2016-06-26 Neptune water $$meters in Michigan emit strong signals every 14 seconds. Do they here?

1)    Below in Letters is one written by a member to Mr. Adam Taylor of the Marmot Recovery Foundation in Nanaimo. In response to this email, Mr. Taylor expressed great concern about the possible effects of RF and has asked for studies involving rats and other small mammals. He, like the others who have worked so hard to save these poor animals, want to make sure whatever happened doesn’t happen again. At this point, I don’t believe that anyone knows what caused this colony to fail.


2)    Hydro One customers in Ontario continue to complain about the increasing costs and erroneous bills, which they blame in large part on $$meters coupled with incompetence. Utility companies across the country seem to be immune to criticism, holding customers hostage if they want an essential service.


“When a residential customer, who is not home during the day, is billed at using over 90kw a day and a full-time car garage in the same town is billed at using 50kw a day, there is a problem,” said Ms. Giles. “And too many people are having their power disconnected. Some without notice,” said Ms. Giles. “This lack of communication is unacceptable. A Hydro One employee told a customer he was disconnecting in Central Manitoulin that he had nine more disconnections that day.”


3)    The $$mart meters used by most utilities in North America, and all so far in Canada, are run by electricity that we pay for. We pay for BC Hydro to be able to fire meter readers not only in taxes and fees but also in consumption increase. This report shows that there is wide variance among $$meters with some using more electricity than others. I do not know how much electricity it takes to run ITRON’s smeters. I believe this is information with which we deserve to be provided by an independent source.

(….Executive Summary

“SMI/EMS stands for smart metering infrastructure and energy monitoring systems. This is the title of the first Task of the Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA), which itself is anchored in the Energy Efficient End-use Equipment (4E) implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA). This task is supported by seven governments: Australia,  Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom….

According to several studies, the average long-term consumption reductions typically lie in the range of a few per cent compared to households without feedback.

These systems however also consume electricity which may offset part of the positive effects and the widespread installation of these systems may have considerable impacts at a macro scale.  The own power consumption of these systems is the main topic of this report which describes the objectives, methodology and achievements of Task 1 as of March 2016….”   [see graph on p.6/91]

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4)    Groups in Scotland have called for a 5 year delay in the $$meter program due to major questions concerning costs and benefits.

“The current rollout, which is due to fully begin this summer, aims to offer smart meters to every household by 2020, but the Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) at Citizens Advice Scotland said it believes this will cause problems for vulnerable customers and increase the overall cost of the project.”



5)    In Michigan, $$mart water meters emit 257 signals every hour of every day, or an RF emission every 14 seconds for 7 milliseconds. The meter is the Neptune R900. Neptune meters are the ones used by most water districts in BC.

Can people please check and tell me what model is used in your community? Please email me at dsnoble@shaw.ca with Neptune on the subject line, giving me the model along with your community.

[Water Meters – http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=2695]


Why are water meters emitting RF signals every 14 seconds?? The signal is strong, .08 milliwatts per centimeter squared or 80 microwatts per centimeter squared – and this could likely be the average power density, and not the peak.  Some homes have these smeters inside – where people would be much closer to these signals.

“Perry Hart, Director of Public Works here is Battle Creek has confirmed that the smart meters they are installing for water service operate within this frequency as well.  (See page 9 here.)  He also explained how the new water meters pulse 257 times per hour, non-stop.  (Mr. Hart’s presentation explained how the new water meters pulse every 14 seconds, which translates to 257 times per hour.)

Unlike cell phones, which can be turned off, smart meters are never “off,’ which is why radiation expert Daniel Hirsch says one smart meter may be like being exposed to 50 or more cell phones.”



6)    The standard arguments to justify smeters is starting in New Mexico, prime is that the analog isn’t being made. This isn’t true but, even if it were, they could be made again. Another is the ability to turn power off and on remotely – for real estate agents!!

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Thomas focused on the benefits of immediately being able to turn connections on and off, particularly for area real estate agents. “If somebody wants to look at a house, they can have the power turned on immediately,” he said. “It will improve the productivity of other businesses that I believe rely on quick and consistent connectivity.”


7)    Cell phone companies are disguising their towers and transmitters which they are placing near homes, schools, and hospitals – disguising them so we don’t know they are in places where they could irradiate the most vulnerable – children and those with health problems. The industry says that they are disguising them because people are concerned about aesthetics, refusing to acknowledge science which shows cancer clusters and other health problems occur at higher rates than normal within a radius of 4-500 meters from the transmitters. These companies often target schools, churches and hospitals, knowing they need the money but leaving them vulnerable to the legal challenges that one day will be presented as more people become educated on this topic.

Let’s assume that some of the church or temple management personnel who make the decision to bring microwave radiation home to their members, and the school boards and private managers who are selling out the health of their students and employees by taking the money to have cell towers on campus, don’t understand the harm they are doing. Well now all of you have just lost the excuse of ignorance. I am letting you know. Religious organizations giving sermons on caring about our fellow man, while they get paid off to have cell towers on their property, if they don’t get rid of them now, and stop taking the money, are not living up to what they preach, and don’t really believe in what they tell others.

School management is in the same category. Taking money to harm your students is a crime, once you know, and now you know. Parents, go to your school, find out who would know and would admit it, and ask them if they have a cell tower or antenna on campus or nearby, and are getting money for it. If so, have them get rid of it immediately.

Let them know you want wi-fi out of the school now. The computers can stay, but just get them hard wired, and ditch the wi-fi routers. Or get your kids out of that school, and let other parents know. The responsibility and direction of education for your kids is in your hands, not the government-controlled school system.”

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From:  X
Sent: June 22, 2016
To: adam@marmots.org
Cc: Olle.Johansson@ki.se; Magda Havas, Ph.D. <mhavas@trentu.ca>; Kendall Hanson <khanson@cheknews.ca>
Subject: Adam Taylor, VI Marmot Recovery Foundation

Marmot Recovery Foundation

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Re:  http://www.cheknews.ca/vancouver-island-marmots-fail-wake-hibernation-190550/

Your calming voice was so welcome because I get soooo upset about what we’re doing to life on this planet.  Thank you for not leaving me feeling like a woebegone fool crying about the death of half the marmot colony because they have microwave transmitters around their necks.

Here are some unbiased studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on creatures:

http://magdahavas.com  &  http://www.magdahavas.org/                     Dr. Havas is an environmental researcher at Trent University who, like Dr. Olle Johansson at Karolinska, has been studying the effects of EMR.  Her site has information about the US Embassy in Moscow situation I mentioned, as well as much more.

I am sure Dr. Johansson, neurodermatologist at Karolinska Institute, will send you some of his research shortly.

Dr. Devra Davis, epidemiologist for the US government turned whistleblower when she learned what she was unknowingly supporting:  http://ehtrust.org/

http://www.bioinitiative.org/  links to the Bio-Initiative Report, must read for any serious researcher.

Two papers by Ulrich Warnke about EMR’s effects on creatures: https://apps.fcc.gov/els/GetAtt.html?id=171442&x   &    https://www.zeitenschrift.com/uploads/pdf/bees-birds-and-mankind_Competence-Initiative.pdf

And the most recent, explosive US Toxicology report about cell phone radiation on rats: http://microwavenews.com

The BC Animal Health Lab may know something: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/agriculture-seafood/animals-and-crops/animal-health ; the pathologists I’ve spoken to there about my dogs were certainly better informed than I’d have expected (and dead silent about arsenic in animal feed, as I mentioned).

I’ve cc’d Chris Anderson and Katharina Gustavs who are far better trained and equipped than I am in microwave measurements.   Ms Gustavs is a professional German-trained Building Biologist:  http://www.katharinaconsulting.com/ who specializes in all things electromagnetic.  Mr. Anderson is also trained in BB methods, and has measured my home and those of several friends.   As I mentioned, one of us will happily come and measure the microwave radiation around the marmot colonies, especially as you said there are several cell towers in the area, for a fee (travel expenses for me; I leave fees to the pros).

Mr. Taylor, I hope I’ve shed some light on the untimely death of these poor creatures.  Veterinarians are as in the dark as the rest of us, professional denial because then they’d have to get rid of the Worksafe BC violations known as Wi-Fi routers from their offices and homes.  Medical doctors are even worse:  they allow and endorse cell antennas on hospitals such as NRGH directly on top of the Newborn ICU and overlooking Emergency.

As I said, I know personally four men, aged 20 – 75, who died in high microwave environments of cardiac arrest, a fatal electrical discharge of the heart (not myocardial infarction, which is clot-based).  Cardiac arrest, to the best of my knowledge, leaves no traces in the body, so pathologists can blame whatever other ailment they might find.  None of these men had specific cardiac problems, although the older you get the more likely there is to find something else to blame it on.

Kendall Hanson is a journalist with CHEK News; I’m sure he’ll gladly cover whatever else you learn about VI marmots.

Please follow up on this.  The marmots need you, and so do we all.


From:  Y
To: heather.kim@bellmedia.ca
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016

Bell Media

Subject: Ian Jessop

I am outraged that Ian Jessop has been fired. I guess no one at CFAX had the courage to let him speak the truth. Just follow the money, probably. Even if it’s corporate greed money. Human beings don’t matter any more. Nor do integrity or the truth. I am disappointed in this decision. I will no longer be listening to CFAX and I hope many advertisers at your station decide to pull their ads.


From: Z
To: talk@cfax1070.com ; heather.kim@bellmedia.ca
Cc: cfaxnews@cfax1070.com
Sent: June 24, 2016

Ian Jessop C-FAX 1070

Subject: Ian Jessop CFAX Victoria – Att: Management

Att:  Management
Re:  Ian Jessup


In utter disbelief, I learned about radio journalist, Ian Jessop’s dismissal from CFAX.

Why?  Site-C environmental boondoggle, or BC Hydro’s and autocratic Liberal government’s smart meter fiasco and public tyranny?
Is the public to remain ignorant of the facts that no one wants to speak about?

That smart meter radiation can have cumulative health effects, according to overwhelming international scientific evidence, or that people could lose their homes and loved ones in a fire, because smart meters are incompatible with the analog meter base, causing fires?

That Site-C was condemned as a massive environmental degradation by scientists and the Clark government preference to shut their eyes to scientific and economic facts, and shutting the government’s utility watchdog, BCUC, out of all oversight?

How can any media stand silently by and let this happen, without informing those who have to lose the most economically, in health and environment?
What has happened to free journalism?

Journalism used to be recognized as the unofficial watchdog in a democracy.
Ian Jessop provided British Columbians the opportunity to learn information the Clark government chooses to continually withhold from the public.

Does management prefer to reduce CFAX to soft ‘news-entertainment’  that no intelligent person wishes to listen to?
Is the spirit of journalism dead and buried?

I, like many CFAX listeners, request the reinstatement of Ian Jessop as journalist.

Kind regards,



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Cell phones will probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumors over the next 10 to 20 years.”
~ Dr. Neil Cherry – Professor of Environmental Health Lincoln University, New Zealand



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