2016-06-09 Number of BC Hydro disconnections increase by 6 fold after smeters

1)     The various cancer societies have been loath to say anything negative about wireless devices. One reason might well be because of close relationships with wireless companies. This article from 10 years ago re. Verizon and the American Cancer Society. This makes the ACS’s statement about the recent NTP study from the USA even more significant.


“We are excited about the relationship with MobileVision and Verizon Wireless,” said Rick Riehl, Vice President of Vehicle Donations for the American Cancer Society’s South Atlantic Division. “We can now collect donations and associated data through wireless devices in the field. We expect that service to our constituents will increase as we will be capturing donation information in a more accurate and timely manner.”


2)    Now we see one of the results of the “$$$mart” program, more people being cut off  by BC Hydro, more reconnection fees, more harassment by a monopoly of those who are choosing between heat and food.  And until just recently, each reconnection resulted in a $125 fee. More extortion from people who can least afford it.  30,000 additional reconnects @ $125= $3,750,000 per year!! That is a huge incentive for BC Hydro to disconnect.


“A table that BC Hydro submitted to the British Columbia Utilities Commission as part of the ongoing rate design process shows that in fiscal 2013, the publicly owned utility issued nearly 12,000 disconnection orders and completed 4,995 of those disconnections.

Two years later in fiscal 2015, BC Hydro issued 38,781 disconnection orders, a three-fold increase, and followed through on a much higher proportion of them. That year, 32,564 households were disconnected, 6.5 times as many as in 2013.

The figures for 2016 — 36,827 disconnections ordered and 30,283 completed — are similar.”


3)    Video of the TRANSMITTING “RADIO OFF” METER.   Please share with your MLA, your media, on your Facebook, etc. This is why we cannot trust BC Hydro for one minute.

– http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/contact/

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.10.06 PM


4)    A great place for people who want to escape RF –a refuge.  Too bad it’s in the USA.

Spy town for sale: 1M for 92 homes plus dorms, police and fire stations, sport facilities. Don’t mind all those satellite dishes



5)    In Michigan, as elsewhere, people are suffering health problems after $$meters are installed. It’s time for the utilities to be faced with the fact that these are dangerous in several ways as well as being invasive. I love the way that the utility compares this transmitter with a radio or TV.  Radios and TVs receive signals but do not transmit them. It seems all utilities deceive their customers.


6)    British Columbia has surplus energy. For some time, BC Hydro has been selling it to others, often at prices that are lower than what we pay. In other countries, surplus energy is given away for free.  What a novel idea – give it back to the people who paid for it in the first place.

solar-768x506 2

The news that Chile is offering customers free electricity due to a surplus in generation is good news for customers. It prompted me to look into which other markets are seeing similar situations and it is interesting to note that in Texas customers have been offered free ‘off peak’ electricity in order to manage surplus generation.  The New York Times reported late last year that more than 50 companies in Texas “offer overnight plans that charge higher fees during the day, but nothing between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am.””


7)    Below is a very touching letter from someone suffering from cancer who is being harassed and forced to take a smeter even though the RF could exacerbate his condition. He also is having to worry about the fire hazard. What kind of a government is this??


From: X
To: news@cknw.com
Sent: June 8, 2016
Subject: BC Hydro COMPLAINT Intimidating Sick and Vulnerable People, Putting Their Lives at Risk

Att’n: Mr. Patrick Wruck, British Columbia Utilities Commission <Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com>


Mr Wruck,

I am writing to you to express my concern, and outrage, at BC Hydro and the horrific way they have treated my wife, my children and myself.

First, I’ll briefly share some background:

My family resides in Port Moody, British Columbia’s Lower Mainland area. Our electricity service provider is BC Hydro of course as they have a complete monopoly.

I have stage 4 cancer and metastatic disease, thus need to be very careful with my health. I am on a cancer treatment protocol and this is a very critical time in my treatment – a matter of life or death literally – but if the disease goes the wrong way it will be a slow and painful existence and eventually death for me.

There are many others in my position, I speak to them at the BC Cancer Centre at VGH on a regular basis.

Like others with cancer, we spend our days creating conditions within our bodies and environments that are not conducive for the spreading of tumors and prevent new tumors from growing. This enables our lives to be prolonged and extended. For Hydro to potentially create an environment that promotes tumor growth In Our Own Homes is unconscionable.

Hydro is directly causing sickness and death in people with cancer.

I have read and studied the research on the radiation emitted by the meters Hydro is installing on the homes of BC families, including the recent study from the American Cancer Society which concludes a correlation between exposure to the radiation emitted by these devices and cancer.

Here is an interesting link on the subject:

RF Animal Cancer Promotion

RF Animal Cancer Promotion

The RF–cancer story took a remarkable turn a few days ago. A new animal study challenged many of the assumptions which lie at the heart of claims that RF radiation …

View on microwavenews.com Preview by Yahoo


It is prudent for us and many others to choose analog meters as one of many precautions to take to protect our health. I can’t help but remember the drug Thalidomide, prescribed to pregnant women to treat morning sickness, a drug that caused disfiguring birth defects in their children. An exact parallel can be drawn to this.

There is more research on this subject, and I encourage you to do your own research as well.

With this in mind, my wife and I decided to opt for the analog meter and not the so-called “smart” meter, due mainly to the considerable research and evidence linking these meters to cancer.  The reason is simple – we did not want or need to take on any risk to my precarious health.

My wife and I have 3 children, including a severely disabled son, who depend on me to have their needs met.

Prior to this, I was in business for many years, thus I see and understand the motivation for Hydro to possess the personal information the meters capture. There are many businesses that will pay for, and many private sector businesses who control, build revenue streams and sell this information for a profit.

However, Hydro is a public monopoly created for and for the benefit of British Columbians. Hydro should not be able to leverage this unique position to the detriment of its “captive” customers and BC residents and property owners.

This rarely gets mentioned, but anyone with an understanding of this would agree that BC Hydro has a standard of care far exceeding private sector operations. I believe it is well worth mentioning this because it exposes Hydro’s deeper motivations in trying to force their own customers and those in which they derive their power from.

We are all intelligent, educated adults, can we please tell it like it is.; let’s get it out in the open.

This is not an isolated matter.

I have collaborated with many other British Columbians who share the same values, many have similar life-threatening health conditions and other concerns such as safety, privacy, security etc.

However my family, like many other BC families, value our privacy, and it is not for  sale. Further, we will not just cede or give up our right to privacy and indeed our privacy to this monopoly which I remind you is a creation of the taxpayers of British Columbia and all that this means and entails. Further, BC Hydro’s attempts to jam these meters down people’s throats unnecessarily as we are simply want nothing to change. It is alarming that all other jurisdictions introducing meters liberally allow property owners and grid electricity users to retain and exchange their analog meters with analog meters.

We have to ensure that Hydro doesn’t alienate their customers. Like all monopolies, they will try and take a mile if you give them an inch, and will gradually try to increase their power and arrogance sets in and has become part of Hydro’s culture. This must be checked and corrected by our leaders like you who are in charge of such matters. The sense of entitlement that tends to occur over time and is indeed occurring now must be stopped and Hydro reprimanded.

Our world  is changing, and there are other clean energy choices emerging that will challenge Hydro’s monopoly leaving it with less revenue, such as solar power, battery and other competitive electricity generating systems. I, along with many others, observe the massive capital spending projects paid for by The Taxpayers of BC and Hydro’s customers. The switch has already begun for many who are choosing alternative energy sources to provide electricity to their homes and buildings, and will most certainly accelerate if Hydro continues to alienate its creators and paying customers.

Here again, from a business perspective, if a service provider is not providing an acceptable level of service then we have the option of seeking out other similar providers.

We do not have this option with BC Hydro. I certainly don’t trust them even with automatic billing any more.


It is a terrible feeling knowing that despite paying the hydro bills in full for decades that Hydro has driven a wedge between us, thousands of other citizens who choose analog, and them.

Please see the attached letter, the latest in a series of threatening correspondence.

The letters Hydro sends are full of lies, manipulations, coercion, extortion and threats.

They leverage their size, time, resources to strategize, manipulate, recruit the types of people who contain like psychological characteristics seen in other professions to intimidate, manipulate, extort, threaten and coerce captive permanent debtors, many of whom are the most vulnerable in society.

These captive debtors however come from a remarkable cross section of our society, from business people, scientists, the milleniums who are now engaging in a unique and meaningful way, academics, unions, libertarian and others.

An interesting observation is that these macro-demographic-polarizing forces are occurring.  Recently, and make no mistake – this Is indicative of a Sea Change in the Dissatisfied Public’s View of Those Quasi and Otherwise Government Institutions that wrongfully and illegally use their power to negative and harmfully influencing their life.

This issue has brought this wide and diverse range of group of Canadians and British Columbians  together like no other cause with a few possible exceptions.

So much for our friendly professional utility.

Disgusting. The trust is gone between Hydro, myself, and thousands of concerned British Columbians, some silent, others fighting back.

Hydro has made it clear that they have the Power to Put My Very Life In Jeopardy with callous disregard, by trying to force a smart meter on us Or They Will Cut Off My Power, which would most certainly kill me, leave my wife a widow, my children without a father.

This is a serious matter.

Anyone who has experienced the horror of cancer would never wish this upon anyone else, but what if it happened to you, or someone you know and love?

You can intervene and put a stop to this flagrant abuse of power that Hydro has received from us, the taxpayers, and is now trying to expand and abuse that power against the very citizens that created them in the first place.

They are an in a highly unique position, and Must Be Held To a Higher Standard Of Care than other similar monopolies. They must be held accountable.

They literally have people’s lives in their hands and is putting them at risk.

How many people have to die and get much sicker …. how much more blood on your hands …. before this out-of-control Crown Corp be held to account?

We have never missed a payment to Hydro in our entire lives. Even with the obnoxiously high so-called legacy fee (as if they don’t get enough of our money already), and all we want is for BC Hydro to be honorable. They are literally putting my family and my life in jeopardy.

Further, BC Hydro is completely abusing their position as the monopoly for electricity. They would not survive if they had competition to contend with.

The monopoly Hydro enjoys has to become open to competition, similar to the telecommunications and even the natural gas industry, so that Hydro has a chance to become more efficient and much more responsive to the needs of BC residents.

The analog meters are fine, Hydro’s assertion that “…no longer has a stock…” of meters is disingenuous – they are readily available, are tested reliable, and Hydro has the resources and experience to handle their job to deliver the service and collect payment, they should simply acquire some and make them available to those who choose to.

Let’s get this out into the open – they want to use our personal information so they can profit and have more control over the population.

Why can’t they just accept my and the others who prefer analog and leave us alone?

Other jurisdictions allow this.

Yet Hydro says there are no more analog meters, a lie – they are widely used and credible.

What about Saskatchewan?… That province started a similar meter program and, after several property fires causing damage and injury, rescinded it and went back to the analogs which Have Been Proven to Work Well for decades.

BC should recognize this and do the right thing for its citizens.

Governments and Crown Corporations occasionally make mistakes. This is one of their mistakes. They should Back Off, swallow their pride, and agree to allow those who choose analog meters, a safe, proven technology to power homes for decades alongside the smart meter.

BC Hydro should stop abusing its power, endangering people’s lives needlessly, and install analog meters to those who want them. Please consider this and ensure you do everything in your power to rectify this gross injustice.

A final note – please withhold my name as I have limited energy and fear retribution from Hydro and their bullying tactics.

Thank you,




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power


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