2016-05-08 Multiple warnings about cyber attacks and grid vulnerability

1)   Perfect for Mother’s Day 😉   A must-have brochure for women planning on becoming pregnant


2) “ViaSat‘s McIntosh said that traditionally, protecting critical infrastructure has meant physically protecting it. “Attackers are now targeting more vulnerable substations that provide access points for malicious infiltration as an easy route onto the power network,” he told CBR.

“Furthermore, this has been amplified through the use of smart meters connected to grids over the internet creating even more points of entry. The end result is essentially a spider’s web with every strand a viable point of entry.”


3)   “Smart” does not mean safe in any sense of the word. Privacy and security are threatened by “smart” devices that can control various things in your home.

“”One way to think about it is if you’d hand over control of the connected devices in your home to someone you don’t trust and then imagine the worst they could do with that and consider whether you’re okay with someone having that level of control,” he said.

Regardless of how safe individual devices are or claim to be, new vulnerabilities form when hardware like electronic locks, thermostats, ovens, sprinklers, lights and motion sensors are networked and set up to be controlled remotely. That’s the convenience these systems offer. And consumers are interested in that.”


4) The industry tries hard to discredit any study that shows that exposure to wireless radiation is harmful, and often does so by misleading or just plain lying. An important point that the industry wants us to ignore is that wireless devices were not being used by many people until just the last 15-20 years and, initially, most people did not use them the way they do today – constantly and always. Given the period of time it takes for most serious diseases to develop, it will take another decade or so before the “tsunami” of health problems hits the health care system.

“According to the Chapman study abstract, cell phones were introduced into Australia in 1987 (only 29 year ago). While today over 90% of Australians are estimated to use a cell phone, at the time of the introduction of this technology to the country in 1987, only a small minority of people actually used a cell phone.  (Even by 1993 only 9% of the population was estimated to use a cell phone.)  On this basis, relatively few Australians would have had 25 years of exposure to cell phones over the period examined by the study and this would have biased the study towards a “no effect” result.”


5)   It is time that those in charge of making decisions like putting wireless smeters on homes and wifi in schools are held accountable for putting our health and the health of our children and grandchildren at risk. When Perry Kendall, or any of his minions, or Health Canada say there is no evidence that microwave radiation causes harm, or that more studies are needed, give them these 900 studies. Perhaps it’s time for each of us to print out a few, join them together, and take them to the provincial minister of health – make him face science.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” 
~ Thomas Jefferson.

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