2016-08-26 Man accused of murder based on $$meter records

1)   C4ST has started a campaign to get Safety Code 6 reviewed, based on the recent scientific evidence that Health Canada excluded from the last review. According to many independent scientists, Safety Code 6 is dangerously out of date and allows the public, especially children, to be exposed to levels of microwave radiation that can lead to serious health effects. Our health officials, like Dr. Perry Kendall, use Safety Code 6 to justify allowing smeters on our homes and Wi-Fi in schools – even though there is no requirement that SC 6 be followed. Many other countries have much stricter guidelines. Please take a few minutes and read the info in Letters, and then go to  www.MomsWhoCare.ca   and provide your comments.

2)   As children are heading back to schools that are filled with Wi-Fi modems, it’s time to share important information with parents, teachers, principals, and school board members.


3)   An excellent summary of a major design flaw in every $$meter that can lead to fires – the remote disconnect switch. This also contains info from a Forensic Engineer who works with an Insurance Inspector. The fire reported occurred in Nevada last summer and was included in testimony given before the New Mexico Public Utility Commission by Norm Lambe.

If we only had an Insurance Adjuster who would step forward about fires in British Columbia …. Several Firemen, Fire Chiefs, Engineers and BC Hydro workers have spoken to me anonymously confirming what I’ve told BCUC about the fire issue, but no one is able to speak out for fear of losing his job. This sort of intimidation is putting our lives and property at risk. Please note that the Engineer said that this sort of fire could not happen with an analog. In fact, I have been told, again anonymously, that analogs have never caused fires. Experts have told me that fires have occurred if the analog were damaged during installation, or if corrosion had occurred, but the analog itself has not caused a fire.

Remote Disconnect can Cause Fires

The previous ‘not smart’ meters cannot and do not cause these types of fires because they are not equipped with the switching contacts that allow the utility companies to turn power ‘on’ and ‘off’ to their customers at will without the nuisance of having to actually go to the site.  The switching contacts are not required to make a meter ‘smart’…the smart designation comes from the ability of the meters to track power usage continuously and transmit the data back to the utility company.  The switching contacts are a feature provided purely and solely for the convenience of the utility companies.”


4)   A member received this from the NDP, asking for input, implying that they care about what we think. If you wish to participate, here is the link to the form:

Take 10 minutes and fill out the full survey.
Working together and sharing ideas is how we’re going to build a better BC. We’d love your input.


5)   SECURITY:  In Singapore, companies are closing access to the internet for computers to increase security. Hacking computers connected to the internet, which includes $$meters, are extremely vulnerable.

And on a more global scale, Malwarebytes recently claimed that nearly two-fifths of businesses in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany had been hit in the last year by a ransomware attack.

The same study claimed that 80 percent of US firms that it surveyed suffered a cyber-attack of some kind in the last year, and noticed that instances of ransomware in exploit kits increased by 259 percent in the five months prior.”


6)   PRIVACY: In Arkansas, a man is accused of murder based on his $$mart water meter records.

The use of smart meter data by law enforcement to charge someone with murder is a stark example of where violations of privacy can mean the difference between a life of freedom and a life in prison…

This case shows that detailed monitoring of activities within the home is a key design feature of the smart grid and smart meters, and that law enforcement is presently using this detailed data about one’s private activities in the home–without a warrant–to prosecute individuals on charges as serious as murder.”




Moms Who Care, call to action

As you know, the 2015 HESA Report was re-presented in the House of Commons in June, 2016. The government has 120 days to produce a formal response. This is our opportunity to encourage the Liberal Government to take action to protect Canadian children from the dangers of wireless radiation exposure.

The Moms Who Care campaign is focusing on three main items by asking Minister Philpott to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive response to the 2015 HESA REPORT
  2. Implement all the 2015 HESA recommendations from the report RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND THE HEALTH OF CANADIANS
  3. Call for an updated review of Safety Code 6, Health Canada’s guidelines regarding wireless radiation exposure, based on the significant evidence-based science that has been made public in the last 12 months.

We have created a new website to support this campaign – www.MomsWhoCare.ca

Our social media pages for the Moms Who Care campaign are found at: (please follow us)

Q: What is the time frame for the Moms Who Care campaign?
A: The emails need to arrive before Sept. 15th, 2016.
Health Canada’s response to the HESA report is due Oct. 15, 2016. We have been advised that the Minister’s office will review the response approximately 30 days before it is due.

Q: What is happening regarding the e-petitions?
A: The petition tool is a Government of Canada tool. Any of the relevant e-petitions would not have been read into the House of Commons until after Oct. 15th which is well past the deadline for the response.

Q: Didn’t Health Canada just complete a review of Safety Code 6?
A: The review of Safety Code 6 was completed in 2013. In testimony before the 2015 HESA committee, Dr. James McNamee, Health Canada’s scientist in charge of Safety Code 6 referenced science in 2010 and 2011. In the last year, there has been significant scientific evidence providing more strong support for our case that Safety Code 6 does not protect Canadians.

For example see the recent results from the $25m US National Toxicology program that shows a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats.


Also, here is the link to C4ST’s recent summary of an additional 60 studies that show harm at or below Safety Code 6 current levels.


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