2016-06-23 Journalist who held govt to account fired.

1)    Very sad news. A radio journalist who has allowed voices of those of us who disagree with the status quo, who are fighting for our civil rights and the right to disagree with the government, Ian Jessop of CFAX in Victoria, has been fired. No details have been provided. Ian did his homework and cared about what is happening in BC. He asked tough questions that no one else would ask.


Ian invited me to be on his show once every month for the last 2 years to speak about $$meters, the fires they cause, the costs that cannot be justified and the health issues associated with RF radiation. His voice will be sadly missed by all of us. I don’t know if Ian was fired because he ruffled too many feathers, but it is not unthinkable.


I hope you will consider writing to Bell Media, the owner of CFAX, and ask for a reconsideration of this action. We need Ian back. bellmediapr@bellmedia.ca.


CFAX contact info is at: http://www.cfax1070.com/Contact.

I have no email for management but you can submit complaints to: talk@cfax1070.com, with “Attention CFAX Management” on the subject line. I would also send a copy to Bell Media.

Word is that he was fired for being “too controversial” re. Site C.  CFAX office phone is (250-386-1070).


See comments at: https://in-sights.ca/2016/06/20/bc-citizens-dutiful-oysters/

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One comment gave this email for:
Asst. General Manager <heather.kim@bellmedia.ca>

In French but Google translation basically says what the title says – Ian asked too many questions about Site C, Enbridge, BC Hydro. Bell Media couldn’t let anyone to continue who encourages people to question why our government is allowing corporations to ruin our environment, our homes, our health.

2)    Warning from experts about the color component of LED lights. This is why anyone using a computer should have a red component in the evening so that melatonin production isn’t interfered with. If your melatonin is messed up, you will not be able to get the great recuperative sleep that is so important. You can download this program for free to have red added to your screen after sunset:


“In the case of white LED light, it is estimated to be five times more effective at suppressing melatonin at night than the high pressure sodium lamps (given the same light output) which have been the mainstay of street lighting for decades. Melatonin suppression is a marker of circadian disruption, which includes disrupted sleep.”

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3)    In Illinois, the utilities are hoping that the commerce commission will allow them to share data, with permission. Of course we all know that people may give permission without realizing what they are agreeing to.

CUB and EDF are also hoping the Illinois Commerce Commission approves a proposed policy that would require utilities to make third-party data access possible with the customer’s consent. The commission has been investigating the proposal since early 2015, considering input from the utilities, the state attorney general and the citizens’ groups.

Love said Ameren Illinois is “actively participating” in the commerce commission proceeding.

The proposal, Kolata said, would “codify a right that when consumers consent, data can seamlessly move to third parties.”

“There’s a lot of potential to save consumers money, and they don’t even have to think about it,” Kolata said. “It will happen automatically, though they can over-ride it. Data alone isn’t sufficient [to change energy use], but ultimately data is a key necessary condition for jumpstarting a clean energy economy. It’s important to move to the distributed grid of the future.”



4)    A major fiber optic network in New Westminster – please advise friends that caution is needed. Telus is not credible with their program, at least from my experience. Are other providers similar?  Fiber optics are faster, carry more data, are more secure and don’t irradiate – but they can be limited, and combined with Wi-Fi. Ask lots of questions. Pure fiber optic cable would be wonderful.

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“BridgeNet will help “future-proof” the city against the communications requirements of data-driven businesses, he said. Optical fibre is made up of strands of flexible glass that transmit information with pulses of light at a rate many times that of copper wire.”



5)    Has anyone experienced interference from $$meters? Of special note would be medical devices such as pacemakers, deep brain implants, insulin pumps. Also, any interference with things like TV, radio, internet? If so, please send me an email to:

dsnoble@shaw.ca with “interference” on the subject line.

6)    AARP New York is questioning the need for $$meters and why the cost is being loaded on top of extremely high rates, making electricity unaffordable for many, without any testing to ensure the benefits were real. Why wasn’t a pilot project done in BC? BC Hydro was too eager to satisfy its corporate masters (e.g. the government).

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“AARP strongly recommends the Commission reconsider its approval of Con Edison’s $1.2 billion smart meter investment. AARP believes there has been no opportunity to fully explore Con Edison’s estimated costs or the benefits of this technology. Under the PSC approach, this significant expense will be paid for by Con Edison’s residential customers long before there is any proof that the alleged benefits will occur or in what amount.”


7)    Non $$meter or RF, but yet an explanation of what this government and BC Hydro are doing to this province, all for corporate greed. Read about Site C. Both Site C and the $$meter program are without regulation and oversite, as mandated by the Clean Energy Act of 2010. Thanks to Bill Bennett and Christy Clark, there is no control and justification for what is being done by BC Hydro.

B.C. Government Broke Law to Expedite Site C Dam Construction, Legal Experts Say by Carol Linnitt – Desmog Canada – June 22, 2016:

Site C construction

“Forget environmental laws. Forget constitutional rights. Forget everything that holds our society together. That’s what BC Hydro is demanding we all do”, says Chief Willson. “What infuriates me”, Chief Willson went on to state, ” is that the Province has agreed to ignore the laws and instead protect the selfish interests of BC Hydro…

“BC Hydro has gone rogue, says Chief Willson. “Worse yet”, he notes, “the Province is aware of the situation and chooses to look the other way. What’s the point of having a regulator if it refuses to regulate?” Additionally, Chief Tsakoza posits, “if the regulators were truly unbiased, then why is the Province afraid of having the British Columbia Utilities Commission involved. Is it because the Commission would actually protect ratepayers and not the self-interests of BC Hydro? I think so”.

Chiefs Demand BC Hydro Held Accountable for “Above the Law” Tactics on Site C – Market Wired Press Release – June 22, 2016:

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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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