2016-08-04 Hidden warnings in manuals

1)    Wireless devices come with warnings hidden deep within the manual (paper or online) that few see. This is something that satisfies the requirements for informing customers, apparently, but I bet few customers bother reading them or even know they are there. Some members have gathered lots of the warnings

Warning - Non-Ionizing Radiation

for various devices and I hope you will share with friends, teachers, school board members, principals, etc. Why aren’t these on labels so people will see them? Could it be because the industry doesn’t want people to know these are not perfectly safe?? An example is below and more are here:

See The Fine Print-V2

Instructions for reducing cell phone radiation exposure are simple – if you’re able to find them.
See them here, straight from the user manuals. 

Apple iPads

“to be sure that human exposure to RF energy does not exceed the FCC, IC, and European Union guidelines, always follow these instructions and precautions: Orient the device in portrait mode with the Home button at the bottom of the display, or in landscape mode with the cellular antenna away from your body or other objects.”

Seizures, Blackouts, and Eyestrain

A small percentage of people may be susceptible to blackouts or seizures (even if they have never had one before) when exposed to flashing lights or light patterns such as when playing games or watching video. If you have experienced seizures or blackouts or have a family history of such occurrences, you should consult a physician before playing games or watching videos on your iPad. Discontinue use of iPad and consult a physician if you experience headaches, blackouts, seizures, convulsion, eye or muscle twitching, loss of awareness, involuntary movement, or disorientation. To reduce risk of headaches, blackouts, seizures, and eyestrain, avoid prolonged use, hold iPad some distance from your eyes, use iPad in a well-lit room, and take frequent breaks. ”

2)    If there are any Electrical Engineers who would be willing to work with me re. design flaws, please contact me at:

dsnoble@shaw.ca and put Engineer on the subject line.

3)    A group of major researchers provided a letter to the North Carolina PUC warning about the health risks associated with $$meters, urging that people be allowed to opt out without fees. This supports our argument that our Charter Rights are being infringed, we have evidence to confirm that a reasonable person could have concerns about allowing such a device to be put on a home.

“Smart meters, along with other wireless devices, have created significant public health problems caused by the RFR they produce, and awareness and reported problems continue to grow. With Duke Energy being America’s largest utility provider and, consequently, having the largest potential smart meter implementation reach, it is imperative that the NCUC be fully aware of the harm that RFR can cause and allow utility customers to opt out of smart meter installation with no penalty.”


4)    A member wrote an excellent letter (below) to the provincial health officials who have been led by Perry Kendall and Health Canada to believe that there is no “convincing” evidence that RF is dangerous. They always use words like “convincing” or “insufficient” to couch their refusal to acknowledge the thousands of studies that show biological effects. Who are they to decide what is convincing or sufficient? Not one of them, including Kendall, has the experience and education or has done the research done by many of the world renowned scientists who are warning of the dire consequences of prolonged exposure to the electrosmog they are allowing. We must hold these “authorities” responsible for turning a blind eye. Their motto seems to be if you don’t look, you won’t find.


From: X
Sent: August 3, 2016
To: victoria.lee@fraserhealth.ca; mark.bigham@fraserhealth.ca; elizabeth.brodkin@fraserhealth.ca; marcus.lem@fraserhealth.ca; lisa.mu@fraserhealth.ca; shovita.padhi@fraserhealth.ca; andrew.larder@fraserhealth.ca; michelle.murti@fraserhealth.ca; helena.swinkels@fraserhealth.ca; trevor.corneil@interiorhealth.ca; sue.pollock@interiorhealth.ca; kamran.golmohammadi@interiorhealth.ca; sandra.allison@northernhealth.ca; sandra.allison@northernhealth.ca; raina.fumerton@northernhealth.ca; raina.fumerton@northernhealth.ca; patty.daly@vch.ca; john.carsley@vch.ca; reka.gustafson@vch.ca; james.lu@vch.ca; paul.martiquet@vch.ca; mark.lysyshyn@vch.ca; meena.dawar@vch.ca; althea.hayden@vch.ca; richard.stanwick@viha.ca; murray.fyfe@viha.ca; dee.hoyano@viha.ca; paul.hasselback@viha.ca; charmaine.enns@viha.ca

Subject: No Convincing Evidence?

Dear Health ‘Professional’:

Just ignore all this stuff below, it’s a taboo topic, we can’t talk about it. Or leave it to the Provincial

Health Officer to ignore. No problem. No convincing evidence. Not if you look where the evidence is not.

The Public

What’s wrong with ‘Safety Code 6‘:

Here’s a bunch of crazy scientists calling for much improved safety standards:

EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations


EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations This page is dedicated to advocating support for the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations and the World …

Norm Alster, Harvard: Where the lies that we bow down to and worship originate:

Captured Agency - FCC

Warnings that in BC we just can just ignore:

Finnish education professor’s warning:


Finnish education professor’s warning: Wireless technology in schools may lead to a global epidemic of brain damages.

Andrew Goldsworthy: The effects of ‘wireless’ on your kids that Dr. Kendall would rather not discuss:
The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields:


1 The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields Problems and solutions Andrew Goldsworthy March 2012 Foreword Dr Andrew Goldsworthy is a retired lecturer from …

Sharon Noble: Who daily provides an educational newsletter service on wireless health effects that the Provincial Health Office can consistently and arrogantly ignore, as they know better:

The UK, like the US and Canada, allows extremely high levels of microwave radiation to invade our homes, schools and workplaces, ignoring the increasingly consistent scientific evidence that it is dangerous to health of all living creatures. The incidence of EHS is increasing, too, and any of us could become the next victim.

““Anyone can develop the condition, including children. Surveys suggest 30% of people are slightly allergic to electromagnetic frequencies, usually without knowing it, 3% moderately, and under 1% severely. Numbers for long-term effects are not yet known. Nor is it known whether today’s ES sufferers are the canaries at the sharp end of the affect which could in future be detrimental to most of the population’s health.

ES is caused by being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. It has been known as an illness since the Russians used it against an American Embassy in the Cold War. The Russians now protect their population from it. This illness was then documented in industries such as radio and telecommunications when workers were irradiated, then later in cases where there had been badly installed electrical wiring and electrical appliances.

More recently the incidence of the condition has proliferated as we have been exposed to 1000 times the level of electromagnetic fields than we were 10 years ago. The wireless-way-of-life arrived and with it illness. First came mobiles and telephone masts, then wifi for computers, doorbells and baby alarms, to name but a few.””





Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

If you don’t look, you won’t find….   A motto for BC Hydro, BCUC and our politicians.


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation