2016-09-09 Dr. Riina Bray’s slides re. EHS

1)    A new 5 year study is being launched by the European Defense Agency to look at biological effects from EMF that haven’t been looked at for a while.


Over the next five years, these institutions will analyze the biological effects of Electromagnetic Fields with specific characteristics which have not been completely characterized for the time being.

The duty of care for military personnel is the main driver behind this research project the results of which will benefit the armed forces of all EU Member States.”


2)    A member has found a chiropractor who is aware of EHS and is hardwiring her office to reduce exposure levels. His email is below with details about this doctor. He suggests, and I agree, that we should share info about doctors who are aware of this issue and whose offices are safe and accommodating for those who are sensitive. I will have a section set up on our website where this can be gathered.

If you have info that others could benefit from knowing, please email to me at:  dsnoble@shaw.ca with “Doctors with safer offices” on the subject line.

If your doctor still isn’t aware of the problem, there is a physician’s package at:


that provides a lot of info. Sadly, it’s up to us to educate them.

3)    A review of the recent studies on the effects of RF radiation exposure re. male fertility.

“Among a total of 27 studies investigating the effects of RF-EMR on the male reproductive system, negative consequences of exposure were reported in 21. Within these 21 studies, 11 of the 15 that investigated sperm motility reported significant declines, 7 of 7 that measured the production of reactive oxygen species documented elevated levels and 4 of 5 studies that probed for DNA damage highlighted increased damage, due to RF-EMR exposure.”


4)    Airlines asking for Samsung cell phones to be off while on airplanes due to many incidents of batteries exploding. Lithium batteries are unstable – and shouldn’t be on homes, either.


And the new Galaxy 7 is being recalled after 35 reported fires.

5)    Dr. Riina Bray’s slides from her presentation re. EHS in Montreal a couple of weeks ago. Really excellent info. about what to do to help alleviate the symptoms and to avoid/reduce the sources.



6)    This is the first newspaper report on the NTP study that I’ve seen.  Please see if your local newspaper will publish it.

http://www.thegreengazette.ca/health-issues-national-toxicology-program-report-on-cancer-risk-from-cellphone-radiation-2/  Note that at the bottom there is a link to the full report if you wish to read it.


Dr. Perry Kendall

From:  X
Sent: September 7, 2016
To: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca
Subject: “Strong Evidence For The Genotoxicity of Cell Phone Radiation” – Ron Melnick, U.S. National Toxicology Program (Retired)

Dear Dr. Kendall:

This link provides yet more evidence linking RF radiation to DNA damage.


Will you again double-down by ignoring this latest piece of damning research?

I realize it is difficult to tell the citizens of this province that their beloved wireless devices are probably harmful to their health, but isn’t that what we pay you to do?

I threw away our microwave years ago, have no portable phones, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone, nothing wireless that I know of – plus I pay two monthly extortion fees to BC Hydro to keep wireless smart meters off my property.  I greatly resent your capitulation while my environment, and that of my family, continues to be crammed with ever more demonstrably harmful wireless emissions.

I just reread the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath, Modern Version, on the Johns Hopkins website.  It states “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

Like fun.




An  EHS-aware Chiropractor in SaanichtonDr. Misty Watson at Island family Chiropractic http://www.islandfamilychiro.ca/ understands EHS.  I would say she has recently become aware of the problem and in a general body health area has a way that should alleviate the symptoms.  Her office still has some Wi-Fi but she is in the process of getting it hardwired.

I first met her a few months ago when she came into the coffee shop next door to her office (the coffee shop makes a point of no Wi-Fi available in the coffee shop.  In terms of overall EMR, Saanichton is lower than most places and the coffee shop one of the lowest although the business upstairs is convinced EMR is good for people.  The readings on my meeting (only measures to 3.5 GHz) are generally 40 or so miliVolts/m which calculates to around 4 microwatts/sq m generally speaking as low as one finds anywhere.  (The middle of Victoria typically produces an ambient level of in the order of 10 times with many areas much more) At a guess, I would suggest increasing the meter readings by 50% ie assume 60 milivolts/m to account for the higher frequencies not measured by the meter.

I am sending this out to encourage others to post information about EHS-aware medical practitioners and, for that matter, other EHS aware businesses.  We can help spread the encouragement for businesses to be EHS aware if we make a point of patronizing EHS-aware places.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation