2016-06-29 Major lawsuits might finally get industry’s attention

1)    For people who suffer EHS, riding on BC Ferries can be a nightmare because of the Wi-Fi. There is no place to escape, not even a small shielded room. For quite some time this has been a point raised with Ferry Services, and below is a letter reviving the issue. I hope that those of you who are sensitive, or who are sensitive to the suffering of those with EHS, will consider writing, asking for accommodation.

2)    Many of you wrote wonderful emails to CFAX and Bell Media, in support of Ian Jessop, chastising them for his firing. I was told that Bell Media is reading the comments attached to this article. It would be much appreciated if you would add your comments to it, even just cutting and pasting your earlier email.


3)    I received an email from Telus’s Customer Service Rep. today, and I responded. Below are the emails.

4)    Consumer Reports reports on the National Toxicology Report. This type of magazine will reach so many people. Please consider commenting.


5)    A small village in Illinois has started the campaign for the right to choose – the same argument we’ve made in our class action lawsuit. It’s their (and our) constitutional right to decide whether or not we will allow something that could be dangerous on our homes.


6)    It seems that lawsuits that result in major financial losses will be the only thing that will result in the telecom/wireless industry doing the right thing – stop selling dangerous products. For decades, companies have had evidence that cell phones and other wireless devices emit radiation that have caused harm, yet they continue to mislead their customers. Profit at any price – even our health.



From: X
To: customer.relations@bcferries.com
Cc: mike.corrigan@bcferries.com, deborah.marshall@bcferries.com
Sent: June 25, 2016

Subject: Re Safe Spaces on BC Ferries

Elke Kite
Manager, Customer Relations,
Customer Care
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Suite 500, 1321 Blanshard St.,
Victoria, BC V8W 0B7
The Atrium

Dear Elke,

Such a long time has elapsed since your last email to me (May, 2015). In that email you assured me that you were still pursuing solutions to the Wi-Fi issue on your ferries, and considering “adjustments’.

It is my hope that you are still putting some effort into attending to the issue of a safe space on your ferries for people with EHS, as well as passengers in general. I’m still counting on your help to find constructive solutions as time passes.  I suspect the lack of news re a location onboard your vessels where a wireless free zone can be established is the result of a general malaise on the part of BC Ferries to look seriously at the matter. So many other things to deal with, money being only one of them.

The meeting you arranged in the past was such an excellent first step, and your correspondence also, but they seem to have led nowhere.  I think they call it “lack of political will”, but I also think that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I am enclosing a recent “letter” [http://olgasheean.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/NO-SAFE-PLACE-Letter-to-Gregor-Robertson-1.pdf] written to Mayor Gregor Robertson from Olga Sheean.  She is extremely sensitive to wireless radiation in our environment, and she has been able to get Orca Air to agree to have cell phones turned off when those who suffer from EHS fly.  The letter/presentation is extremely thorough, and worth reading.

Please READ IT.  I think it would be a useful tool for you in your quest to improve the levels of Wi-Fi on your ferries, and to aid understanding of the issue with BC Ferries staff.  A safe space is such a small request, really.  Far easier to create one than to do damage control down the road.  (Note pages 17 to 25 . . .)

Please keep me informed about any response or progress made.

It still matters to me, and to the significant portion of your passengers who would travel more easily knowing that there is at least a small space that is not bombarded by Wi-Fi.  So many hurdles in our society, but BC Ferries could be one place that shows compassion and awareness when it comes to EHS.

FYI: According to the BC Human Rights Code, landlords, service-providers and other decision-makers have a legal obligation to accommodate those with a disability—including EHS.

Information shared in previous meetings and conversations is, I hope, still available to you for reference.  If not, please let me know and I will resend it.

Olga Sheean’s letter has good leads for you, if needed.


If you don’t feel the effects, you won’t care.
If you don’t care, you won’t look.
If you don’t look, you won’t see.
If you don’t see, you won’t believe.
But the evidence is there


From: Christel Martin  (name given with permission)
Sent: June 29, 2016
To: info@evidencefordemocracy.ca
Cc: Sharon Noble
Subject: Science integrity in B.C.

Attn. Kathleen Walsh

There is no scientific integrity in BC, at least not in regard to microwave radiation from wireless devices or pesticides or health care.

I am electro-hyper-sensitive as a result of mercury poisoning caused by an unscrupulous exterminator I hired to kill carpenter ants in my house in March 1997.   There were no regulations in BC, still aren’t, that would have forced him to give me an MSDS or at least write the name of the poison on the bill.  He did tell me “kalaklor” some months later when I recalled him for more ants.  Ten years of declining health later, I discovered that Calo-Chlor was a banned commercial fungicide, aka mercuric chloride.  You can read the rest of my heavy metal saga at my personal website: http://members.shaw.ca/henhilton/Index.html

When Hydro first started their smart meter program, I attended an open house in Victoria.  Dr. Perry Kendall was there to reassure everyone that smart meters are safe.

(I’d already been forced to drop out of university in 2009 because wifi had been installed in “my” building where I was studying website design.  My vision blurred, I became cranky and irritable with short term memory loss, and could not make sense out of anything.  At  home I was fine, but university was hell.  I went from Dean’s List to dropout in one semester.  Later, I learned that microwave radiation from wifi and cell antennas, etc. causes mercury to migrate within the body, straight to the brain and nervous system, by opening the blood-brain barrier.)

Kendall and the Hydro talking heads busily reassured us, until I stood up and confronted them with my story.  I said, The only safe place for me is in the bush, off-grid, in a shielded home built to Building Biology standards.  They looked suitably embarrassed, until another EHS person stood up with the same complaint–smart meters will force us out of our homes–and Kendall said, “I suggest you do what this other woman’s doing, find an acreage and go off grid; that’s what I’d do if I were in your situation”.  I said, I’m not going off-grid because I can’t afford it; I’m broke from paying for medical care, renovating the wiring in my house to make it safe for me, etc.  What kind of doctor are you anyway, because you did not hear a word I said.”  Lots of embarrassed looks again. . .but no answers for us.   I am forced to pay Hydro’s “protection rate” of $32.50/month for the privilege of being able to remain in my home.

I was also among 100+ people who lined up in front of Dr. Kendall’s office; we each brought him unbiased science from around the world about the dangers of microwave radiation, and received:  nothing.  Not even an acknowledgement of our presence, never mind that he can or does actually read unbiased science.

In the face of the recent US Toxicology study which clearly showed that cell phone radiation does cause cancer–brain and heart–in especially male rats, Kendall keeps silent or babbles about Health Canada’s vastly outdated Safety Code Six without considering the multi-party parliamentary committee HESA that considered the unbiased science and said, SC6 has to be changed.  Of course, Health Canada’s Royal Commission on SC6 was led and heavily represented by Big Telecom, so who’s in charge anyway?

My current situation?  I have $7,000 to my name and a $50,000 mortgage, age 65.  I have not rented my suite since 2011 because tenants refused to comply with tenancy agreements to not use wireless on the premises, even though I was on CPP Disability for EHS–strangely, by law, when I turn 65, I no longer qualify for CPP Disability, so my pension was cut by 25%–I guess someone thinks I magically got better.

I’m looking for a motor home because I can’t visit my elderly sisters back East using public transit, stay in motels, eat in restaurants, use public facilities, etc. because of wifi and too many cell phones/i-things.  I  see double, lose my way, and have had attacks of vertigo when over-exposed to microwave radiation, such that I found myself draped over a car that had a wifi symbol on the driver’s door.  I’ve become nauseous and dizzy in my realtor’s car and a good friend’s car because of electromagnetic fields in the dashboard and under the seats even with their cell phones off and in the trunk.

Science integrity?  Ha!  Whoever pays the most gets the “integrity” while the rest of the planet suffers.

Could say I’ve become jaded. . .

Christel Martin


From: Sharon Noble
Sent: June 29, 2016 8:30 PM
To: Bonnie.Anderson@TELUS.COM
Cc: board@telus.com
Subject: RE: TELUS Servce Experience

Hello, Bonnie,

Thank you for getting back to me, as you said you would. This was my first positive interaction with Telus, for which I am most grateful.

I hope that something comes from my bad experience, and I hope the training includes being honest with the customer. My most important complaint was that I did not receive the wired equipment that I was promised, and, worse yet, I was deceived. I was told it was wired yet  a wireless modem was left in my home and 2 of my TVs had wireless boxes. This was deliberate. If I had not had a meter that could measure the radiation, I would not have known.

There are many people who have serious health problems that are exacerbated by wireless devices. These range from having medical devices (such as pacemakers and deep brain implants with which wireless devices interfere) to having cancer, a-fib, impaired immunes systems or Electro-hypersensitivity. Often physicians tell people with these (and other) conditions to remove all wireless devices from their homes. Should these people have the same thing happen to them, and if they do not have a meter that can measure radiofrequency radiation, they could be have serious reactions with no explanation. In a situation like this, lives could be put at risk – leaving Telus open to legal action.

Bonnie, I am copying the board members of Telus because I believe my concerns are significant and warrant serious consideration at the highest level.

I do appreciate your email, Bonnie.


= = =

From: Bonnie Anderson [mailto:Bonnie.Anderson@TELUS.COM]
Sent: June 29, 2016 3:46 PM
To: Sharon Noble

Subject: RE: TELUS Servce Experience

Dear Sharon:

I want to start off my thanking you again for taking the time to discuss your recent installation experience with me. It is very disappointing to know that we let you down and for that I offer you my sincere apology.  Through our discussion, it is evident that we could not fulfill your service expectations and I regret that our team members were not as upfront with you on our High-Speed service limitations.

Because of your feedback, we will be able to review and identify the opportunities in our Door-to Door Sales process up until the completion of the installation.  This will include the appropriate coaching to the designated team members, which you and I discussed in an effort to ensure the problems do not re-occur.  We currently have many initiatives underway to reduce our queue wait times and also to improve the customer service levels for all front line team members. This is one of our top corporate priorities as we want to ensure that we provide the customer service our customer want and deserve.

I want to also let you know that you will still receive 4 closing billing statements, following our regular process. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you again Sharon for your valuable feedback. I know you have lost faith in TELUS, but I do hope that one day you will  re-consider TELUS has your provider of choice when we are able to meet your service requirements.

Bonnie Anderson
Executive Customer Relations Advisor
TELUS Team Member
Ph: 1-888-530-2049



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Cell phones will probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumors over the next 10 to 20 years.”
~ Dr. Neil Cherry – Professor of Environmental Health Lincoln University, New Zealand


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