2016-08-05 Spanish court recognizes EHS

1)   Blake Levitt has written a strong letter to the USA  FCC warning about the horror of opening the gateway to 5G technology with no apparent limits or restrictions. Wheeler, head of the FCC, used to be head of the telecom companies and associations and encouraged/pushed for the acceptance of 5G and won. We can expect and prepare for similar actions in Industry Canada.

“The FCC has standards in place but they only regulate for acute, short term, high-intensity exposures capable of heating tissue the way a microwave oven cooks food. Although a safety margin is built into the standards, any biological effects below that thermal threshold are simply unregulated. In addition, the FCC categorically excludes from review any device or application that falls below a certain power density threshold which most wireless products do. That means that there is no true regulatory oversight of just about all of the wireless products in use today with the exception of cell phones which have to meet a threshold for a specific absorption rate (SAR) of energy deposited in tissue. The FCC is currently reviewing the adequacy of cell phone and RF exposure limits but there is intense pressure to make the current inadequate standards even more lenient…”  Pg. 5

“One primary criticism of how the FCC functions is that they time-average exposures rather than regulate for peak exposures, which is the most important biological metric. Smart meters, for instance, during the duty cycle, put out a peak burst of RF that has been found to exceed FCC limits by orders of magnitude. (Cell phone manufacturers tell consumers not to hold a functioning cell phone against the body or it too may exceed FCC limits.) Yet that peak is averaged away into the duty cycle’s lower exposures and essentially disappears into what is deemed “safe.” That is like saying that a bullet passing through flesh is “safe” because it comes out the other side and moves more slowly by the time is passes through bone, blood and tissue.

In addition, the FCC standards – and indeed no state or federal regulatory entity – regulates for cumulative exposures from myriad sources all functioning together. RF power density and categorical exclusion are considered one product at a time. The 5G network will add a whole new layer of ambient RF exposure that does not now exist.”  Pg. 6


2)   A member has been in contact with a new editor of the local newspaper, the Agassiz Harrison Observer, asking why letters/articles about smeters have not been published. The new editor, Erin, has said she would be publishing such letters and I would hope that people in the area send letters and articles so that we can keep the issue alive. Many people have no idea that we are still fighting this battle and many others have no idea about the many problems.

The email address to this newspaper is:  news@ahobserver.com

3)   In a precedent setting case in Spain, a Judge has ruled a person to be disabled from his job as an IT person due to EHS.

“A recent ruling by the High Court of Madrid, No. 588/2016 dated 6 July 2016 (rapporteur Mr. Miguel Moreiras Cabellero) has recognized for the first time a situation of total permanent disability for the exercise of the profession of a telecommunications engineer suffering from a rare syndrome, “electrosensitivity syndrome (EHS)”, which prevents him from working in environments with electromagnetic fields.”


4)   Summer offers opportunities to have booths with information, areas where it is easy to hand out flyers and talk to people about smeters. Many members have done this regularly at area public markets and fairs. This is the first I’ve heard of one this year and this was in the Seattle area.  Some good ideas to get people talking and listening:


5)   A member has told me that Telus came to their home asking if they wanted the fiber optic cable and the member said no. The Telus rep carried on but later in the day, while the member was away from home, Telus trespassed and laid the cable on his property and put a connector box on the side of his home. This is not legal – Telus is not allowed to put its equipment on your property without your written permission. Has this happened with others?  I have no idea what Telus’s agenda is, but if they are doing this, we must find out.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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