2016-02-18 BC Hydro “replacing” analogs after 3-4 months!!

1) Several people who received “replacement analogs” just 3-4-5 months ago have received letters saying their analog has expired. I don’t believe it. A couple of people have pushed, or had called the Smart Meter Dept. right after the “new” meter was installed, and obtained the expiry date and know that BC Hydro is not being honest. I don’t know if BC Hydro decided to blanket all of us with legacy meters with this letter or if they are making a concerted effort to finish their installations but, just as they have for 6 years, they are misleading and intimidating. What a waste of money, what a frustration. We need to demand proof, real proof and not the form that BC Hydro made up to provide expiry dates. Real proof like the form (posted here) that a member was able to obtain with the help of Measurement Canada. See his letter below.


May I ask a favor? Please do not use BC Hydro’s phoney term “radio-off” $$meter? It is a TRANSMITTER that is in these meters, not a radio. The term radio makes it sound safe, which it isn’t. A transmitter emits microwave radiation and is dangerous.

2)    New technology is making solar power available on larger scales. This eventually could result in more options for individuals, as well.

“SolarCity says it believes that its collaboration with Tesla will produce “the first utility-scale system in the U.S. to provide dispatchable solar energy, meaning that the utility can count on electricity being available when it’s needed, even hours after the sun goes down.”


3)    Google’s internet balloon crashed in Sri Lanka, although Google said it was a planned, controlled crash. With an expected lifespan of 180 days, these things, once in place around the world, could come crashing down in the way of airliners or other places causing havoc.



4)    Update on the highjacking of the hospital’s computer for ransom. Even though the amount is far less than that initially reported, ransom was paid. A terrible precedent that will lead to more incidents.



5)    Nevada has a new set of fees, retroactively, increasing charges for those who use solar panels, thereby reducing or eliminating any savings. This will reduce the effort to help the environment, all for the sake of profit.  The answer is, I think, to go off the grid entirely and not depend on the utility for backup. The utilities are fighting for their lives and we can expect this in BC.

While Nevadans were celebrating the holidays under solar-powered lights, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted unanimously to increase a monthly fee on solar customers by 40% while reducing the amount they get paid for excess power sold to the grid. Adding insult to injury, they made the rate changes retroactive, sabotaging consumer investments in solar energy.”



From: X
Sent: February 15, 2016
To: Sharon Noble
Subject: Re: Update 20102-14 Duke Energy in No. Carolina can find analogs, why can’t Hydro and Fortis?


As mentioned in an earlier email, I too was fighting to have an analog meter installed.  I too was told “no more legacy meters”.  I too was told power would be disconnected if I failed to allow the meter exchange.  I fought this for 1 1/2 years.


Ultimately the argument from BC Hydro’s Brad Bishop (Meter Deployment Manager) was simple: the Utility has the right to determine, per the Electrical Tariff, if meters are re-certified. Therefore this is the reason they have no legacy meters remaining for exchanges because they have opted not to batch certify any Analog meters as of 2011.

Measurement Canada will not inspect meters even though they have the authority to do so.  They are giving that power back to the Utility.

My original Analog meter was installed in 1989. It was installed inside my garage and has never been exposed to rain, sun, wind, snow or freezing temperatures.  It was in pristine condition. They exchanged it on January 16th, 2016.  I asked for a BC Hydro installer and got one, along with an appointment.  The installer stated that the one he was taking with him just goes to a depot.  He had no idea whether or not it was going to be recycled but he commented that it should be because it was in such good shape. I asked when the meter he was installing was to “expire” and he said he didn’t know.  All he knew is that according to his data pad, it was “batch” certified in 2011. As far as he is aware, that was the last time BC Hydro re-certified old “legacy” meters.

Once the new Analog meter (a GE Canada model) was installed, I contacted Measurement Canada.  I asked them to provide a “seal expiry date” for my newly exchanged meter.  After about a month they sent me a screen capture of the data that was sent to them by BC Hydro. This GE Canada Analog was re-certified in 2011, just like the installer stated but the expiry of the re-certification “seal” isn’t until 2021.  This means it was re-certified for 10 years. (see here)


The consumer you mention in the email below states their analog meter was exchanged for another analog in 2014.  If the last batch of certified meters is good until 2021, it makes no sense for them to swap it again in 2016.  That consumer should check with Measurement Canada to find out when the meter actually “expires”.  I would guess the meter they had installed in 2014 was one of these last “batch re-certified” meters that were done in 2011.

FYI the installer I had do my exchange said there were at least 4 analog meters “on the shelf” at the BC Hydro office in Surrey where he is dispatched from.  These analog meters are stock for exchanges for people who want to keep their analog meter.



Sent: February 16, 2016
Subject: Replace these pieces of junk with analog meters before someone dies in BC!!
Attention John Horgan, Adrian Dix and those this email is addressed to:

Please read the lower email first:

Re: those resisting smart meters:

The BC Utilities Commission’s Patrick Wruck told me over the phone “If you don’t want the smart meter, then you don’t get to have the service”.

How many more of these emails do you have to receive?

How many more homes have to burn from exploding smart meters?

How many more homes destroyed by smart meters do you think the insurance companies will pay to rebuild before they say “ENOUGH”?

… before someone in power does the right thing, steps up and orders these explosive pieces of junk to be removed and replaced with analog meters?



– It’s time BC Hydro and FortisBC got smart with their power, started following the government’s electrical code and started listening to their customers

– It’s time BC Hydro and FortisBC got smart with their power and stopped bullying us and violating our Canadian charter of rights and our Democratic rights

– It’s time BC Hydro and FortisBC got smart with their power before another home burns or someone dies before the judges can rule

– It’s time someone else got smart with their power and stopped BC Hydro and FortisBC from putting people’s lives at risk in British Columbia




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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