2016-06-30 Wireless water meters installed on Sunshine Coast.

1)    A member found this in which the Auditor General, among other things, lists future projects for investigation. Note page 10 # 3 – whether BCUC is exercising effective oversight of projects within its jurisdiction.  Because the government has mandated that BCUC doesn’t have oversight of the two major projects, Site C and Smeter Program, this review cannot include these, but perhaps the AG will include the safety of the BC public – e.g. the fire issue. It couldn’t hurt for us all to ask her to consider this.


2)    From a member on the Sunshine Coast. If the SCRD Directors believed BC Hydro’s smeters were dangerous and shouldn’t be installed, how could they believe the water $$meters are safe?  I suggest that people in the area consider writing the Directors and educating them on the dangers and their responsibilities. They have control over this.

info@scrd.ca   and put Attention Directors in the subject line.

An SCRD bully spoke to my neighbor (on Friday I believe) about water smart meter installation here in Earl’s Cove at the north end of the Sechelt Peninsula.  My neighbor has no idea where his water access is and the bully stated that they could dig up his yard for him (including his fruit trees?).  There is spray paint on all of our water input tubes now and on our road with huge arrows pointing up toward my neighbor’s place.  The bully told X water smart meters would be installed within a month.  I have emailed many reports of the studies you post re smart meters and their dangers to SCRD Directors over the years and my presentation years ago led to the SCRD passing a moratorium on them back then.  Now they are installing water smart meters all over the peninsula.

3)    The Wi-Fi space is getting crowded and is projected to be getting more crowded as the number of wireless gadgets increase. Soon there will be no landline phones, all of the smeters will be emitting signals from the ZigBee chips, etc. More radiation and less efficient means of communicating.

Wi-Fi connectivity is likely to soon go from often annoying to completely broken. In 2013, Ofcom, the British national telecommunications agency, published a study, “The Future Role of Spectrum Sharing for Mobile and Wireless Data Services,” which predicted that Wi-Fi and mobile Internet airwaves could become critically congested by 2020—now just four years away.

To date, technical-standards developers and router manufacturers, who have worked hard to improve speed over the past 15 years, have all but ignored these issues. In particular, they haven’t addressed the fact that a widespread rollout of 802.11ac, with its ability to offer wider but fewer channels, will make the congestion problem vastly worse.”


4)    Non-smeter, but a hit at the government. EcoJustice is an environmental legal firm that has fought and won many significant battles on behalf of the environment.

Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline is dead, and hopefully gone for good. Last fall, we appeared — alongside First Nations, environmental groups, and organized labour — before the Federal Court of Appeal to make the case for why the federal government’s approval of Enbridge’s controversial pipeline should be revoked. Today, the Court issued a strong ruling that overturns the government’s approval of the project, effectively shutting the door on Enbridge’s risky proposal.”



From: X
Sent: June 30, 2016
To: customer.relations@bcferries.com; mike.corrigan@bcferries.com; deborah.marshall@bcferries.com
Subject: Electromagnetic Radiation on BC Ferries

Dear CEO Mike Corrigan, BC Ferries Board, BC Ferries administrative team and executive committee

Today I learned that others are still expressing concern about the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation on board the BC Ferries.  I raised the issue with BC Ferries approximately 5 years ago,  Far from the problem becoming less I note the amount of EMR on board the ferries and the number of ferries and terminals with it has increased significantly.  It appears the progress on this issue has been worse than nonexistent, The situation has become worse.

Before you try and assure me that the levels meet the Canadian standards, let me point out there are no standards in Canada that protect the public from excessive radiation – what is often purported to be standards are only guidelines – of course you meet the non existent standards.

I will also point out the guidelines themselves are based on a ludicrous concept, that of the ability of the radiation to raise 1 gram of tissue 1 [degree] Celsius in 6 minutes is the only harmful effect. Different body tissues respond to the heating effect of radiation at different rates, What magic, according to Health Canada, occurs between 5 min 59 sec and 6 min 01 sec.  Raising individual 1 g samples of one’s body by 1 degree Celsius occurs many times during normal life  – the temperature is not the issue  – obviously other factors are at play when many scientists note among other harmful effects such as DNA damage occur under an onslaught of EMR.  Effects that have been noted by many from the National Toxicology Program in the US with the release of a recent report, onto a great many other scientists that have noted many other harmful effects in addition to the harm to DNA.

I would very much like to send a thank you letter, thanking you for posting the typical EMR readings in the various areas accessible by the public on the ship – (I understand the levels of EMR in the areas restricted to crews only are much lower than in the public areas), a thank you for providing a “playpen” for those that need their constant EMR fix.

When will I have the opportunity to send such a letter, or will I continue to cringe at the thought of going near your terminals or ferries and endure the pain and stress if I need to go near them?



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Happy Canada Day!!

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