2016-09-06 National Toxicology Program confirms DNA damage by RF radiation

1)   Additional information about the major 10 year $25 million study by the National Toxicology Program. This shows DNA damage caused by exposure to non-thermal radiation, showing definite link between exposure to radio-frequency radiation and cancer.  There is additional information yet to come from this study, and currently is undergoing peer-reviews. This confirms work done by Drs. Lai and Singh more than 20 years ago that show that exposure to non-thermal radiation can affect DNA. For this they were vilified by the industry, losing funding and nearly their jobs at the University of Washington.  Note that one of the frequencies used in the NTP study is 900 MHz, the same emitted by the smeters. Dr. Lai’s study used 2.4 GHz, which is the frequency of the ZigBee chip and that Wi-Fi uses.

Please, send this to Perry Kendall and demand that he finally acknowledge that the science is so significant that even he must accept that RF radiation is dangerous. It’s long past the time that the precautionary principle should be implemented. His email is:


“The NTP results provide “strong evidence for the genotoxicity of cell phone radiation,” Ron Melnick  told Microwave News. Melnick led the team that designed the NTP study; he is now retired. This “should put to rest the old argument that RF radiation cannot cause DNA damage,” he said.”


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“UBCM” stands for the Union of BC Municipalities (all communities in the province of BC).

“RDN” stands for the Regional District of Nanaimo, within whose jurisdiction our little rural community of Deep Bay lies.

What is said below applies equally to every municipality in BC.


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From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September-05-16 10:46 AM
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Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca

Subject: FW: As BC’s PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall, continues to misinform the public about the known biological and health hazards of EMFs!

Dear UBCM President and Executive,

This letter (email) has also been sent to Dr. Perry Kendall, Premier Clark, her Health Minister and Justice Minister! Over the years, not one single letter of mine – like so many other informed activists like me – has even been acknowledged let alone answered! Please recognize how extraordinarily serious this matter is – it affects each and every one of you and every person and living thing in BC!

Thank you.

Jerry Flynn

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From: Jerry Flynn
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Cc: noella164@hotmail.com; Clare Diane Flynn

Subject: FW: As BC’s PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall, continues to misinform the public about the known biological and health hazards of EMFs!

Dear RDN Directors,

This information is extremely relevant to RDN when it contemplates any development plan(s) for communities within its jurisdiction. It is especially important for you to be aware of this information when you are called upon to approve/sanction the siting of any/all future cell towers and or additional electricity infrastructure. The email which I am hereby forwarding to you provides ample justification for the RDN – until you have an opportunity to obtain the services of a leading internationally-respected EMF expert – with no ties whatsoever to industry or government – to no longer blindly trust BC’s PHO, Health Canada, the WHO or ICNIRP with respect to EMFs! There is a veritable mountain of evidence showing that all three health agencies have for decades been co-opted by industry! BC’s pathetic PHO is but a puppet for Health Canada. Please be especially mindful of this in your current efforts to develop Area ‘H’, in particular, Deep Bay.

Thank  you.

Jerry Flynn

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From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: September-04-16 2:27 PM
To: hlth.dmoffice@gov.bc.ca
Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca; JAG.Minister@gov.bc.ca; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; scott.fraser.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Subject: As BC’s PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall, continues to misinform the public about the known biological and health hazards of EMFs!

Dear Deputy Minister of Health:

According to BC’s Public Health Act, British Columbians should be able to trust and heed the recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, on all matters related to electro-magnetic radiation, which presents itself in the form of electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Yet one notes that Dr. Kendall has no education, no qualifications and no expertise whatsoever in EMFs. He is, in fact, a general medical practitioner or GP.

This explains why, since he was first appointed PHO in 1999, Dr. Kendall could then, as now, do nothing more than simply echo whatever Health Canada said/says about either form of EMFs: 1) Powerline (60 Hz) or Extremely Low Frequency EMFs; and, 2) radio frequency (RF) EMF (which includes microwave frequencies).

Professor John Goldsmith, until his death in 1999, was one of the world’s most eminent environmental epidemiologists. It was he who said that, with respect to non-ionizing radiation, the “WHO and ICNIRP base non-ionizing radiation protection standards on a single biological mechanism – Tissue Heating” (as does Health Canada)! “They (including Health Canada) systematically reject or ignore all epidemiological and animal evidence of non-thermal effects, for which there is a large body.”


He also opined: “I strongly contend that the approach and conclusions of ICNIRP and the WHO position (like Health Canada’s) is methodologically and factually scientifically flawed. They place public health severely and demonstrably at risk.”

Professor Goldsmith also saw fit to comment on the now infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi, noting that Dr. Repacholi played a pivotal role in establishing similar extremely high “industry-friendly” ‘safe’ radiation exposure ‘guidelines’ for not just Health Canada (which are expressed in Safety Code 6) but also for ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Protection) and the WHO (World Health Organization) – all three of which refuse to recognize the hazardous biological and health effects people and all life forms suffer from the chronic “low-intensity, pulsed NON-thermal RF radiation” or EMFs emitted by today’s consumer wireless radio products / devices, as well as ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances, etc.

From the above, it is clear that Dr. Perry Kendall is not now protecting – and never has – the health and well-being of the public, as per the Public Health Act. Instead, he has consistently promoted and defended the ‘industry-friendly’ egregiously high exposure limits which Dr. Repacholi orchestrated for all three industry-co-opted health regulatory agencies. Dr. Kendall should be fired in disgrace, thrown in jail and forced to surrender both his OBC and pension! He has proven himself to be an absolute disgrace to the medical profession and a disaster for all British Columbians!

Lastly, the PHO’s website should immediately be corrected to reflect the global scientific community’s consensus on the known hazards/dangers of EMFs in both its forms. Thank you for your time, sir.

Jerry Flynn



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.”   
~ Albert Camus

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