2016-07-05 Australian investigative reporter suspended for Wi-Fried program

1)    A study that perhaps describes how microwave radiation breaks up hydrogen bonds in our body.  A study done by Eastern European/Russian scientists.

On a Possible Mechanism of the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Biological Macromolecules

Nikiforov VN, Ivanov AV, Ivanova EK, Tamarov KP, Oksengendler BL. [On a Possible Mechanism of the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Biological Macromolecules].  Biofizika. 2016 Mar-Apr;61(2):255-8. [Article in Russian]  SEE ATTACHED ENGLISH VERSION

A model describing the process of dissociation of hydrogen bonding in water clusters when irradiated by electromagnetic field in the microwave range is suggested. The model is also applicable for the case of rupture of the co-valent bond of the water molecule cluster. If the energy absorption occurs at the interface of water and polymer clusters (e.g., DNA, chitosan), degradation of the polymer chain is possible.


2)    A paper outlining an individual’s experience of debilitating symptoms being exacerbated by exposure to RF from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“A possible association between electrohypersensitivity, myelin integrity and exposure to low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) typical in the modern world has recently been proposed.”


3)    Industry is ensuring that no one knows their products are dangerous. In February, an Australian program “Catalyst” aired a program called “Wi-fried” which addressed the scientific evidence that cell phones and Wi-Fi can cause serious health effects. Immediately, industry accused the reporter of presenting an “unbalanced” program. She has been suspended and ABC has apologized for  inaccuracies. We need to support this reporter for doing her job – investigative journalism. This is amazing especially given the release of the US National Toxicology Program report in May. We cannot allow reporters, who are trying to present the truth about the dangers of microwave radiation and wireless devices, to be punished, intimidated so others will remain silent. The supposed “inaccuracies” reflect the influence of the industry on this decision.


http://web.archive.org/web/20160221101258/http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4407325.htm   (the transcript)

http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4494933.htm   (the “inaccuracies”)

I hope you will consider sending emails in support of this reporter to the following:

Managing Director, ABC TV, Ms Michelle Guthrie

Chair of ABC, Mr James Spigelman

Director of TV, Mr Richard Finlayson

Head of Factual, Mr Steve Bibb

Series Producer Catalyst Ms Ingrid Arnott

4)    In the USA, the Occupational Health and Safety Admin. has said that no worker should be reprimanded or punished for identifying an unsafe working condition. This should apply to all, including teachers, such as the Rhode Island one who exposed the danger Wi-Fi in school rooms posed to teachers and children.  Hopefully, freedom will be granted in Canada where workers, including teachers, are harassed and intimidated when they dare to complain.

“‘No worker should be harassed or punished for reporting unsafe working conditions, advocating for other employees and seeking assurance that they are not being exposed to carcinogenic materials such as asbestos which can impact their long-term health,’ Ken Nishiyama Atha, OSHA’s regional administrator in Chicago, said in the statement.”



From: X
Sent: July 3, 2016
To: bcauditor@bcauditor.com
Subject: Scrutinize or get out

Someone else wrote you the below. I AGREE!

Let me just add, that a public watch dog that can pick and choose items to scrutinize, according to the current government’s wishes (not public interest) is less than useless! It smells of corruption in some upper levels of the political stratosphere.

We fought and defeated the earlier Site C project in the ’80s. Food is more important than more hydro power. How about some wind turbines instead? Wonder if these comparables were done? If not why not? Would water for the US be the real aim?

Smart meters — well the fires are just one problem. The issue for electro hyper sensitive people like me is the devastating health effects. For example, I can’t even go to downtown Vancouver any more. Where are my constitutional and charter rights?

A good motto for you, and BCUC should be “Scrutinize all projects equally or stop wasting taxpayers’ money and retire the department!”


Copy of a letter (from Sharon Noble’s mail out)

“I am wondering how the office of auditor general can form an opinion on the effectiveness of the BCUC without considering the impact of Site C and smart meters.  Will the report discuss the limitations of the report given that the two largest projects have been removed from the jurisdiction of the BCUC and the impacts of that limitation?

Will your office include investigation of the reported fire hazards of smart meters?  Apparently there is no consistent reporting protocol of fires associated with smart meters.  Further, Hydro removes the meters before a valid investigation occurs.  Will the auditor general be able to recommend/require that Hydro leave the meters in place until after a valid fire investigation has occurred?

At present, because of the removal of the two major projects from BCUC supervision and the lack of due diligence investigating fires associated with smart meters, there has been a complete loss of confidence in the BCUC’s ability to do its job.  Considering the inability of BCUC to supervise the major projects, does the expense of running the BCUC exceed the benefit to the public?”


From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: July 4, 2016
To: editor@thepublicrecord.ca

Subject: The Known but Hidden Hazards of Residential 60 Hz A/C electricity!

Dear Editor,

Here is an exclusive story for “The Public Record,” in the hope that you have the curiosity,  integrity, temerity and latitude to do something with this factual and frightening information. World-class experts, such as Drs. Robert O. Becker, Andrew Marino, Neil Cherry, Sam Milham, plus many others, between them, have corroborated all that I have said in my attached letter.  (which is included below)

Even more telling, since May 11, 2015, at least 220 of the world’s leading experts on EMF (electro-magnetic fields) from 41 countries have signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal” which was addressed, by name, to the Secretary General of the United Nations, to all UN-member countries and to the Director General of the WHO, urging them all to: “Protect mankind and wildlife from electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) and wireless technology.”


If you are interested, I have written a similar paper that addresses the equally corrupt wireless and telecom industries who have also co-opted the same international regulatory agencies and governments. I will gladly send this to you as well, free of charge, of course. My military BIO is in this second paper.

Both of these issues affect each and every person on this earth, yet no one will touch let alone expose them – I suspect, due to the history, the level and scope of the corruption that is harming us all today. No living thing is exempt – plants, trees, insects, animals, fish, birds, etc. There is not a bigger story on planet earth – not chemtrails! Not global-warming!

Please notify me ASAP if you will or are able to ‘expose’ this, what is a, Crime Against Humanity! If I have not heard from you by Wednesday, July 6 at 6 pm, PST, I will approach someone else. Thank you.

James Gerald (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)

= = =

Deceit, Deception and Lies About the Known Dangers of Household Electricity by Co-Opted Governments and Electric Power Utilities!

Leading scientists know that child and adult leukemia, brain tumors, breast and other cancers, cardiac, neurological, reproductive diseases and death, suicides, depression, learning difficulties, reduced melatonin production, central nervous system disorders, DNA damage, fatigue, drowsiness, headache, lymphoma, weight loss, etc. are either caused or promoted by or linked to household 60 Hz alternating current (A/C) electricity – but co-opted governments and self-regulated, profit-driven, uncaring electric power utilities deliberately hide the truth and lie to the public! [1]

North American electric power utilities are licensed and mandated to produce safe, clean 60 Hz A/C electricity for residential, institutional and industrial use within their jurisdictions. Informed people know that electric power utilities are cash cows for governments. [2] In return, governments allow electric utilities to regulate themselves – with virtually no oversight provided by governments. The quintessential example of how governments don’t/won’t interfere with electric utilities in the conduct of their business is the current ‘Smart’ meter travesty (spawned in the USA but quickly adopted by Canadian electric utilities). All governments became shockingly silent (and supportive) when electric power utilities all decided  – unilaterally – to replace the existing safe analogue electric meters on every home and occupied building in their jurisdiction – tolerating no exceptions, not even on legitimate medical grounds – with untested, unproven, wireless, microwave-emitting ‘Smart’ meters, when other options were available that: 1) emitted no hazardous pulsed microwave radiation; 2) cost far less, 3) offered far more security; 4) required no ongoing, periodic software upgrades; 5) were less vulnerable to natural or man-made EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks, i.e. solar flares or EMP weapons: 6) were not intrusive and did not violate the privacy of a customer’s home; and, 7) were far less prone to fires, etc. To their enormous discredit and shame, Canadian governments, ministers of health and provincial health officers all stood quietly aside and allowed this to happen – even when, in 2011, the WHO (World Health Organization) re-classified the radiation emitted by ‘Smart’ meters as a “Possible” carcinogen! This spoke volumes about the power of electric utilities!

Everyone knows – or should – that whenever A/C electricity flows (such as in high voltage powerlines, substations, power transformers, household electricity, electrical appliances, tools and machinery, motorized and electric vehicles, etc.) an invisible ‘flux’ of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) is always present. While both fields are hazardous to humans, the more harmful are magnetic fields, which are measured in units called ‘Gauss’ (after the scientist who discovered them). Leading EMF scientists globally recommend that the public should not be exposed to ambient (constant) levels of magnetic fields greater than the miniscule levels shown below (expressed in milli or thousandths of a Gauss). You’ll note that even the maximum or highest level of magnetic field recommended by scientists is just one thousandth of one Gauss!

0.0  mG – is the only ‘safe’ level [3]
0.1  mG – is the recommended ‘initial’ level. [3]
<0.2 mG – is recommended for schools, to prevent childhood leukemia [3]
0.1  mG – is the desirable level for schools, homes and work place [3]
1.0  mG – is recommended for the public –  BioInitiative 2007 [4]
1.0  mG – (as above) – Pathophysiology Journal, Aug. 2009 – Special Issue on EMF’s [5]
1.0  mG – (as above) – Seletun Scientific Panel (2011) [6]
1.0  mG – (as above) – BioInitiative 2012 [7]

But the close-knit cartel of ‘industry-friendly’ health regulatory agencies (whose job it is to protect us): Health Canada, the WHO, and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) continue to say – as they have for decades – that there is no “CONCLUSIVE” evidence that magnetic fields cause harm! Furthermore, they say, there is no need for people to be concerned about the magnetic fields presently in their homes and communities! When challenged on this, their stock answer is:

“More studies are needed” – a stalling tactic they have used successfully for almost 40 years! Yet neither government nor industry do those studies! Easily the most significant and controversial EMF scientist internationally is Dr. Michael Repacholi, for it was he who played a dominant role in establishing today’s shocking, eyebrow raising, industry-friendly ‘safe’ exposure limits – for all three agencies mentioned above! First, he and a colleague established the EMF ‘limits’ for what was then Health and Welfare Canada (now Health Canada); then he and another colleague established them for ICNIRP; and, finally, he headed the committee that established the EMF limits for the WHO! [8] On retiring from the WHO in 2006, Dr. Repacholi returned to being a full-time consultant for the electric power and wireless and telecom industries! Dr. Repacholi’s naked industry-bias can be seen in the following unconscionably high safe limits for magnetic fields – which are followed by many countries of the world and most European countries! (all of whom follow ICNIRP’s guidelines):

833 mG! – Canada! (i.e., 833 to 8,330 times higher than what scientists recommend!)
2,000 mG – WHO! (2,000-20,000 times higher!)
2,000 mG – ICNIRP – (2,000-20,000 times higher!) for the public!
10,000 mG – ICNIRP – (10,000-100,000 times higher!) for workers! [9]
9,040 mG – says the USA’s’ IEEE/ICES committee, Note: ICES is led by the US military. The USA has no federal standard! This ICES limit is 9,040-90,400 times higher than what non-industry scientists recommend! [10]

Western governments and electric utilities have for decades gone to enormous pains to conceal the truth from the public for fear that, if known, it would: 1) topple their government; 2) expose governments and electric utilities to unprecedented class action lawsuits – the cumulative number, size and scale of which likely would cripple any provincial economy and ruin any electric power utility; and, 3) could result in prison sentences for the leaders, if found guilty.

*Mainstream News Media Remains Sinfully Silent

Tragically for North Americans, their tightly-controlled news media oligopoly remains sinfully silent on this whole issue, thus ensuring that North Americans remain ignorant of the starkly polarized science and views Eastern European countries have versus Western European countries, who are exposed to significant influence from the USA! The truth is readily available on the Internet.

Historical Facts

By 1970, Soviet literature contained more than 100 reports of the influence of ELF (extremely low frequency – i.e. 60 Hz) electric fields on biological systems: physiological effects, respiration, central nervous system, weight loss, increased blood pressure, fatigue, drowsiness, headache, etc. The Soviets have also long known that magnetic fields of just 2-3 mG cause harmful effects in people! [11] Yet the North American electric power industry to this day tells governments and the public that EMFs are not hazardous and, shamefully, continues to call for “more studies!”

In 1977 – Dr. Robert O. Becker (deceased), two-time Nobel nominee, showed that EMFs are linked to cancer!  In 2000, he said: “The greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.  I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming…”  [Ref. 1]

In 1979, Dr Nancy Wertheimer (deceased) was the first scientist to link magnetic fields of 2-3 mG and leukemia, lymphoma and brain tumors in children. Her findings were later replicated by Dr. David Savitz, in 1980, who found a level of just 2.2 mG produced similar results!  [12]

Subsequent and separate US, Swedish and Danish studies determined that magnetic fields of just 1 mG were linked to cancer! Just 2 mG caused a 3-fold risk of cancer; 3 mG caused a 4-fold risk; 4 mG caused a 5-fold risk! [13] Other scientists found that 2-4 mG resulted in 2X to 4X the risk of children under six getting Leukemia. Occupationally, it was found that fields of 2 mG or higher were linked to adult Leukemia, brain tumors, breast cancer, lymphoma, neuroblastomas, diseases of the central nervous system, cancer clusters, etc. Scientists also found that >16 mG increased the chances of a miscarriage!

In summary, leading international EMF experts have known since at least the 1970s that being constantly exposed to even miniscule levels of 60 Hz A/C magnetic fields in the home, neighborhood, schools or at work causes, promotes or is linked to most of today’s modern diseases of the brain, immune system and central nervous system. Children are particularly vulnerable! Yet the industry-friendly cartel of health regulatory agencies of the “Free World” – including Health Canada – continues to deny there is any cause for concern! History knows that Dr. Repacholi not only played a key role in establishing egregiously high magnetic field limits for Canada, ICNIRP and the WHO, but it was he who played a major part in enabling North America’s industry (both electric power and the wireless and telecom industries) to gain the enormous influence it currently enjoys over regulatory agencies of the ‘Free World’ – including Health Canada and the WHO!  Were it not for Dr. Michael Repacholi, the entire Canadian population – especially pregnant women and children – would not now be forced, unknowingly, to endure invisible levels of magnetic fields in their homes, schools, hospitals and places of work that can be at least 833 times higher (more dangerous) and up to 8,330 times higher/more dangerous than the tiny fractional limits leading international EMF scientists recommend! Governments continue to remain stubbornly deaf, dumb and silent in the face of overwhelming evidence – spanning decades – from leading EMF scientists, and to the pleas for help from the long-suffering public, who have tried desperately to be heard! Ongoing government denial allows electric utilities in Canada (and other Western-aligned countries) to continue building extremely profitable high voltage power lines and substations dangerously close to schools, hospitals, residential areas and places of work! But, as surely as justice finally caught up with the tobacco industry, it will do so with the electric power industry! It is simply a question of when, not if! Justice will be one!


Government of Canada

  • Because this corruption is so deeply entrenched and so widespread, the Government of Canada must request the assistance of the RCMP to conduct a thorough national criminal investigation! While the focus of the investigation must be on Industry Canada and Health Canada, it must also include all electric power utilities, all provincial utility commissions, and all provincial health officers.
  • Because Canada’s mainstream news media is now so tightly controlled by just a handful of major corporations – who can and do decide what Canadians are permitted to see on TV, hear on the radio and read in newspapers – it behooves the Government of Canada to ensure that Canada’s national broadcasting service, CBC, becomes a “Beacon of Truth,” i.e., it provides timely, reliable, unexpurgated news, especially on controversial issues such as RF and ELF EMFs, cancer research, chemtrails, global warming, etc.
  • Encourage provinces to have all schools of learning, including trade schools, provincial licensing bodies, provincial utility commissions, and all provincial health officers etc. update their teaching and reference material as necessary to enable those institutions and faculty to fulfill their roles. In the case of provincial utility commissions and PHOs, ensure they fully appreciate and respect the very real hazards of EMFs, both ELF and RF (radio frequency).

Provincial Governments

  • Halt any further installations of wireless ‘Smart’ meters in their jurisdictions, and direct electric utilities to replace – at no cost to the property owner – ‘Smart’ meters already installed with new or refurbished analogue meters;
  • Direct electric power utilities to immediately establish safer “buffer-zones” between their infrastructure, e.g., overhead transmission and distribution lines, substations and residential homes, schools, hospitals, places of work, etc. – using ‘safe’ distances recommended by international EMF experts – and relocate and/or bury those facilities now deemed to be too close.
  • Direct electric power utilities to re-engineer their entire power generation infrastructure (which is based on a radio frequency of 60 Hz) to use a safer frequency, likely above 600 Hz, the harmonics and sub-harmonics of which are less harmful to the human brain, central nervous system and immune system frequencies;
  • Inform electric power utilities that, henceforth, all new devices and/or technology will not be permitted in the public domain unless it is first subjected to independent ‘safety’ testing to insure it is safe to be used by, on and around people of all sizes, of all ages, and of all levels of wellness on a continuous basis;

Only when actions approximating the above have been completed can Canada hope to regain the national and international respect and admiration to which it was once entitled.

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Vancouver Island, Canada

[1] http://www.wirelessimpacts.org/science/becker.html
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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Cell phones will probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumors over the next 10 to 20 years.”
~ Dr. Neil Cherry – Professor of Environmental Health Lincoln University, New Zealand

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation