2016-08-13 BC Hydro admits it caused damage but refuses to pay.

1)    After years of delay, Seattle’s utility, Seattle City Light, has decided to begin implementation in 2017. They are offering an opt out program, proposing an initial fee of $124.43 and then a $15.87 monthly fee. People in Seattle need our help by letting their utility have your feedback about the many problems with $$meters.

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In support of this battle by our neighbours in Washington, “Take Back Your Power” is available for free until Tuesday midnight [August 16, 2016].  If you haven’t seen it, you should take advantage of this offer.


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2)    Below in Letters is an email from someone who worked for BC Hydro for many years with his insight into this corrupt, misguided corporation.

3)    In France, there is a massive die-off of bees and there is an appeal to Parliament to ban pesticides.

“Already, more than 300,000 bee colonies have died in France. Annual mortality rates have been as high as 80%. And in 2014, overall bee production crashed to its lowest level in 20 years.”

But many studies have shown that microwave radiation can cause harm to our pollinators in many ways. It most likely is a combination of factors that is threatening their extinction.  It has been estimated that mankind can last for only 4 years without bees.

Bees, Birds & Mankind

From the beginning of Smart Meter deployments, people have witnessed odd bee behavior, bee disappearance, and bee deaths. Impacts to bees from EMF and RF were the subject of “Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying Nature by Electrosmog” translated to English in 2007


4)    BC Hydro admits it caused the problem that resulted in many appliances and electronics being damaged but said that, according to the Tariff, they don’t have to pay.


BC Hydro

This is one of the arguments that I made to the BCUC about this provision of the Tariff:

What other company would be allowed to operate like this – no liability even if caused by negligence or wilful misconduct!!!  We must demand that the Tariff be changed to protect us, not BC Hydro.

9.7. Liability of BC Hydro

BC Hydro will endeavour to provide a regular and uninterrupted supply of Electricity but it does not guarantee a constant supply of Electricity or the maintenance of unvaried frequency or voltage and shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, damage or expense caused by or resulting from any interruption, termination, failure or defect in the supply of Electricity, whether caused by the negligence of BC Hydro, its servants or agents, or otherwise unless the loss, injury, damage or expense is directly resulting from the wilful misconduct of BC Hydro, its servants or agents provided, however, that BC Hydro, its servants and agents are not responsible for any loss of profit, loss of revenues or other economic loss even if the loss is directly resulting from the wilful misconduct of BC Hydro, its servants or agents.


From: X
Sent: August 13, 2016
To: Sharon Noble

Subject: Re: Update 2016-08-12 “Father” of $$mart grid admits huge costs to complete grid

Hello Sharon….

you may remember that I am a retired line worker with BC Hydro, with 40 years with the company….

don’t know if you realize, but the electrical grid is all tied together,,,, with BC Hydro buying and selling power to our U.S.A. neighbors….as much of our power in BC is water generated,,,,we are able to stop producing and, in effect, save energy with the flick of a switch….nuclear, gas, and oil generation,,,, are unable to just shut down….therefore, we buy power at a reduced rate, during slack times,,,, and able to supply power at high load times, at a premium….this has gone on for years, and is certainly a money maker for BC Hydro….

Smart metering, in my opinion, in no way improves service, reliability….or reduces cost….it’s all about time sensitive metering….charging BC Hydro customers premium rates at peak times….the rest is bullshit….as BC Hydro is a cash cow of our government….more power production, equals more tax revenue….with the taxpayers footing the bill of course….least,,,, that’s how I see it….

as for renewable energy like solar….our Canadian governments have only done lip service to this issue….let’s face it….Canada is an oil producing nation….why would our government embrace other forms of energy,,,, when oil and gas are the cash cow….I was recently in Germany, and marveled that in even the smallest communities, the barns on even the smallest farms were littered with solar collectors….our government, contrary to what they say,,,, are just not putting the effort into it.


From: Janis Hoffmann
Sent: August 13, 2016
To: letters@timescolonist.com
Cc: jwbell@timescolonist.com

Subject: Letter to the Editor – Re: Classes out, but school work goes on


It was reported that the School Districts have been busy over the summer spending 1.9 million dollars upgrading and increasing the unregulated wireless technology and blanketing the inside of every classroom in the districts.


Tyler, who is 11 years old and going into grade 7, is only one of the children who will not be reaping the benefits of this technology because with the accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation emitting from wireless devices he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors. For the past 4 years, he has been shuffling between three different School Districts to avoid the mandatory exposure, which School Officials have decided is ‘crucial’ to teach the curriculum.

Tyler would like to attend Grade 7 with his friends by using the existing safer hard-wired connections to the Internet. He would like the opportunity to be part of the school experience where students have an opportunity to meet socially and form friendships with others who have common interests.

But sadly, Tyler has nowhere to go to school in September and no one cares.

Janis Hoffmann



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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