2016-06-08 Another “transmitter off” meter emitting RF.

1)    Some printers have been found to emit high levels of RF even though they are wired.  This from a member and below there is an email from Alasdair Philips who is an extremely knowledgeable Electrical Engineer, among other things.


“Some printers, even though you change the settings to be Wireless Off, and even if the setting does remain permanently Off, during the printer’s start-up whenever it is powered on, it will emit a massive spike of RF. I assume that the sequence of the start-up must first test its Wireless system and then after that arrives at the instruction to heed the Wireless On/Off setting. So you might want to temporarily shield the printer from before you power it on until the start-up procedure is complete; and you might want to push the power-on button with a wooden stick so that you can stand away from the printer and then right away walk away from it while it’s performing its start-up procedures. I measured a temporary start-up spike at 23,000 microwatts per meter-squared. I have never measured to see if a similar spike happens during the shut-down procedure. For some printers (not all), that automatic spike is prevented by making sure the printer is connected to a powered on computer via cord before powering on the printer.”

2)    Ellie Marks, whose husband has suffered from a cancerous brain tumour believed to be due to heavy cell phone use, has been keeping a list of people with brain tumours. Here is a list of 300 famous people, and more will be added and does not include regular people like us.


3)    Another member reporting that BC Hydro has installed a transmitting $$meter that says on the front that the transmitter has been turned off. This is not the first and, I am sure, not the last time this deceptive practice will be identified. This may be the reason that BC Hydro gives for requiring a smeter with the transmitter turned off instead of an analog when asked what the difference is. BC Hydro has said that the smeter will gather info that that analog cannot – but it shouldn’t, not if the transmitter really is turned off.


If you have a $$meter that supposedly has the transmitter turned off, please ask someone with an RF meter to check it out. And let me know of other such “errors”.  The member said that patience is needed because it can take a few minutes for the signals which can be erratic.

“Evidently RADIO-OFF does not mean COMPLETELY RADIO OFF.

My immediate neighbour was one of the people who recently received an early letter saying they had to lose their analogue and get a Smart Meter.  You will remember that the letter sent out by BC Hydro recently, stated that the Smart meter would come to them with the default of RADIO OFF, and people could tell if it was off by the display cycling to read “RF OPTOUT”.

My neighbour’s new Smeter cycles through to show that exact promised designation “RF OPTOUT”, and yet I have tested their meter several days after the installation with my high quality HFE 35C Analyzer, and their radio is NOT OFF!!!  Their meter sends large bursts (maxing out my analyzer) 6 times in 3&1/2 minutes, and does so roughly on this sequence around the clock.  I am creating a video of the event and will let you know when it is online.

I have confirmed with my neighbour that they were assured this was a full radio-off Smeter and the Corix installer even wrote “Rad Off” on the clear plastic cover!  Perhaps it is a less frequent burst being broadcast than a regular smart meter, but it is by no means a weakened burst.  Evidently RADIO-OFF does not mean COMPLETELY RADIO OFF.  I am wondering how many more are this way.  Very disconcerting!

I intend to raise the awareness on this nefarious finding and once online, will bring it to the attention of the BCUC.”

4)    Wireless radiation causes health problems in many ways. One that few people know about is interference with medical devices. Imagine someone with a deep brain implant or an insulin pump having to live in a home with a $$smeter. They could suffer seriously.


The National Institute of Health estimates that twenty-five million Americans now have implanted medical devices. Besides brain stimulators, the functioning of cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, cochlear implants and bone stimulators can also be disturbed by RF signals.”


5)    About 15 years ago, Dr. Ted Litovitz gave a presentation about the biological effects of RF radiation that is one of the best I’ve seen. This YouTube is only 24 minutes long.




From: Sharon Noble
Sent: June 8, 2016
To: hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca
Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca; hlth.dmoffice@gov.bc.ca; ccs@cancer.ca
Subject: American Cancer Society warning.

Dear Hon. Mr. Lake,

In a press release Otis W. Brawley, M.D.,  Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society says that “For years, the understanding of the potential risk of radiation from cell phones has been hampered by a lack of good science. This report from the National Toxicology Program (NTP) is good science.”



This study by the NTP has found a direct correlation between exposure to radiofrequency radiation and 2 types of cancer – cancer of the heart and cancer of the brain.

For years I and others have been providing Dr. Perry Kendall with studies and reports from world-renowned scientists which show that prolonged exposure to even low levels of microwave radiation from wireless devices like wifi and smart meters causes serious health effects. And for years he has advised the public that there is no credible evidence of harm.



In response to reviews by Federal committees that recommend caution when using wireless devices such as cell phones and wifi, Dr. Kendall chose to ignore experts in the topic, telling the public,

“… there is no scientific evidence that current standards for wireless exposure present a health risk to either children or adults, and he suggested the parliamentary report had been influenced by an advocacy group that disagrees with the findings of a report by the Royal Society of Canada.”


Now a major $25 million, 10 year study by the US National Toxicology Program has found that wireless radiation poses risks of glioblastomas and tumors of the nervous system, including the heart. http://biorxiv.org/content/biorxiv/early/2016/05/26/055699.full.pdf


The results were so astounding and significant to public health that the NTP called a halt to the program to alert the highest levels of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

With all due respect, I am sending this email to your office directly because, if history holds true, this report will not get the attention it deserves from Dr. Kendall. He will put a passing reference to it on the PHO website and then do nothing further, believing somehow that he has fulfilled his responsibility as the chief public health officer.

Because the experts in the NTP felt that urgent attention must be drawn to the dangers associated with radiation from wireless devices, I ask for you to consider issuing a press release, just as the American Cancer Society has done.

Hon. Mr. Lake, the potential health problems associated with microwave radiation are serious and are being ignored. The province is allowing, even encouraging, the proliferation of wireless devices in schools and on homes. Children, who are most vulnerable to health effects due to exposure to microwave radiation, are being forced to sit all day every school day in rooms with powerful microwave transmitters. They are being forced to sleep in homes where smart meters on their homes and their neighbours’ homes emit radiation that engulfs them while they sleep. The radiation from these devices is the very same as that transmitted in the National Toxicology Program.

I ask you, as Minister of Health for British Columbia, to use your authority to implement the precautionary principle and have internet access in school rooms to be wired. Our health and the health of future generations is at stake.

Respectfully and sincerely,
Sharon Noble


This is absolutely correct. Many printers (not just HP) do this – they default to wireless “on” and don’t have the sense (?…) to switch off when you don’t connect to them wirelessly. Maybe they just pick up neighbouring WiFi routers and stay active in case they send them something – if so, that is quite ridiculous. I have an (otherwise excellent) HP printer and have had several arguments with it as it kept re-enabling its WiFi every time it downloaded an update from HP. I live in a remote rural area absolutely no WiFi signals are detectable at my home (I have very sophisticated professional monitoring equipment).

However, I suspect it is a widespread NSA (etc, et al) ploy as there are now very effective passive wireless radar imaging systems that rely on DECT cordless phone and WiFi signals to covertly image people inside buildings and to ensure that these external “view inside the building” passive radar systems usually work well. I have seen two systems demonstrated and they work remarkably effectively as long as you have at least one, and preferably two active microwave sources inside the building.

I believe that that is probably why almost all home-based WiFi and DECT systems do not use transmit amplitude control to minimize the RF transmitted. The bigger the signal, the better the imaging.

Everyone who is concerned should now have a sensitive and effective meter/monitor that works up to at least 6 GHz and should check their environment at least once per week.

The passive radar systems can also use string mobile phone mast signals, Smart meter signals and IoT (Internet of Things) signals as these transmit regularly enough for their signals to be used to help with the remote imaging.

Big brother is out there and is encouraging your irradiation in the so-called name of homeland security (or whatever your country calls it). I am not a general conspiracy theorist. These systems do exist and are being used. Imaging technologies are developing rapidly – which is why driverless cars are now becoming a real possibility.

My message is “Detect and Protect”.

You may circulate my response.

Alasdair Philips
Director Powerwatch UK




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Your silence gives consent”    
~ Plato


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