2016-05-07 One member’s story of how RF harmed him

1)    Below is a personal story of a member who recently suffered serious health effects which he believes were caused by or exacerbated by exposure to wireless radiation. Many studies have shown that the cardiac and nervous systems are very vulnerable to such exposure, being electrical themselves. Dr. Magda Havas has shown the effects of RF using a DECT cordless phone. A very high percentage of “sensitive” people exposed under double blind conditions suffered tachycardia. http://www.magdahavas.com/new-study-radiation-from-cordless-phone-base-station-affects-the-heart/   This phone was not special, it was my phone which I gave to Dr. Havas years ago when she showed me the strong signal it sent throughout my home.

Some cardiologists in Victoria have told patients that the number being seen with a-fib has increased many times over the last few years, and they believe that wireless devices contribute. They are recommending that patients remove every such device in their homes, wiring everything, and eliminating exposure as much as possible. Some have told me that by doing so, their a-fib disappears or diminishes significantly. This is one reason many doctors are telling their patients not to have $$meters, but BC Hydro is ignoring the medical advice. Hydro IS putting lives at risk.

As a layperson, it appears to me that they are guilty of reckless endangerment.


2)    Jerry Flynn sent his email asking for a criminal investigation of Health Canada (see update 2016-05-04) to Dr. Hedy Fry, MP who has been on HESA committees which have found Health Canada lacking in performing its due diligence. Please see below for her office’s response. Dr. Fry, I believe, is one of our best hopes for getting the new Minister of Health and, perhaps, the Prime Minister to review what is going on. We need to let her know that Jerry isn’t the only one concerned about the health effects of the increasing amount of RF that is in our environment and Health Canada’s failure to protect us.

3)    I just learned of another smeter fire in Ontario, this one in Owen Sound. Again, like others there, it was the fact that the home was made of brick that prevented serious damage.


4)    A brief history of electrosmog, learned after his wife had become so ill with EHS that life changed drastically.  It is only after enough people demand change, and are willing to participate in expressing outrage, that anything will change. Industry can produce safer products if the financial incentive exists. Let’s make it too expensive for things to continue as they are!


5)    Many doctors have refused to accept that EHS is a physical reaction caused by exposure to RF or EMF because they could find nothing to test or measure. Now, more bio-markers are being found which give physicians a way to diagnose EHS.

“The following are biomarkers that medical doctors in Europe, Russia, Canada and the United States are using to diagnose electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). If you are experiencing the common symptoms of EHS, you can bring the following to the attention of your medical doctor.”



Sent: May 6, 2016
To: Sharon Noble

Hi Sharon –

I recently had a stroke brought about by congestive heart failure – two things I am still dealing with a week or two later.

My doctors believe the heart failure was brought on by long term low level atrial fibrillation.  When I work on the coast (something my doctor says I can’t do for three to six months, and my ELS wife Sharon says should be “never!” I had been staying at my brother’s condo in White Rock.  A block away is an apartment building with 14 communications masts on the roof.  This is in addition to all the wifi in his building and the surrounding apartments.

I noticed a strange feeling in my body generally when I drove up to his building that afternoon after work.  When the elevator door opened I felt a stronger sensation.  When I got though the third floor and opened the metal fire doors to proceed the last few yards to the apartment it was like a flood of strange energy hit me all over.  I ignored it because I needed sleep (I rarely slept well at his apartment).  I couldn’t sleep and drove to where I was working in the mountains just north of Maple Ridge.  I got four hours sleep in my car.

The next day I drove home to K.  That evening I had a stroke.  It wasn’t a bad stroke.  My wife thought it might be a migraine.  The next morning my wife drove me to the Penticton hospital where I checked myself in and spent a week undergoing observation and tests.

I am currently taking heart medications for my heart failure.  I will be starting physical therapy next week.  In the meantime Olalla is a relatively IMR free zone.

Just thought I’d let you know the long term exposure risks of EMR.

By the way, my neurologist and cardiologist both sneered when I mentioned the name Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Five or six years ago my wife and I watched Dr. Klinghardt’s YouTube video on EMR – the Health Crisis of Our Time.  I took Dr. Klinghardt’s advice, turned off the wifi in the router, got rid of the cordless phones and my Fib at the time (which a week in the Chilliwack Hospital couldn’t convert to normal) converted within about five days.  My wife’s heart flutter, migraines and other issues cleared up at the same time.  My wife Sharon says Dr. Klinghardt saved our lives.

Clive Edwards (name given with permission)

Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt by ThePowerFilm – YouTube – September 27, 2012:

From: hedy.fry@parl.gc.ca
Sent: May-06-16
To: Jerry Flynn

Subject: RE: Health Canada Requires an Immediate Federal Criminal Investigation!

Mr. Flynn,

Thank you for writing to the Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry P.C., Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre.  This email is to confirm that we have received your correspondence regarding Safety Code 6.

Please understand that our office receives a very high volume of correspondence on a daily basis, however, the issues and information that you raised in your email will undoubtedly [be] brought to her attention.

Kind regards,

Office of the Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry P.C., M.P.
Chair / Présidente – BC Federal Liberal Caucus Vancouver Centre


From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: May 5, 2016
To: Fry, Hedy – M.P.

Subject: FW: Health Canada Requires an Immediate Federal Criminal Investigation!

Dear Dr. Fry,

I am deeply concerned that the Prime Minister and Health Minister are not being permitted to see my emails which accuse Health Canada’s radiation protection bureau of having allegiances that are not in the best interests of Canadians. As a former member of HESA and a medical doctor yourself, is there any way you can allay my concerns that the PM and Health Minister are, in fact, receiving my (and others’) emails? A criminal investigation definitely is warranted into Safety Code 6, given the unambiguous facts!

Thank you for your time.

Jerry Flynn


From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: May 4, 2016
To: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca; Jody.Wilson-Raybould@parl.gc.ca; Navdeep.Bains@parl.gc.ca; Harjit.Sajjan@parl.gc.ca; Ralph.Goodale@parl.gc.ca; Kirsty.Duncan@parl.gc.ca; Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca; Jean-Yves.Duclos@parl.gc.ca
Cc: Colin.Carrie@parl.gc.ca; Don.Davies@parl.gc.ca; Luc.Theriault@parl.gc.ca; David.Anderson@parl.gc.ca; Rheal.Fortin@parl.gc.ca; Gabriel.Ste-Marie@parl.gc.ca; Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca; rob.nicholson@parl.gc.ca; James.Bezan@parl.gc.ca; Randall.Garrison@parl.gc.ca; Michel.Boudrias@parl.gc.ca; Mike.Lake@parl.gc.ca; Erin.OToole@parl.gc.ca; David.Christopherson@parl.gc.ca; Marilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca; Kennedy.Stewart@parl.gc.ca; Robert.Sopuck@parl.gc.ca; Rachael.Harder@parl.gc.ca; AnneMinh-Thu.Quach@parl.gc.ca; Karen.Vecchio@parl.gc.ca; Bob.Zimmer@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Health Canada Requires an Immediate Federal Criminal Investigation!

The truth must come out!

Health Canada Requires an Immediate Federal Criminal Investigation!

Since May, 2015, the majority of the world’s electromagnetic ‘radiation’ (EMR/EMF) scientists (currently 220 from 42 countries) have signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal” calling on the United Nations and the World Health Organization to: “Protect Mankind and Wildlife from the dangers of EMF and wireless technology.” In 2014, fifty-three scientists from 18 countries openly condemned Health Canada’s radiation “Guidelines” (Safety Code 6) and called on Health Canada to: “intervene to help prevent an emerging health crisis”! Also in 2014, 55 Canadian doctors condemned SC-6 and called on Health Canada to: “protect Canadians from RF (radio frequency) exposure.”  Scientists say that the astonishing unchecked growth of microwave-emitting wireless radio products mirrors the frightening growth mankind is experiencing in disease epidemics in communities around the world! Such is the scourge of radio / microwave frequency radiation – at even the weakest levels – that no living person or thing can escape it! Yet Prime Minister Trudeau and his key ‘ministers responsible’ are oblivious to the dangers wireless technology poses to Canada’s National Security and to the health, well-being and safety of every person in this country!
This preposterously-evil “crime against humanity” could not happen were it not for two things:
1) provincial health officers have no education, qualifications or expertise in low-level, pulsed non-thermal RF radiation; and
2) North America’s mainstream news media remain sinfully silent on what is happening here and in other countries, especially in Europe, where enlightened people and many governments are struggling to fight back against this same ‘Perfect Storm.’
Only a Federal Criminal Investigation – utilizing only the best available independent, non-conflicted EMF scientists – can save Canada’s national security, its people – and all future generations – from this invisible but pernicious radiation which now bathes us and all living things constantly.”

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Ret’d.)


I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain, who spent 22 of my 26+ years in Canada’s military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). My security clearance was “Top-Secret (code word).” My most relevant appointments included: two years in National Defense Headquarters in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW) in which I was the sole EW officer charged with supporting Canada’s only army EW company. For two years I worked closely with U.S. and NATO army EW units and completed a lengthy NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy, and participated in a major NATO army EW officers’ field exercise in Germany. I also accepted invitations to visit the U.S. Pentagon and, separately, Fort Bragg, N.C., the U.S. Army’s major EW base. My previous two-year posting was in the SIGINT world, where I was the Executive Officer and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive SIGINT radio stations, where approximately 200 specially-trained radio intercept operators reported directly to me. Throughout this period I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and, to a lesser degree, with Britain’s GCHQ. Earlier in my career I conducted Radio Warfare at sea aboard two Canadian warships.

For the past eight years, in retirement, I have been engaged in conducting my own exhaustive research into both RF and ELF (extremely low frequency) or 60 Hz “powerline” electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation. Words cannot describe my utter disbelief on discovering that – insofar as non-thermal radiation is concerned – my former ‘enemy ‘Russia’ treats its people far more humanely and democratically than does my own Government of Canada – and has done so since at least 1950! In Canada, those responsible for this travesty are a few elite scientists in Canada’s radiation protection community, beginning with Health Canada but including Industry Canada, the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre and PHOs. The truth most come out!

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation