2016-02-16 New Fire Safety Act

1)   Yesterday, new legislation was tabled to improve and “modernize” the fire safety regulations. It would be wonderful if this would include enforcing the current regulation which says nothing should be removed from the scene of fires. The Fire Commission and the BC Safety Authority say that BC Hydro can remove its meter before the Fire Inspector is able to inspect it because “it’s Hydro’s equipment”.   Without the meter, even if the Fire Inspector believes the smeter might have been involved, he must say the cause was “undetermined”.  BC Hydro is ensuring that they can say there has been no evidence that smeters cause fires.

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I will share the new Act as soon as it is circulated. Could all of our letters have caused this “update”?

New Fire Safety Act aims to modernize fire safety regulations in B.C.


From the insurance industry:
– http://www.canadianunderwriter.ca/insurance/b-c-government-proposes-risk-based-fire-code-compliance-monitoring-1004026855/

2)   French consumers are resisting smeters. Note the cost: 5 billion EUR for 35 million meters equates to $221 CAD per meter, 40% of the $550 per meter BC Hydro spent.


3)   The Australian ABC program, Catalyst, televised a program (30 minutes) on the dangers of microwave radiation. Very good watching. A video that should be shared widely.

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– https://web.archive.org/web/20160221101258/http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4407325.htm



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