initiated the first tests on microwaved food and microwave cooking to determine how microwaves affect human physiology and the blood. After studying these effects, Hertel concluded that microwaving food leads to food degeneration. These degenerative changes in nutrients caused changes in blood which could cause health problems.”


3)    In an Oklahoma town, people are seeing electricity bills increase by 200-400% after smeters were installed.


4)    This could explain the push for the fiber optic cables and microcells by Telus – allowing the internet everywhere without having to get permission from anyone.  Remarks by Tom Wheeler, former head of the Cellular Telephone Industries Association and now head of the US FCC, show the plans for the future — 5G everywhere, no regulations, no control. Science is being ignored and our kids will pay the price.

“Think about it. In the 21st century, we have already built the most powerful engine of innovation the world has ever known. The investment of hundreds of billions to deploy almost ubiquitous wired and wireless networks enables creativity to come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Virtually unlimited fiber capacity to millions of fixed locations removes bandwidth as a constraint on innovation in many labs and businesses. Thanks to the Internet’s open design, which is protected by FCC rules, U.S. entrepreneurs can offer their ideas on this platform without having to ask anyone’s permission.”


5)    A member sent this re. a wireless printer. Nothing that is wireless is really secure. Wireless baby monitors have “shared” conversations with neighbours. And the signals are strong – going through several walls and traveling some distance.

My friends in Calgary were trying to print something on their wireless Bluetooth printer and it wasn’t working. Later, the neighbour brought over what they were trying to print as the signal went into their house somehow.

This shows how strong the wireless signals are going through more than one house.”



From: X
Sent: September 13, 2016
To: Darren.entwistle@telus.com
Cc: council <council@northcowichan.ca>;
Subject: Microcell transmitters in Chemainus

Dear Mr. Entwistle,

I’ve been a Telus customer for over two decades now and am considering terminating my account with you, as I’m quite concerned with the installation of microcell transmitters, by sub-contractor Central Tel, in our town of Chemainus.  Our municipality of North Cowichan, whom I’ve contacted about these installations, have no idea what I was talking about and are only now beginning to look into the matter.

Having been in touch with other concerned citizens within the province who have had microcells installed in their neighborhoods my understanding is you have failed to provide any specifications for these transmitters, what frequency is used, it’s strength etc. when asked for such information.  You’ve stated that it’s your business plan and you have no concerns.  Well I happen to have some concerns.  Will you provide me with the technological specifications on the transmitters, which are going to be installed in Chemainus?  This is the most basic information that any citizen should have access to.

I spoke with the manager at Central Tel earlier today and he informed me the final transmitter installations wouldn’t take place for a few weeks allowing me enough time to contact you to discuss this situation.  Four hours later an employee pulled up and said he was going to install the transmitter.  I refused to allow him to do so.

I was bold faced lied to only hours before by the manager (Vic) at Central Tel and it seems the rush is on to get these transmitters installed before the public even knows what’s going on or can ask questions.

I do not agree to having these radiation emitting devices located in front of my home and less than 50 ft. from my bedroom where I sleep.  Since these microcells are located so close to ground level and the general public the RF radiation is increased substantially compared to the larger cell towers located off in the distance somewhere.  In other jurisdictions throughout Canada and the U.S.A. buyers are turning away from properties for sale where a micro-cell transmitter is located directly in front of a house.  I cannot allow Telus, a non-essential service provider, using public space to rush in quietly to place a “mini cell phone tower” so close to my home where I will be subjected to RF radiation 24/7, 365 days a year not to mention having my property’s value adversely affected.

We can agree to disagree on the health effects of RF radiation but you cannot ignore the research done by leading scientists around the world who agree RF EMF’s should be classified a “Human Carcinogen”.

Therefore I trust someone in your organization will contact me by email shortly and provide me with the assurances that you will remove the microcell transmitter installation found in the 9900 block of Willow Street, Chemainus.




From: Y
Sent: September 13, 2016
To: info@hc-sc.gc.ca; hon.jane.philpott@canada.ca
Cc: Randall.Garrison@parl.gc.ca; ‘Elizabeth May, MP’ <Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca>

To Whom it may Concern:

I am writing with regard to the FCC’s recent approval of 5G technology. The health concerns raised by experts about the lower frequencies have not yet been addressed yet the industry and its supporters (e.g. FCC) are already pushing the next generation of frequencies. There have been no studies on the possible effects to the public posed by these higher frequencies.

This danger to public health and the environment needs to be addressed at the national level.  Industry Canada must not be allowed to approve use of these frequencies where the public will be exposed until experts have found them to be harmless.

Please use your position as guardians of the citizens of Canada to reflect the Precautionary Principles neglected in the past with regards tobacco, DDT, asbestos etc.  Long term study results need to be seen before approval is given.

Thanks for your preventative actions on this issue.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”    
~ Bob Marley


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