2016-02-11 Hacking via a “$$mart” air conditioner

1)    Good news – people are still receiving analogs as “replacements” for expired legacy meters. This from a member:

“Back in Oct. 2015 we emailed and you both helped me with an approach to dealing with Hydro about my expired analog meters at 2 houses. 

Since then I was able to get both meters replaced with analogs! Thank you so much for your help with this!  

The exchange was on Jan 22, 16 and it went just as you said it would, with the Hydro electrician calling ahead to make an appointment the day before, scheduling it so I could have my own electrician here, confirming when asked during the call that he did have analog meters for me, and being very pleasant and accommodating while I asked questions and shut off my power, etc during the exchange.”

If/when you get “the letter” from BC Hydro saying that your analog has expired and must be replaced, be sure to demand an appointment be made. You need to be home to ensure the power is turned off. It  is dangerous to exchange the meter with the power on (as well as against the CSA regulations). The installers who will call you are professional and very accommodating – not like the inexperienced, unqualified Corix workers who were installing $$meters.

2)    More warnings about the vulnerability of the $$mart grid and $$meters.  Why isn’t the government pulling these things? Must a catastrophe occur to get their attention?

“Cyber-security gurus from the tech firm Kaspersky have figured out a way of causing blackouts by carrying out a simple hack.

The weak point lies in smart meters which connect air conditioning systems to power grids, said Vasilios Hioureas, a Kaspersky Lab malware analyst.

These gadgets allow electricity companies to switch off the air-conditioning in homes and businesses during times when the power supply is under great strain.”


3)    PRIVACY:  Over the last few weeks, I’ve circulated several articles in which utilities and $$meter companies speak about all the data they will be getting from the meters. We need to send these to the Privacy Commissioner, the BC Civil Liberties Association, the media, etc. These companies are planning on infringing upon our privacy, they are admitting it, and this should be stopped before it happens.

Email address for the Privacy Commission is info@oipc.bc.ca

The lawyer at the BCCLA to whom I’ve been sending information is Ms. Micheal Vonn (micheal@bccla.org )

Media contacts can be found at www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “Contact”

Please cc or bcc me if you would like to share your letter with others.

4)    I received notice of this after I sent out yesterday’s update, too late to listen live. This program with Dr. Magda Havas is available as an archive for another 2 days at:  http://winterofwellness.com/program/90  .

Staying Healthy in an Electromagnetic World
Integrating Mind & Body

Do you wonder about the effects of your cell phone, microwave or TV on yourhealth?

Are you concerned that the ubiquitous electronic devices that are supposed to make life more convenient may be slowly making you ill?

The potential health hazards of digital devices and “electrosensitivity” can be real issues for many people. The good news is that we can guard against the biological and health effects of

5)    A member has suggested that we all nominate BC Hydro for the 2016 Teddy Waste Awards. He said he is using info. that has been provided in updates as his points.

“I wonder if you would agree to have our coalition members to submit their notes to help to “nominate” BC Hydro for their lack of duty of care and worst business practices together with worst possible business ethics.

I submitted my bullets there, and thought if more people would add theirs it would create good impartial case for this organization to work on.

These folks helped us to defeat Translink additional tax while deeply disclosing business leadership failures of the company.”


6)    One more HACKING article, this one about how “$$mart” air conditioners can be used to create chaos.

“Now researchers have found another way to take down the power grid: by remotely manipulating home and office air conditioners to create a surge. It’s an attack that grid experts told WIRED has the potential to be very serious.”



From Sacramento re. lawsuit:


In California, people are allowed to keep their analogs!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”  Albert Einstein

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