2016-05-24 BC Hydro suing protesters

1)    Another person suffering a cancerous brain tumor, Gord Downie, a member of the Tragically Hip.



2)    Telus is demanding the RDOS [Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen] Council members sign gag orders prior to an in-camera meeting. Supposedly, Telus wants to protect technical info but why the over-the-top, unheard of secrecy?


“Some local politicians are balking at a telecommunications company’s request to have them sign gag orders before receiving a special briefing on its plans for the region.

Telus wants each member of the 18-person board of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance of a future closed-door meeting.”


3)    This has become a province that destroys freedom and stifles opposition. BC Hydro (and this government) are suing people who protested Site C. An independent panel provided recommendations that were ignored, for a project that ruins irreplaceable pristine land and ruins lives, all for a project that is unnecessary. BC has surplus energy and will have even more in 15 years when this project is finished. This is shameful.



4)    An article in the Wall Street Journal with pros and cons of having cell phone labels. Isn’t it suspicious that cell phone companies would object to having the same warning they have hidden deep in their manuals on the phone where people might actually see them?

“Should Cellphones Have Warning Labels?”

The Wall Street Journal asked me to write an essay about why cellphones should have warning labels. Dr. Larry Junck, a professor of neurology at the University of Michigan, was asked to write the opposing arguments. The essays were published today with the title, “Should Cellphones Have Warning Labels?”

Prior to publication, the Journal shared with me four of Dr. Junck’s assertions, but my responses were cut due to space limitations. Hence, I added references to my essay, and I inserted comments on Dr. Junck’s essay. The annotated article is posted on my Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website at


Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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