2016-05-22 “Mobilize”, new documentary available for free

1)    A new award-winning documentary about the health effects of cell phone radiation available online for free for the next month! Please let friends and family know about this.

Free Viewings of Mobilize: A Film about Cell Phone Radiation”

Mobilize is an investigative documentary that explores the long-term health effects of cell phone radiation, including cancer and infertility. This film won the award for full-length feature documentaries at the California Independent Film Festival.

Clear Light Ventures is sponsoring free viewings of Mobilize from May 21 to June 25, 2016. For instructions on how to stream the film for free:


2)    It’s important to realize that we do not have any laws or regulations regarding exposure to microwave radiation. Safety Code 6 is merely a guideline and, as it says, it applies only to workers at and visitors to federally regulated sites (like cell towers). The same thing holds true in the USA. The FCC’s and Health Canada’s standards pertain to heating by thermal radiation and aren’t protective of non-thermal radiation (e.g. microwave radiation from wireless devices. Here are 5 fallacies that Health Canada, the FCC and the telecom industry want us to believe. These should give you good ideas for writing to your MP, the federal Health Minister and the Prime Minister demanding an investigation of Health Canada.



3)    Below is a letter from Erik Andersen, an economist,  about the increased liabilities BC Hydro has accumulated in the last 10 years. This seems to be done with little consideration for us customers and “owners” who ultimately will have to pay. This raises the question. Since we own BC Hydro and are responsible for liabilities, how can BC Hydro own the smeters that are being put on our homes?  Erik agreed to share his name and email address for anyone who might have a question about this information.  Good information to consider if you attend the BCUC meetings to discuss BC Hydro’s application for a rate increase.

4)    The driverless car: just one more way to get data on us. Data is the most valuable thing about us, it seems. In addition to high levels of EMR and data collection, the cars can be hacked, perhaps causing an accident.

“There are some who feel the real business opportunity in autonomous vehicles is in the ownership, the processing and the ultimate sale of that data,” said Barrie Kirk, executive director of the consulting firm Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). “There’s a big opportunity there for companies who own the data to make money.”…

There are security issues with the data as well. What if your car’s operating system told advertisers how often you stop for fast food on the way home from work? Or what if someone decided to simply hack into the four-wheeled computer your car has already become, stole your information and took over control of the vehicle?…

In anticipation of this need, Chinese telecommunications and hardware company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has been testing faster networks that use a technology called 5G in locations around the world, including Vancouver through a partnership with Telus Corp.”  This is the company making the small cell transmitters being installed on poles outside our homes.



From: ERIK ANDERSEN [contact CtSSM in BC for address]
Sent: May 20, 2016
Subject: Fwd: BC Hydro total annual liability per GW sold


From the Auditor’s numbers (see below this email), BC Hydro demonstrated the ability to produce and deliver one unit of electricity to BC customers by using more than twice the liabilities. This took place across a 10 year period.

If one were to search the world one could not find a better example of increasing investment and borrowing to stay in the same place.

Normal individuals and businesses usually make capital investments to improve productivity/efficiency but at BC hydro it has been the exact opposite.

To make matters even more dire is the fact that these liability numbers do not include financial obligations to independent power producers. We know these obligations are aggregated with other contractual obligations and shown in the Annual Report by the Comptroller General. That total was $103 billion last year. In reply to a direct question a then BC Hydro president acknowledged that the corporation was carrying about $50 billion of contract obligations to IPPs..

The simple math of adding $50 billion to $23.685 billion and dividing by number of GWhrs sold in 2015 means a corporate liability per sold GWhr of about $1,438,794,800, or nearly 7 times the liabilities used in 2006, only 11 years ago.

What is more icing on the cake are the uncollected “regulatory asset” monies. A year ago, these totalled $5.714 billion. These are dollars yet to be collected from BC Hydro customers so they are liabilities from a customer/ratepayers point of view.

The existence of this huge uncollected amount is tangible evidence that BC Hydro understood their market was likely unable or unwilling to pay what they should have been paying.

Prepared By E. Andersen, Economist May 20, 2016

The BC Hydro of record of using Total Liabilities: F 2006—F 2015 (1)

Year               Total Domestic      Total Liabilities        Total Liabilities ($)
GWhrs sold                    Ms $s                      per MWhr sold

2006                    52,440                           10,997                    209,706,330

2007                    52,911                           11,078                    209,370,450

2008                    53,300                           11,689                    219,305,810

2009                    52,512                           14,150                    269,462,210

2010                    55,207                           15,419                    279,294,290

2011                    55,713                           16,599                    297,937,640

2012                    52,197                            17,849                   341,954,510

2013                    52,153 (2)                     20,282                   388,894,210

2014                    53,018                            21,846                   412,048,730

2015                    51,213                            23,685                  462,480,220

(1)  Values taken from BC Hydro annual statements; as approved by the public Auditor.

(2)  4,850 GWhrs removed from the published amount as these hours given free in settlement of the California/Enron legal action.


From: Sheila Pratt
Date: May 13, 2016
To: hedy.fry@parl.gc.ca


Subject: wireless

Dear Dr. Fry,

I understand that Jerry Flynn has written you regarding the health implications of our wireless technology and the inadequacy of Safety Code 6 to deal with it.


I recognize some of the vocabulary related to this technology but, otherwise, I know NOTHING about the science behind wireless.  I DO know that when I forget to unplug my modem and router, I don’t sleep well!  (I have no microwave, no cordless phone, and my cell phone is always off, as I have no reception at my house.)

I hope you will pursue some effective action to SERIOUSLY examine the safety of this technology.  I am old enough to vividly remember tobacco science, and I fear that the wireless industry is generating the same quality of science.

Sheila Pratt  (name given with permission)



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”  
~ Dr. George Carlo – Author of Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age


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