2016-08-11 Effect of digital gadgets on juvenile brains is dangerous

1)    Dr. Mercola has another article about cellphones in his online newsletter, including info about how to use them more safely if you can’t do without. Lots of good info reaching a wide audience.

Dr. Henry Lai, a University of Washington scientist in cellular and molecular engineering, reviewed 85 papers on the DNA-damaging effects of cell phone radiation. He and his colleague had found from their own research that cell phone radiation could cause DNA damage in brain cells.

What did he find when he took a closer look at these studies?

A whopping three-fourths of the papers that showed no toxic effects were funded either by the wireless industry or the military. Eighty percent of those that showed potential negative effects were not linked to the industry.”


2)    Another good article by Mercola about the health issues associated with blue light that is emitted by computer screens, etc. Some time ago, I shared info about a free program that reduces blue light on your computer automatically.


As Mercola discusses, blue light affects melatonin production, as does EMF/RF, which results in poor quality sleep which can have serious implications for health.


3)    After reading items in updates about the real probability that the grid will go down as a result of an accident or an attack, a member suggests watching a movie “Blackout” which is available on Netflix.  He said, sadly, that no smeter was damaged during the filming.  ;-(

4)    Evidence is showing that juvenile brains are seriously affected by constant exposure to electronic/digital gadgets (all of which are wireless, by the way). The kids are getting a 1-2 punch from the RF to which they are exposed from conception and then being tuned into electronics as soon as they are born. Both mess with their brains and metabolism.  Kids need real books, real talking and real interaction with real people.


Video games, computers, cell phones and tablets are all “digital drugs” in Kardaras’ estimation, and there is more and more evidence to back him up—recent studies have shown that electronics activate pleasure circuits in developing brains. The amount of dopamine in the brain doubles (food and sex have the same effect) while the amount of gray matter shrinks, compromising the frontal cortex (the decision-making center of the brain). This leads to delays in neurological development and verbal intelligence.

“An MRI of a tech addict and an MRI of a drug addict are the same—they both neurophysiologically affect the brain,” Kardaras said. “Digital media is a continuum, just as substances are.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”
~ Dr. George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age


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