2016-08-06 New “super $$meter” in California

1)   California Pacific Gas & Electric apparently is installing a “super $$meter” that is stronger, emits stronger signals, and perhaps more often. I don’t have more details but I will share when I do. The comparisons given are between the “standard” and the “meter connector”.  Note that this says that the “standard” meters are 5 times stronger than the ITRON, but I don’t know what model they are referencing. I believe the specs for the ITRON Centron Openway are similar with 1 watt power, etc. I will contact the group in California and find out the basis for this statement.  I believe we need to be very concerned if a new, stronger $$meter is being installed by BC Hydro, and I will find out as much as I can about this.

If any of you have your smeter changed, please take a photo and send to me ASAP.


2)   I have referred to the Texas testimony in which an experienced linesman/trouble person presented evidence that both ITRON Centron meters (used by Centerpoint Energy) and Landis+Gyr (used by Oncor) have failed, overheated and burned, damaging many homes. After he presented this evidence to a hearing, he was fired. The Texas testimony was given in a wrongful dismissal hearing. The decision by the judge has been given and it was found that Mr. Reed, the man fired, is to be reinstated and compensated. I can find nothing, though, that demands that the meters be removed and replaced with safe meters.  It  does appear from various statements that multiple fires have occurred in Texas and, as we see in BC, efforts are being made to cover them up.


3)   A member sent this in. New technology is quickly expanding and the way power is captured. Now, a researcher has found a way to use window glass as a power cell. Not terribly efficient yet, but a beginning.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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