2016-08-31 Details about moving smeter away from home.

1)    Below is a letter from a member in Parksville who has had the smeter on his home moved to a pole along the street. He generously has provided details about what was required, the planning involved, etc. If anyone would like more info. or has questions, he has agreed to allow me to share his email. Email me with:  “Moving meter” on the subject line. Note I have not included the photos which were sent – they use up too much space.

2)   Alert: Member reports that Telus is installing microcells along roads on poles right outside homes in Cowichan. We still are attempting to get data on these microcells – frequency, strength, type of antenna, etc. but Telus has not been cooperative.  If anyone has been able to obtain information, please do send to me so I can share. As far as I know, Telus is ignoring the Industry Canada policies that these should be subject to notification and consultation. These are cell transmitters that are being put within feet of bedrooms where children could be sleeping. They are using the loophole that if there is no Consultation Policy, they can put a transmitter on an existing structure (e.g. a telephone pole) without any permission or notice to those living nearby. This is horribly invasive. These are being installed about every 100 meters or so.


3)    What does the industry know that they aren’t telling us? Here is a compilation of warnings (including a couple that we obtained and shared, e.g Lloyd’s) that were included in annual reports to shareholders.


4)    The investigative reporter who did “Wi-Fried” [http://web.archive.org/web/20160221101258/http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4407325.htm] on Australia’s ABC appears to have been ditched. The industry has long claws. They are threatened by anyone who tries to educate the public about the dangers that science has found.


Here is a petition that you might wish to sign:

5)    Cellphones have been known to catch fire, often when covered so that air cannot circulate or being used while charging. Here is one that burned as it was recharging.


6)    The first low radiation cell phone, being marketed now along with life insurance.  An admission that the current cell phones are potentially dangerous.

“The ROKiT 1 will be the world’s first low radiation smartphone with plans to utilize a NASA developed electromagnetic radiation shielding material originally developed for space applications.  The intent is to minimize potentially dangerous radiation exposure that recent studies indicate may cause harmful lasting effects…

“We are entering the convergence of devices, services, and big data.  Now we can finally protect and connect,” said Jonathan Kendrick, ROK Co-Founder. Kendrick continued, “Networked together, these technologies can effortlessly manage our health, communication, transportation, entertainment, and recreation, everyone should have access to this resource.””



BC Hydro

We had our meter relocated to a pole at the end of our yard on August 24th.  The pole was actually put in July 29th by Addy Power Ltd.  When we spoke with the Smart Meter Team we asked if we could keep our analogue meter.  They said our meter expired this year so we would have to have the ‘radio-off’ meter (or smart meter).  We told them we did not want the smart meter.

When the Hydro team arrived to cut our power they said we were scheduled for a ‘radio-off’ meter.  We told them we would prefer to have our analogue meter moved to the new pole.  The two Hydro fellows were apprentices and when their supervisor finally arrived I guess they told him we wanted to have our analogue meter moved to the pole, and that is what we have.  We are so thankful that we have our analogue still, even though we know it may eventually be replaced with the ‘radio-off’ meter.  (Ken wondered if more is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, and perhaps people with analogues will be allowed to keep them.  After all there is an election coming up next year!)

Ian Addy and his son from Addy Power were great.  The scheduled time for Hydro to come to our home was 9:30 on the 24th.  Ian Addy called us just after 9:00 to say Hydro had delayed it until 10:30.  Addy Power was here just after 10:00; the BCH apprentices with the bucket truck were here at 10:30, but they had to wait until their supervisor came from Port Alberni which was around 11:30.  His comment was “You mean I had to come all the way from Port Alberni just for this?”  Ian Addy said they are able to do all the work, but Hydro insists on having their people do the work from the main Hydro pole.

The cost for Addy Power was $1897.35 and BC Hydro’s cost is $306.00.  Hydro will bill us separately as it is their Express Connect department that handles this.


We first of all had to contact our electrician and he is the one that suggested we put in the call to BC One and get all the necessary approvals from Fortis, Telus, BC Hydro and Regional District for Sewer and Water.  We needed information for any underground services that may be on our property.  When we called BC One, they automatically contacted the three main services (FortisBC, Telus and BC Hydro) and the information was sent from the individual companies.  We had to contact our Regional District for the sewer and water.  BC One issues a ticket number which must be renewed after 14 calendar days if the work has not begun within 7 calendar days of the initial call.  We had to renew our ticket about four times, but it was worth it because when we spoke with Addy Power Ltd., we told them we had the necessary approvals showing any underground services in the area where they were digging (by hand), and we also had the required ticket number.  (Every time we renewed or extended the project, a new ticket number was given.)

Once Addy Power had the pole in they submitted information to BC Hydro’s Express Connect Department which generated a “Connection Request” from BC Hydro.  They sent us an email and we had to log into our BCH account and look for “Connection Request” and under “Actions Required” we had to confirm that we wanted our services moved and a few days later we received another email that required us to approve the charges.  The summary of the work being done could be viewed on line, as well as the details, which also included the requested date by the contractor (Addy Power).  Since the date shown conflicted with one of Ken’s specialist appointments, we called Express Connect and requested a different date if possible.  We received an email back from Express Connect saying “SCHEDULED” and advising us of the new date and time of the connection (which was a date that worked for us).  Express Connect were great to deal with.  When the work was all completed we received another email “COMPLETED”,  saying our connection request has been completed.  (If you wish I can send you copies of the various items I’ve mentioned here.)

Contact numbers we used were as follows:

I’m not sure what areas Addy Power service, but they are extremely busy.  We kept trying for a couple of months.  The receptionist answers the phone and all she can do is pass the information on to the crew and when they have the time they will contact you and provide a contract for you to sign and return.  After this happened it was a couple of weeks or so before the pole was put in (they called in advance with the date) and another month or so before the meter was moved.  The hardest part was trying to find out where to start in the beginning.  That is why we are detailing this information so hopefully no one else has to ‘feel’ their way to get the answers and desired results should they desire to have their meter moved.

Attached are some pictures showing the pole, the analogue meter on the pole and the empty meter base on the house as well as the two bucket trucks (BCH and Addy Power) working on the wires, what the old meter base looks like after the meter was removed and what the new meter base looks like prior to the analogue meter being put in it.).

One other note, we are going to put a sign on our new meter pole that says “NO SMART METER”.  Since we still have our analogue we want it clear that it is not to be replaced with a smart meter.

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Because I would like to know the answer as well.





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