2016-08-27 ZigBee chips

1)    We all must learn about ZigBee chips because these are the things that make appliances and electronics “$$mart” and BC Hydro/FortisBC will, at some time in the near future, push, bribe, or force us to turn on the ZigBee chip in our $$meter. Each smeter has one and we’ve been told that it will not be activated without our permission. But given BC Hydro’s history, I would not count on this. In other jurisdictions, e.g. San Diego, customers were told that they had to allow the ZigBee to transmit as a condition for having electricity, just as BC Hydro/FortisBC have said we must have these things which we don’t want or need if we want power.


“The ZigBee radio transmitter NEVER sleeps; constantly produces EMFs; and you can’t turn it off, like you can your cell phone or computer.  Basically, with your AMI Smart Meter ZigBee you’re living inside a microwave-oven-like atmosphere, since the AMI Smart Meter ZigBee operates at 2.4 GHz microwave frequency and radiates out for 250 to 300 feet!  Plus all the added ZigBees’ radiation from your appliances!”


2)    Many people have complained of various health problems after having the $$meter installed on their homes. For many who are exposed to RF all day long at work or school, this device that emits thousands of pulsing, modulated emissions all day and night is the last straw, no longer having a safe refuge to recover.  Here are some testimonials:


3)    A member sent this article in about the cancers suffered by pets who are chipped. This article is from 2013 but the relationship has been known for many years yet vets are still doing it.


4)    An opinion piece in Pennsylvania, attempting to educate people about the health problems associated with $$meters. I wish there were a place for comments – her statement re. signals being sent “only” 15 minutes a day is significant – and perhaps accurate. The utility controls the power, the number of signals, etc. and does so without our having any input or even awareness of what is happening.

BC Hydro has varied the length of time from around 14 minutes, when they were first putting out info, down to less than a few seconds. As with everything else, BC Hydro is not credible. But each signal is around 20 milliseconds long, so for every second, there are about 50 signals. For every minute, there are 3,000 signals. 

In testimony given to the California Public Utility Commission, PG&E admitted that some meters send out around 190,000 signals a day.  That is a lot of stress being put on our cells.




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”   
~ Albert Einstein


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