2016-02-09 US Intelligence Chief – smart meters enable surveillance

  • Below in letters is a stream of emails from a member to the government with a response from the Health Minister’s office, Tim Lambert. Dr. Lambert has a PhD in medical sciences so it is irresponsible for him to say such misleading, erroneous things to people who raise serious concerns. He, no doubt, gets his info from Perry Kendall. My response is included. I am hoping that Dr. Lambert is open to new information and will not just continue to mouth the platitudes promoted by Kendall.


  • From a member. Please consider signing and sharing this petition about $$meters and other wireless devices. One of these days we’ll get the attention of someone who can make a difference. Hopefully the new government will live up to its promise to make science/fact-based decisions.


“Hi folks. I’m wondering if I might be able to get your help in signing and sending out this petition please that a friend of ours did up for us. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-canadian-s-civil-and-human-rights-stolen-help-us-fix-this-mr-trudeau?recruiter=13849681&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink



  • The new “$$smart” devices like $$meters, along with Nest and Google, are gathering personal data that will be very useful to surveillance agencies.

“The US intelligence chief has acknowledged for the first time that agencies might use a new generation of smart household devices to increase their surveillance capabilities.”




  • Please consider signing and sharing another petition about the Olympic Peninsula wargames planned by the US Navy, and a request to write about RF wargames that would intrude upon BC as well as Northern Washington. Thanks to all the letters, protests, etc. the planned initiation of the military action has been delayed from Sept 2015 (the date they were to begin) until later in 2016. We must keep up the pressure.

“A big thank you to all who sent messages to Christy Goldfuss. Because of your letters, the White House’s Council for Environmental Quality is now VERY aware of the crisis unfolding on Olympic Peninsula.

I am delighted to learn that the Forest Service has delayed their decision yet again…to “this spring”, giving us an additional “window of opportunity” to launch another critical letter-writing campaign.”


  • Not smeters directly – An important film by Naomi Klein about how people like us have been empowered to fight the powers and have stood up for their rights. This documentary airs on Feb. 18,2016 at 12:00 PM on CBC television, not sure if that is EST or PST.



http://thefilm.thischangeseverything.org/seethefilm/      There are several showing planned in BC. Perhaps more could be arranged.





(please read from the bottom up).


From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: February 9, 2016 5:09 PM
To:hlth.pph@gov.bc.ca‘ <hlth.pph@gov.bc.ca>
Cc:hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca‘ <hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca>; ‘terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca‘ <terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Subject: Misleading response re. Radio Frequency Guidelines: Smart Meters


Dear Mr. Lambert,


I received your email (below)  from a friend who had written to you about her concerns regarding microwave radiation from smart meters. Because of your background in medical sciences and your current position in the Health Protection Branch I assume that you are interested in real science, and in providing accurate information to the public. Given this, hopefully you will consider my comments.

You compare the radiofrequency signals of the smart meter to those of AM/FM radios. I am sure you realize that smart meters are both receivers and transmitters, where radios merely receive. They do not emit radiofrequency signals. If you misspoke and intended to compare smart meter signals with those of AM/FM transmitters, then you should know that there are many studies showing that the microwave radiation emitted from these transmitters is dangerous and contributes to many health problems. There are court cases, notably one against the Vatican, in which FM transmitters were found to have contributed to increased cancers.


You reference Safety Code 6 in your attempt to reassure the public that smart meters are safe. First, Safety Code 6 is one of the poorest guidelines in the developed world, with many experts declaring it inadequate. Second, in the preface of Safety Code 6, Health Canada states that it applies only to workers at and visitors to federally regulated sites, such as cell towers. It  does not apply to the general public in their homes. Additionally, the province has the authority to establish its own guidelines that would apply to devices under its control. There is no reason or justification for BC health authorities to use Safety Code 6 when attempting to reassure the public that smart meters are safe.


With regard to your suggestion that Dr. Perry Kendall’s statement provides useful information, I would argue that Dr. Kendall has ignored many of the thousands of studies showing that independent scientists have performed showing that real harm can be caused by prolonged exposure to even small amounts of radiation from wireless devices. In my humble opinion, it is shameful for Dr. Kendall to support installation of smart meters on homes and wifi in schools even though he has stated that he has never said this radiation is safe. Why should we be forced to have something on our homes that has not been proven to be safe and about which real experts call for the implementation of the precautionary principle?


Last but not least, the IARC panel’s classification of microwave radiation as a 2b carcinogen applied to radiofrequency emissions from all wireless devices. After all, Dr. Lambert, microwave radiation is microwave radiation, irrespective of the emitter. Please see a letter from Dr. Baan, the principal author of the IARC monologue,  confirming that, yes, microwave radiation from smart meters is considered a 2b carcinogen. We are not able to put lead paint on our homes because lead is a 2b carcinogen. We cannot spray DDT on our lawns because DDT is a 2b carcinogen. Why, then, should smart meters be mandated to be put on our homes? And, please, Dr. Lambert, do not fall back on the industry assertion that pickled vegetables and coffee are 2b carcinogens, too. Not only is use of this a misleading attempt to mock the seriousness of such a classification, but it is wrong. A specific Asiatic pickling agent has been associated with cancer, and, yes, excessive coffee has been found to be possibly carcinogenic.


Cancer is only one concern with regard to microwave radiation, as you must know. Other effects that have been shown by numerous peer reviewed studies include reduced/damaged sperm production, cardiac effects such as A-fib and tachycardia, increased risk of diabetes, damage to DNA, leakage of the blood brain barrier,  migraines, rashes, etc. The public is poorly served if these other health effects are ignored.


I am not sending you studies or reports because you and your office, including Dr. Kendall, have been sent many that warrant your serious consideration. Experts in the field, unlike Dr. Kendall, are warning that the proliferation of wireless devices and the resultant increase in uncontrolled microwave radiation in our environment is leading to a “tsunami” of health problems.


If you are unable, for some reason despite the overwhelming evidence, to acknowledge that the microwave radiation from smart meters has the potential to be dangerous, I would ask that you at least instruct your staff to cease sending information to the public that is not accurate.



Sharon Noble

Victoria, British Columbia




From: Population and Public Health HLTH:EX

To: X

Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2016 11:27 AM

Subject: 1047626 – Radio Frequency Guidelines





Dear X

Thank you for your email of January 23, 2016, to the Honourable Terry Lake, Minister of Health, regarding your concern about the installation of smart meters. I am pleased to respond on his behalf.

Although radiofrequency fields vary depending on the technology used, radiofrequency exposure from wireless electricity meters is very low. In fact, the components of a smart meter emit radio signals similar to those of common appliances, such as AM/FM radios and baby monitors.

Smart meters must meet Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, which governs human exposure to radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields. For more information on smart meters and radiofrequency radiation, provided by Dr. Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer, please refer to this link: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/current-health-topics/smart-meter-and-cancer-risk-statement

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) – such as those emitted by cell phones – as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” A summary was published in the June 2011 edition of Lancet Oncology. This announcement refers to hand-held devices where exposure is in close proximity to the head.

There has been some confusion that this classification also includes smart meters. With respect to environmental exposure, in which the radiofrequency fields from smart meters would be categorized, the panel concluded: “In reviewing studies that addressed the possible association between environmental exposure to RF-EMF and cancer, the Working Group found the available evidence insufficient for any conclusion” (p. 625). Therefore, smart meters are not considered Class 2b as being “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Thank you again for writing. I hope this information addresses your concerns.



Tim Lambert, PhD

Executive Director

Health Protection Branch

Ministry of Health

From: X
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2016 7:40 PM
To: Dix.MLA, Adrian LASS:EX; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX; Health, HLTH HLTH:EX
Cc: Dalton.MLA, Marc LASS:EX; Health Canada; Minister, MEM MEM:EX
Subject: Get these radio frequency meters OFF of our homes!




Wireless radiation is making people sick in BC and radio frequency smart meters are being forced onto our private properties, onto our homes, in our faces and down our throats.


One by one BC Hydro and Fortis BC are targeting, bullying and cutting power to the homes of the resisters.


Does anyone else out there see the connection between radio frequency radiation and the increase in our provincial medical premiums? More and more people are experiencing ill health since having a smart meter installed on their homes. The clinics and doctor’s offices and hospitals will start seeing even more people checking themselves in looking for relief from the symptoms from exposure to this radio frequency radiation. Are BC physicians qualified or trained to deal with radiation sickness? What measures have they taken to be prepared for this new epidemic?


It’s only a matter of time and soon they will have to remove these meters.


Here’s one example of the consequences of over 10 years of exposure to the exact same low level pulses of this radiation emitted by smart meters:


Florida attorney Jimmy Gondolaz was a 42 husband and father…  It is my mission is to ensure his death at age 42 in November 2014 from 3 cancers all associated with over 10 years of daily cellular phone use… was not in vain.


Published on Dec 13, 2014

Jimmy Gonzalez’s testimony to the Pembroke Pines Commission resulted in the passing of a Resolution to raise awareness n the health risks of cell phone radiation. Learn more about the state of science on cell phone radiation at http://ehtrust.org/


Several cities and countries are taking action to raise awareness about how people can protect themselves.

Please see the full list at http://ehtrust.org/international-poli… Jimmy Gonzalez’ words will save lives:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIlOVJd0lA8


Smart meters have to be removed from homes and businesses in BC because many people in BC are contacting us experiencing symptoms contacting us because since having a smart meter installed on their home, they are now experiencing:








-lack of energy…



Perhaps the most vulnerable organs are the eyes. The eyes have virtually no blood flow that can

provide cooling from other parts of the body, and their dimensions make them very good antennas at microwave frequencies.


Choosing to opt out or live off grid could very well save the lives of those who do.





Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“The good thing about science, is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”  – Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


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