2016-08-09 New 5G technology is using frequencies that posed serious health effects.

1)    Concerns are being voiced as 5G is pushed by the USA government and industry. The FCC has decided that nothing, not research, not regulations should halt the development of this new technology that will use milliwaves, very high frequency transmitters. The higher frequencies go shorter distances, so more transmitters will be needed very close to homes, schools and hospitals. The estimate is one transmitter for every 12 homes!!  We must get this to our politicians to stop the proliferation of 5G before it starts.

“But the launch of super-fast 5G technology over the next several years will dramatically increase the number of transmitters sending signals to cellphones and a host of new Internet-enabled devices, including smart appliances and autonomous vehicles. And the move to the new technology comes after unsettling findings from a long-awaited federal government study of the cancer risk from cellphone use…

Technological advances have made it possible to expand consumer wireless services into those airwaves. But to use the spectrum, wireless companies will have to install thousands of small base stations — some just the size of smoke detectors — on utility poles and buildings to pass the signals along.”


Please see Dr. Joel Moskowitz’s response below in “Letters”.

2)    A generous offer from our webmaster:

A note from Ted

I am going to Nelson BC for a class reunion of students graduated from LV Rogers High School several decades ago.
While I am in Nelson I will have some free time between functions and will be willing to do a few RF Radiation surveys for interested members of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.  No charge.  I will be using GigaHertz NFA59B to measure RFR and a NFA1000 to record the readings.  These are reasonably high end RF and EMF meters.  I should have some time available Sat. Sept. 3 about 10 am until 4 pm and Sun. Sept. 4 8am until 10 am.

If you are interested, please email:  ted@stopsmartmetersbc.com

3)    “Smart” devices are vulnerable to hackers, whether they are thermostats, TVs, appliances or smeters. You could be forced to pay ransom to regain control over your home.

“This is not just a hypothetical scenario; this is exactly what Ken Munro and Andrew Tierney of UK-based security firm Pen Test Partners have demonstrated at the DEFCON 24 security conference in Las Vegas last Saturday.

Two white hat hackers recently showed off the first proof-of-concept (PoC) ransomware that infects a smart thermostat.

Ransomware is an infamous piece of malware that has been known for locking up computer files and then demanding a ransom, usually in Bitcoins, in order to unlock them…

Since Internet of Things is currently being deployed in a large variety of uses throughout your home, businesses, hospitals, and even entire cities that are called Smart Cities, it gives attackers a large number of entry points to affect you some or the other way.”


4)    A campaign for a free press is beginning this Thursday, Aug. 11 in Victoria outside the Times Colonist building. Complete details are below in “Letters”.  Over the last few years, it has become so difficult for us to get any information about $$meter issues, fires, health concerns, etc. in any newspaper or radio. They won’t even publish reports about major studies that are seen all over the world, except in Canada and the USA, e.g. The National Toxicology Report.  The media refuses to allow the public to become educated about the hazards associated with wireless technology for fear their bottom line will suffer. Where are the investigative journalists? Why isn’t there any newspaper interested in the fact that no agency is tracking smeter fires, for example – and that no one seems to care? There is no free press and we need one so badly.



Date: Aug. 8, 2016
Subject: Los Angeles Times questions whether 5G cellphone technology is dangerous.

My comments:

5G cellphone technology will employ much higher frequency microwaves than current cellphone technology, 2G, 3G, and 4G.  These microwaves, known as millimeter waves, won’t penetrate building materials like the current technology which is why industry may need one cell antenna base station for every 12 homes.

But these waves can still penetrate our skin.

When the LA Times reporter contacted me for the story below, I did a quick search and found three recently published articles examining biological effects of millimeter waves (see references below). This form of microwave radiation is most likely to affect our skin and neuronal cells in the upper dermis.

Moreover, widespread adoption of 5G technology in the U.S. may have profound effects on our ecosystem by altering bacteria, possibly creating harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

History has proven that we cannot trust the FCC and the FDA to protect our health from microwave radiation exposure.

The FCC has ignored the 800-plus submissions that call upon the agency to adopt more rigorous radiofrequency standards to protect the public. Instead the agency maintains its 20-year old standards that only control for heating or thermal risks. The FDA has ignored the thousands of studies that find nonthermal biologic effects, and the human studies that find a wide range of health effects including increased cancer risk and reproductive harm from exposure to low intensity microwaves.

Clearly, more research is needed as specific characteristics of the millimeter waves (e.g., pulsing, modulation) used in 5G technology may be more important than the frequency or intensity of the waves in terms of biologic and health effects. The research funding must be independent of industry as conflicts of interest have been found to undermine the science in this field.

For an unbiased summary of the partial findings of the National Toxicology Program study of cell phone radiation cancer effects, see http://www.saferemr.com/2016/05/national-toxicology-progam-finds-cell.html.

In my opinion, precaution is warranted before unleashing 5G technology on the world. I suspect most of the 221 scientists who signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal (referenced in the article below), would support this assertion.



Democracy Needs A Free Press

Where:  outside The Times Colonist Building, 2621 Douglas St., Victoria, BC

When:  Noon to 1PM – Thursday, August 11. 

Times Colonist TC

Corporate Canada owns our big media.  Our lack of a free press is a big problem.  It’s time to deal with it.  Please join us as we begin a campaign for a free press and a better Canada.



If you want more information, or have a question:
jack etkin … jetkin@hotmail.com


Below is SOME of what the corporations own.   What do WE own??

*  The Times Colonist is owned by Glacier Media which has about 80 smaller newspapers and magazines mainly in Western Canada.

 CFAX is owned by giant Bell Media.  Bell owns the entire CTV Network, dozens of radio stations … and cable channels like TSN, Discovery, Teletoon and many more …

*  The Globe and Mail is owned by Canada’s richest family, the Thomsons.  They also own Reuters News Agency.

 Global TV is owned by Shaw, which also owns CKNW in Vancouver and dozens of other radio stations.

 Roger’s owns City TV, about 50 radio stations, SportsNet, Macleans, Chatelaine, and more… plus the #1 parenting magazines in English and French Canada.

Postmedia owns daily newspapers in about 40 big and mid-size cities in Canada, and 30 more papers in smaller towns and cities.

*  The CBC seems to be controlled by Corporate Canada as well.

The Media have played a big role in creating economic, environmental, and social problems in Canada.  Big Business profits.  We pay.

One small example of how it all works:  In May, Justin Trudeau approved for sale in Canada the GMO salmon – the first genetically contaminated animal in the world to be approved for human consumption.  There was virtually no coverage in our corporate media.  So most Canadians don’t even know about it, and Mr. Trudeau pays no political price for this betrayal.  The Media and the Politicians … working together for the Corporations…

It’s time for some change…

jack etkin:  jetkin@hotmail.com




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“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
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