2016-02-17 BC municipality going solar to avoid BC Hydro rate increases

1)    Hackers disable hospital’s computers, demanding ransom payment.

“A California hospital has been unable to use its computer system for more than a week thanks to a ransomware attack. The hackers are said to be demanding more than $3 million in return for returning access.”


2)    Today I received an email from someone who had a “replacement analog” installed today. Yes, BC Hydro is lying when it says there are no more to be had.


3)    BC municipality wins federal funding from the Gas Tax Management Fund to help with solar project. Hopefully there can be some federal funding to help individuals, too.

“Electricity costs are going to be increasing,” Johansson said, noting the panels will help the district save on its BC Hydro bill. “It’s nice to be part of something, to be reaching forward into the new energy reality, and it does look to be cost effective for Hudson’s Hope,” she said. She expects Hydro rates will “jump” in 2024, when the province begins to pay for the Site C dam. While the district has been critical of Site C and other major hydroelectric projects, Johansson said council’s decision to invest in solar was made for more pragmatic reasons.”


4)    Hydro One customers in Ontario continue to see huge increases in their hydro bills. Most of these people have had $$meters for several years now so when will they begin to see savings??



5)    Another excellent article by Kit Weaver. This one is about the fallacy pushed by BC Hydro/FortisBC and this government that $$meters will save consumers money or are needed to “upgrade the grid”.


“As characterized by Tim Schoechle, Ph.D. in 2014:

“A senior Department of Energy official stated that, “We had a huge amount of money that had to be spent on smart grid, and we didn’t have anything off-the-shelf that we could call smart grid except these meters that were designed 20 years ago [12].”…

So rather than contributing to sustainability or helping to create a modernized electric grid, smart meter deployments only act as a diversion of financial resources away from investments that would be more effective at reducing consumption and improving energy efficiency.  In addition, smart meter deployments make the electric grid less secure, less safe, and certainly smart meters are not “environmentally friendly.”




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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