2016-02-21 The potential threat from “smart” appliances

1)    The Internet of Things is a major threat to privacy. Appliances, which will report via the ZigBee chip in the $$meter, are a key component.

“Smart appliances — part of the futuristic and vaguely defined Internet of Things — are designed to make our lives easier but they also have the potential to be intrusive in ways we’re only starting to imagine, experts warn.”





2)    I was told by a member that this “blog cast” interview of Dave Stetzer is very interesting. I haven’t had time to listen to it (it’s 90 minutes long).

Dave Stetzer talks with host Mark Kuether about what “dirty electricity” is and why it’s a part of electrosensitivity, how it affects our general well being, and how the problem can be addressed.”


3)    A “must read” sent by a member.

Commentary: What’s good for the B.C. Liberals may not be good for B.C. Hydro”





Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”
~ Eve Ensler

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