2016-08-18 High Exposure levels found in public places

1) lennart-hardell

Dr. Hardell, a very famous and devoted researcher of health effects caused by exposure to RF, has reported on the exposure levels in a public area in Stockholm. Some of the report is very technical, but there are many sections that are well worth saving and quoting in letters to those who are allowing proliferation of microwave radiation, such as Perry Kendall. And to give you some info to compare some of the RF levels, here is a chart showing biological effects at various levels as found by various researchers.


As you read this, remember that 900 Mhz is the frequency of one of the main transmitter in $$meters and that many of our public places are likely to have levels similar to those found in this report.

The philosophy document of ICNIRP (22) also states: ‘Different groups in a population may have differ­ences in their ability to tolerate a particular NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) exposure. For example, children, the elderly, and some chronically ill people might have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of NIR exposure than the rest of the popula­tion’. However, this is not considered in existing ICNIRP (1998) guideline document (20) and for example Gandhi et al (23) provide a historical overview how ICNIRP and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standard setting is based on (adult) military recruit head and body models, not children’s.  pg/ 2Difference between genders after exposure to RF radiation has been found, where male rats got an increased BBB perme­ability for both GSM 900 and 1,800 MHz pulsed modulated RF radiation while female rats only got increased BBB perme­ability for the 900 MHz frequency (42).

The hippocampus is a center for memory and learning in the brain, and in particular appears to be a primary target for neuronal damage from RF radiation and opened BBB. Exposure to 900 MHz RF radiation during 3 h per day for 28 days showed extravasation of albumin in the hippocampus and cortex and impaired spatial memory in exposed rats (43). Also exposure for 2 h per day for 55 weeks showed impaired memory in GSM 900 MHz exposed rats, but no statistically significant alterations of histopathological parameters (44,45)….  Pg. 7

Within one year, from 2011 to 2012, total RF radiation levels in all studied European outdoor city areas in combina­tion increased by 57.1% (62). Over the past decade or so, RF radiation levels have significantly increased in our environ­ment. Frei et al (63) estimated that the introduction of mobile phone technology has resulted in a 10-fold increase of RF radiation at outdoor areas compared to the time period before when broadcast transmitting was the most relevant source. Urbinello et al (62) measured 3 European cities, including     pg. 8


2) Below, in Letters, is information about a recent trip a member took on the ferry from Vancouver Island to Vancouver. Several members have been fighting for years to get BC Ferries to provide some Wi-Fi-sheltered space for those who are sensitive or just want to avoid exposure.  While the upper management seems to be taking its lead from Kendall, who ignores science as it pertains to RF, so far has done nothing but perhaps, through educating some of the staff, some relief might be possible. It sure can’t hurt.

3)  Non-smeter or RF, but it shows that BC Hydro is not only wasting our money and ruining the environment, but it is dangerous. Pictures are worth so many words.  If rain can do this, what will fracking do?   I was told the following:

This is the “Bedrock” that the proposed Site C dam is to be built in. It is a Shaftbury shale which was mud some 70 million years ago. A rainfall event of some 2 inches in a half hour on July 20, 2016 caused some of this slope failure. The Montmorillonite clay soils overlaying the shale is even much more unstable under wet conditions.”


4) A request by the utilities in Australia to charge those using solar energy higher rates has been denied.

“More than 1.5 million homes across the country have now installed solar power. This is a huge political constituency, and they won’t stand for being treated like mugs,” he said.

“Just about everyone is concerned about the cost of power right now. We should not be penalising people who want to go solar just because they aren’t paying as much to the operators of the power networks as they used to.”



BC Ferries

On the ferry, I tried a different approach to dealing with EMR on board (I did get a few pulse readings that were uncomfortably close to Safety Code 6).

I asked the Chief Steward where the area of the ship was that had the lowest levels of EMR.  He tried to be helpful and apparently there have been some discussions to at least the Chief Steward level re EMR.  He admitted he did not know the answer and was trying to make his best guess, he also admitted that he should know.  As I had a copy of Olle’s latest paper on a usb stick (I needed some light reading material for the trip) and the paper was particularly appropriate dealing with hotspots, I offered him a chance to copy the stick  – he understandably was a bit reluctant due to the possibility of viruses but decided to copy it anyway and will forward it on.  I used a similar approach on the way back but did not offer the paper.

From talking to the staff, it appears the staff is genuinely concerned and wish to help even if the upper levels don’t.  My take away was each time someone is on the ferry, ask the Chief Steward where the lowest levels of EMR are.  Also, each time give them a copy of a particularly relevant paper – I was lucky I got him to take the copy digitally – it would be best to have printed copies for the Steward’s office.  Of course I could not go into the crew’s quarters but it is my understanding that is where the lowest levels are.

During the entire trip, I took a few random readings – hopefully later today I will be able to produce a summary. A quick summary is from the ferry where the ambient levels were high to bad and the occasional very high readings. The bus to the sky train was worse and the sky train itself especially after it went underground into the potentially exceeding Safety Code 6 range.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”
~ Dr. George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age


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