2016-09-07 Farewell to a dear friend

I begin with very sad news that a dear friend to many of us left us today. Linda Ewart, who lived in White Rock, died early this morning most likely of heart failure. Linda was a passionate, kind person who cared deeply about many things, one of which was helping to educate people about the dangers of wireless radiation. She retired from teaching, but continued to worry about the effects of Wi-Fi on children in school. This passion led her to be the webmaster of the Citizens for Safe Technology website:
putting her many talents into making it one of the best websites ever.

Linda will be sorely missed by many who admired and loved her. A memorial will be held in a few weeks. I will announce the details when I learn them.

Linda Ewart sings:



1)    A 10 year study of 600 trees in Germany shows that they are sensitive and react to RF radiation. Large file with many photos.


The original report in German is at:

2)    Professionals continue to warn about the vulnerability of the infrastructure to cyberattack, with few if any meaningful security measures being taken. FYI: CNI= Critical national infrastructure  SCADA= “Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station).” Nowhere in the BC Hydro or FortisBC business cases or annual reports have I seen anything regarding costs for increased security. When I asked, some time ago, about security measures, I was brushed off with “our data is encrypted” as if that means anything. Not only is our data not secure but, more important, the grid is not secure.

With the increasing convergence of cyber and physical security, physical controls are now significantly at risk from cyber-attacks. Increasingly I believe we will see cyber-attacks as a precursor to physical attacks, no matter which group instigates the attack. Cyber-attacks can deliver significant information and render physical controls either depleted or simply ineffectual…

CNI organisations are interrelated, for example; without transport employees would not be able get to hospitals. Without electricity; water, health, finance, etc would not function for long. Without telephones, other CNI organisations would find it difficult to operate. So an attack on one can have a domino effect throughout the entire CNI; yet there is little information sharing when it comes to cyber-security. The interlinkage doesn’t stop with the CNIs themselves, they almost all have long supply chains with varying degrees of access to the CNI’s network. How well are these protected from becoming the soft underbelly?”


3)    Another well-known person dies at young age from brain cancer, author Anna Dewdney. A small group of us is keeping a list of people (famous and not) who have died of brain cancer, and the type of tumor involved. So far, the type of tumor Anna had has not been announced.

If you learn of anyone who has or had this horrible disease, and can find out the type of tumor, please let me know.


4)    Below is a letter from someone whose doctor has Wi-Fi in his office, a common thing. He doesn’t know that Wi-Fi is harmful. Most doctors learned nothing about this in med school – some med schools are just now teaching it. I suggest taking an article, preferably by an MD, to give at each visit. They have to become educated and, in most cases, it’s up to us.

5)    A member told me that she found many microcells in Beach Grove, and her RF meter registered very high readings as she drove past them. Others have sent in photos of clusters on poles in their areas, some within feet of their home’s bedroom window. Photos and locations can be found at the links that follow. If you find microcells in your area, please send me photos (if possible) and addresses. Please see letter below from a member in Chemainus where many microcells are being installed, without permission, without people being told, without control.


The box at the bottom of the one in Langley are the same as the ones in Maple Ridge that are covered in photos but the Langley ones are quite a bit lower for some reason.





From: “Rick Biggar” <biggarfish@shaw.ca>  (name and email given at author’s request)
To: “council” <council@northcowichan.ca>
Cc: “robert barron” <robert.barron@cowichanvalleycitizen.com>
Sent: September 7, 2016

Subject: MicroCell Transmitter installations on telephone poles throughout Chemainus

September 6, 2016

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

Telus has contracted a company called Central Tel to install the hardware necessary to mount micro-cell transmitters on telephone poles throughout Chemainus.  After appearing in person at the Municipal Hall today to make an enquiry regarding this activity, a gentleman from the Planning Dept. informed me he had no idea what I was talking about, would look into it and get back to me.

I’m contacting you for comments and answers to some questions I, as well as many of my neighbors in “Old Town” Chemainus have regarding this situation.

There is an agreement between the community and the province for essential services e.g. power, phones, but these micro-cell transmitters will be providing cell service to homes where cell towers don’t reach.  This is intrusive and is using public property without permission or payment.  Since Telus is using public land to install these transmitters has council given permission to do so and if it has what is the antenna siting consultation policy for this municipality?

I have been trying to get the specifications for the type of transmitter, the frequency used, the strength, etc. on these devices that Telus intends to install in the next few weeks but they have refused to provide the information, stating it is their business plan and that they have no concerns.  Excuse me but this is the most basic of information, which should be provided to the public, and they’re failing to do so.

I do not agree to having these radiation emitting devices located in front of my home and less than 50 ft. from my bedroom where I sleep.  Since these microcells are located so close to ground level and the general public the RF radiation is increased substantially compared to the larger cell towers located off in the distance somewhere.  Notwithstanding the health concerns I have for my wife who has a compromised immune system, what about my property’s market value?  In other jurisdictions throughout Canada and the U.S.A. buyers are turning away from properties for sale where a micro-cell transmitter is located directly in front of a house.

I will be contacting Telus executive members to voice my concerns and refusal to allow one of these devices to be mounted directly in front of my home.

I trust council, in a timely manner, will do a little research about these devices and have some answers to my questions and concerns as the Central Tel employees stated they would be back in a few weeks to finalize the microcell installations.

Rick Biggar
Chemainus, BC


From: Alice B.   (name shown with permission)
To: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca
Sent: September 07, 2016

Subject: radiation

Will someone in your office please try to convince “Dr” Kendall how wrong he is and how dangerous his policies are.

I am one of increasingly growing individuals who experience difficulty re: above.

I have to go into Life Labs to give blood every three months…as I wait…the Wi-Fi makes me ill. I then have to go to my doctor’s office where they now have Wi-Fi and experience the same thing.

I go into grocery stores, same thing; it is getting increasingly harder to find somewhere Wi-Fi-free.

Final comment is that when I leave these areas – after about 5-10 minutes I’m fine.



From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September 6, 2016 2:12 PM
To: premier@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.ab.ca; premier@gov.sk.ca; PREMIER@leg.gov.mb.ca; premier@ontario.ca; premier@gnb.ca; premier@gov.ns.ca; premier@gov.pe.ca; Premier@gov.nl.ca; premier@gov.yk.ca; premier@gov.nt.ca; arichmond@cariboord.bc.ca; murry.krause@cinhs.org; wndbooth@gmail.com; asingh@kamloops.ca; sav.dhaliwal@burnaby.ca; clrjang@vancouver.ca; wbaldwin@whiterockcity.ca; stewartmayor@gmail.com; akaehn@rdffg.bc.ca; brucehayne@surrey.ca; amorse@bimbc.ca; dkozak@nelson.ca; cbell@mapleridge.ca; bfrenkel@avison.ca; celiason@salmonarm.ca; bprice@comox.ca; jimabram@xplornet.ca; pbrienesse@smithers.ca; asayers@ccrd-bc.ca; cshuman@dawsoncreek.ca; mayor@invermere.net
Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca

Subject: FW: Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines and RF wireless products

= = =


From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September 6, 2016 2:06 PM
To: jstanhope@shaw.ca; colinhaime@shaw.ca; alecmcpherson2011@gmail.com; maureen_young@shaw.ca; bobrogers4areaE@telus.net; fjfell.at.rdn@gmail.com; bill.veenhof@shaw.ca; bill.mckay@nanaimo.ca; bill.bestwick@nanaimo.ca; jerry.hong@nanaimo.ca; jim.kipp@nanaimo.ca; wendy.pratt@nanaimo.ca; ian.thorpe@nanaimo.ca; bill.yoachim@nanaimo.ca; mayor@parksville.ca; mayor@qualicumbeach.com; Dianne Eddy <d-eddy@shaw.ca>; Nelson Eddy <n.eddy@shaw.ca>; marsekatz@gmail.com; Bill Friesen <wcfree@shaw.ca>; Greta and Peter Taylor <GPTaylor@shaw.ca>

Subject: Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines and RF wireless products

Dear RDN Directors and Deep Bay Working Group Members,

Respectfully, while there is still time, I strongly urge you all to view – and heed – these four links on Liability Insurance before proceeding any further with any development proposal for Deep Bay – or any community, period!

Legal precedent was set in 2007! See what the world’s largest re-insurance companies – Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re have said recently about EMF (electro-magnetic field) radiation.





Tragically, this critical information has been kept from you (and the public in all Western countries), thanks to mainstream news media’s sinful silence over these past 40+ years on this whole issue, and by corrupt EMF scientists in Health Canada, the WHO (World Health Organization) and ICNIRP (International Association on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). Since the 1970s these industry-co-opted agencies have kept all governments and the public in the dark. And for the past 17 years, BC’s PHO has simply been a puppet of Health Canada’s.

Again, there are two distinct causes of EMFs: 1) ‘Extremely Low Frequency’ (ELF), also known as “Powerline” (60 Hz) alternating current electricity, as in high voltage power lines, substations, distribution lines, ‘smart’ meters, household electricity, all electrical appliances, tools, machinery, automobiles, etc.; and, 2) Radio Frequency (RF) wireless radio consumer products/devices and ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances, etc. (RF includes microwave frequencies.)

Until you know the truth, I strongly urge you to delay permitting any electric utility or wireless/telecom company to add/install any further electrical infrastructure or cell towers in Deep Bay – or any community!

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”- Eve Ensler      This was Linda.


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation