2016-06-28 The BC Auditor General seems toothless re. $$meters

1)    Another terrific article by one of our members.

Don’t rely on cell phone companies or Internet service providers to keep you informed of the risks to your health—the ones they already know about but will never share with you on social media or anywhere else. With your support, they’ll continue to promote lies and misinformation about their wondrous, life-enhancing Wi-Fi, happily colluding with you to maintain your denial of the dangers.” 

Neither, sadly, can we trust Health Canada, the BC Cancer Society or our provincial health officials to keep us informed. We can understand why the corporations mislead and mis-inform us – greed and profit — but why do these agencies and people who are paid to protect us?


2)    I wrote to the BC Auditor General on June 14 asking for an investigation into the fire hazards posed by the smeters and, if the evidence warranted it, to ask for a recall. Unlike Ontario’s Auditor General, it appears that the BC AG is unable to do anything. Why the difference between the Ontario AG and the BC one?  As acknowledged, I’ve pushing for the AG to investigate this problem for 2 years – and still nothing. The response I received today is below in Letters. More and more, it is obvious that no agency will help us – it is up to us to protest and raise awareness in BC that we are living with fire hazards on our homes.

3)    The Neptune water meters seem to be the ones used widely, if not exclusively, in BC.  They are RF emitters and should not be allowed in the home at all and, ideally, nowhere near the home. Many water meters are in the ground with a metal cover – a perfect place for them.  A member confirmed that the Neptune R900i is used in West Bank.


Ecoder 900i:


Neptune’s E-Coder®)R900i™ combination absolute encoder register/radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) provides two-way communications of advanced smart metering. The E-Coder)R900i’s interleaved mobile and high-power fixed network messages allow for simple migration from walk-by to mobile to fixed network reading without site visits or reprogramming. From increasing efficiencies to pinpointing possible tamper or water theft to aiding customer service, the data supplied by the E-Coder)R900i can help your utility make better, more confident decisions.

4)    Below is an email I received regarding the promise Prime Minister Trudeau made to make decisions based on scientific fact rather than biases and opinions. There is a place for comments about what is happening in BC. I hope you will consider sending your opinions, especially concerning microwave radiation and Dr. Perry Kendall’s use of opinion to force children to be exposed to Wi-Fi in schools and in their homes with $$meters.


From:  X
Sent: June 26, 2016
To: Gary.Holman.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Cc: Elizabeth.May.C1@parl.gc.ca
Subject: URGENT: Please read this letter NO SAFE PLACE (to Mayor Gregor Robertson, City of Vancouver)

Dear Gary Holman, Elizabeth May:

I am forwarding this letter to you (below) because I am a teacher with EHS, and all of these points in Olga Sheean’s excellent letter have affected my health and lifestyle.

Even in my new location on “rural” Pender Island I am affected by WiFi, cordless phones, Shaw antennae poles, and hundreds of Smart Meters emitting harmful signals that make me dizzy and fall over in my driveway and on the trails. I cannot ride my bike on the Pender roadways or walk my dog anymore, because there is no metal helmet that can shield my neck, ear cochlea and brain from the “false” electric signals which enter my brain from invasive Smart Meter signals, cell phones surging to connect to the cell tower, and DECT cordless phone signals which reach over 75 feet and cross through my property and home from my 4 neighbours’ properties.

This is a Social Justice issue. It is a violation of Human Rights that anyone should suffer EHS symptoms, yet right now in the UK alone, experts predict that 50% of the population will suffer from EHS symptoms, and that is a conservative estimate.

My own debilitating symptoms now include vertigo/dizziness/loss of balance, visual disruptions, massive headpains/migraine-like headaches, hitch-pitched ringing in ears, nausea, rash, and gastro-intestinal “flu” symptoms when in forced proximity to the constant harmful signals of WiFi and cell phone RF radiation from other people’s wireless devices.

Once overexposed to signals, we who suffer EHS symptoms are not safe from neighbours’ signals in the sanctuary of our own home!! Many of us have been laid off or lost our livelihood due to installation of wireless WiFi at work. We are unable to attend school or access public parks, malls, libraries, and government buildings with WiFi.

People are not born with EHS (although certain groups such as children and the elderly may be predisposed to becoming hypersensitive). It is a preventable disorder that is caused by having been overexposed and in close proximity to pervasive, invisible radiofrequency radiation signals at home, work or school.

Olga Sheean, the author of the letter below, is a former employee of the World Health Organization in Geneva and now a resident of Vancouver, BC. She has written this articulate and passionate letter to Gregor Robertson, Mayor of the city of Vancouver, about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and the dangers of WiFi proliferation.

I know you will give this issue your utmost concern and attention. Please contact me to discuss the devastating (yet preventable) health effects of WiFi and RF on teachers and students throughout BC and Canadian public schools.





From: BC Auditor General <bcauditor@bcauditor.com>
Sharon Noble

Dear Ms. Noble,

Thank you for your email of June 14, 2016 in which you have attached your comments in response to a draft report prepared by the BC Utilities Commission for our review, regarding the tracking of incidents involving smart meters. We agree that fire safety is important and appreciate hearing your concerns.

In your letter you ask us for an investigation of these defective products [smart meters] and the [fire safety and regulatory] procedures that are not working to protect the public from them [smart meters]. In our December 8, 2015 letter to you, we acknowledged your request that we look at the smart meter program. This potentially includes looking at the results and impacts of smart meter installations. We understand from your current letter that the scope you intend would include considerations of safety of these electricity measuring devices. We had recognized your concerns with respect to meter-caused fires in our telephone conversation with you on June 20, 2014.

You indicate as well that you are looking for someone who has the authority to demand a recall of what you are purporting to be a defective product [smart meters]. It was appropriate for you to have reported your smart meter concerns to the Minister of Energy and Mines and to BC Hydro. They are in a position to review the deployment of smart meters, and to take appropriate action if there is sufficient, appropriate evidence that the meters cause fires. The Auditor General does not have the authority to demand a recall of any products used to support BC Hydro electrical services.

However, we will consider your new information in planning any future work we may do around the role of BCUC, or the regulation of safety devices in general.

Thank you again for your continued interest in this matter, and for the information you have provided.

Yours truly,

Bill Gilhooly, CPA, CA, PMP
Assistant Auditor General


Dear ,

We want to hear from you!

This month, BioScience journal covered the issue of the muzzling of Canadian scientists. They noted that while some federal government departments have announced “unmuzzling” of their scientists, other departments have been slow to change, and significant barriers remains.You can read the entire article online.

As you may know, and as the article mentions, E4D is campaigning for science integrity policies to be implemented in all federal science-based departments. There is much work to be done at the federal level to guarantee scientists’ ability to communicate and engage in research free from interference. However, we are also aware of increasing concerns at the provincial level. On both fronts, we need your help.

First, have you added your name to our letter supporting science integrity?

Second, we want to hear from you directly about B.C..! What’s the state of science integrity in your province? Do you think provincial government scientists are free to speak about their research? Do you have concerns about cancelled programs, or redirected resources? What does evidence-based decision-making look like in B.C. right now?

Let us know, by sending us an email (info@evidencefordemocracy.ca). We want to hear your stories to help us understand the situation for B.C.’s scientists and evidence-based decision-making in recent years, in order to help chart a course for the future.

Here’s more to read from E4D in the media this past week:

The Canadian Medical Association Journal covered the continued issues facing Cochrane Canada, and our petition to help restore their funding.

We talked to the Canadian Press about the data deficit facing the Liberal government, and the long-term impacts of previous cuts to Statistics Canada.

Thanks for your support and input! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Kathleen Walsh
Interim Executive Director



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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